Sammath “Thrive in Arrogance” Live

As promised, here’s Sammath‘s promised video of “Thrive in Arrogance” off the most excellent Godless Arrogance.

Godless Arrogance was one of the most vicious albums since Blizzard Beasts. This is a good snippet of it a more dynamic live setting with tons of naturalistic mud.

After 11 years Sammath returns to the stage at Into Darkness with new drummer Wim van der Valk (Centurian, INQUISITOR Xtreme Thrash). Long time bassist Ruud Nillesen and Jan Kruitwagen doing the vocals for the first time on stage. We dare say Sammath finally, after 24 years, is able to reproduce the raw and violent black metal on their recorded albums in a live setting!

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3 thoughts on “Sammath “Thrive in Arrogance” Live”

  1. Chuckles says:

    His vocals are hilarious. Bad. Hilarious and bad.

    1. Chuckles says:

      Badlarious. Hilbad. Count Von Baderious von Bathory Blasphemithilarious.

  2. thewaters says:

    Agreed. Its pretty obvious that the vocals are heavily distorted in the studio, and that it was going to pretty hard to make them sound the same live. However, had the sound guy added a good dose of reverd, and a splash of delay they probably would have sounded better. Also, this was their first live show in a while.

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