Death Metal Underground (DMU) is the oldest and longest-running metal site on the internet with content dating back to 1988. Its mission includes ongoing inspection of heavy metal music, its history, culture, imagery and philosophy.

Our analysis originates in two ideas: that heavy metal is a form of art and culture, and that the origins of heavy metal can be found in the late Romantic movement in art and literature whose imagery and ideals it carries to this day.

Most people want disposable entertainment that puts no burden of understanding on them. They want something they can project into and then leave without feeling a sense of loss. They want television in audio form. Heavy metal interrupts this process and reconnects distracted people with the life hiding beneath our own mental obstacles.

With over 25 years experience listening to metal, supporting local scenes, writing about metal and interacting with metalheads and bands, our staff — a diverse group representing artists, technical gurus and professional writers — strive to represent metal for what it is, not how it can be marketed.


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For review, send:

  • Email link to an electronic press kit (EPK) including:
    • MP3 of the full release
    • Large (1200x1200px or greater) cover image
    • Contact information for the band
  • Or, physical copy to our mailing address.


martin_jacobsen-guitar_photoMartin Jacobsen writes the “Analyze it to Life” series where he explores the nuances, details and inner lacework of structure that makes a good metal album. In his spare time, he teaches English and heavy metal in Amarillo, Texas and plays a mean guitar.
chris_pervelisChris Pervelis has been active in the underground since the late 1980s, first as a fan and tape trader, then as a musician in the highly influential band INTERNAL BLEEDING, which first formed in the spring of 1991. The band has released five albums: three on Pavement Music, one on Century Media and one on Unique Leader and are currently in the process of writing their sixth album.
brett_stevens-death_metalBrett Stevens writes as a freelance journalist who frequently contributes articles, interviews and reviews. In addition to his columns here, he is the sole author of the Dark Legions Archive and The Heavy Metal FAQ. In his spare time, he is an agrarian and woodsman who prefers to wander the Texas woods in the company of canines.
cory_van_der_polCory van der Pol writes on metal theory and history. A recovered academic, van der Pol now writes mystery thrillers (under a pseudonym) and spends his time cycling the backroads of Syracuse, NY or fishing with his daughter.
aaron_lynn-writer_metalAaron Lynn is an amateur writer, published poet, and heavy metal fanatic. When not obsessing over heavy metal or writing, he watches horror movies and tends to his parakeets.
mark_crittendenMark Crittenden served as Editor of Death Metal Underground from 2011-2014. A full time worker in Information Technology, Mark became enamored of heavy metal music from early times and has amassed a collection of over 4,000 vinyls which he listens to in a comfy cabin by a lake.


DeathMetal.org is also home to a number of exhibits from the past and present of death metal. They are:

  • Zines Historical archive of death, black and speed metal zines from 1984 through 1996.
  • LARM A review site run by a user named Chorazaim which had short reviews of late black metal albums.
  • Dark Legions Archive the original metal site on the internet, covering releases “of note” from the classic years.

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    Jesus loves you all. :)

    1. vOddy says:

      so much that he will send us to hell if we don’t believe that he is real

  2. Mike Spriggs says:

    Loved the take on Slayer and the Clintonista-like lovefest from the typical semi-star. Poked around the site and will be a follower as much as possible. As a retail store owner I get roped into SJW conversations and lose customers all the time, although they won’t admit it. Thanks for the strength in your convictions.

  3. JOSH says:

    the gods have awaken!…bring on the wrath of Fucking Metal to all these prius driving pansies….!!!RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!

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  5. JOSH says:

    *Disclaimer*–We can & will give your used porn star a tongue bath to compensate for any damages that may have incurred through the last comments… or if she/”not he”, was violated in any way, that we did not perform intentionally any mouth to mouth….and to the “Bible”-thumpers that apparently got lost on this site”…Rob Halford IS your Metal God…..and try GWAR for inspiration…sign on the dotted line to go fuck yourself……………………..

  6. JOSH says:

    sorry moderators, im sure you understand my frustration…but been in this game awhile…43..metal bassist from the nuclear assault era days. Amon is close to GOD….Judas is my Priest! Hell Patrol!

  7. jim says:

    Eat a dick. Poseurs

  8. Daniel says:

    Hello: why does this site looks like the late music section of ANUS.COM?… hopefully you guys used to manage the music section there, am i right?, greetings.

  9. Abraxas says:

    Gayest website on the internet. Please kills yourselves immediately.

  10. Clement says:

    Ahem…I would actually like to praise your website and their esteemed contributors for accomplishing a stimulating mixture of critically and humorously distanced, musicologically versed reviews that betray sincere passion and commitment to finding stuff (still) worth listening to. This costs nerves, time and is not cheap. I feel positively reminded, too, of those insightful metal reviews that appeared once on ‘www.anus.com’ before its pontificating one-man contributor decided to be so fed up with metal that he erased all the insightful content and henceforth devoted his life to the propagation of a wholesome vegetarian lifestyle {last time I checked} -instead of selling that coveted web address to the highest bidder. Anyway, whatever you do, please don’t follow his example : )

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