Antifa Chases NSBM-Tinged Band Horna Across The United States

Apparently, Metalsucks wrote an article recently which alluded to Finnish late model black metal band Horna being Nazis for (a) having members who worked with NSBM-ish bands in the past (b) having members who were in NSBM-ish bands in the past and (c) possibly being friends with NSBM-ish people.

This unleashed a campaign by the usual tryhards — hipsters, antifa, SJWs, and other mental and moral hamsters — to “deplatform” Horna by having shows canceled. So far, the soy-and-phone campaign has worked in New York, Oregon, New Hampshire, and possibly Ohio.

The band responded with the now hackneyed “no we hate everyone equally” apology-ish statement but this only emboldened the herd of angry go-nowhere-do-nothing soyboys, catladies, fleshy academics, and neurotic journalists.

Regarding recent publicity, HORNA has never been and never will be anything but Satanic Black Metal. We judge every man and woman only by their demeanor, not by their race or sexual preferences. We have zero interest in politics, left or right.

In the meantime, the realist wing is sitting out here thinking that black metal is actually far more extreme than Nazism. Owing to its Nietzschean roots, the genre embraces natural selection, eugenics, amoral nature, misanthropy and, yes, nationalism. It definitely does not like democracy and weak fatty people whose only meaning in life consists of promoting an ideology of accepting everyone as equal!

Nazis would have been appalled by black metal, had they encountered it. Where Nazis wanted to gas the retarded and starve Jews to death, black metal would have saved a few worthy people and turned the rest into skullthrones. Black metal would not have endorsed Christianity, which it views as inherently egalitarian and internationalist, but would have brought on a new dark age of esoteric thinking and aggressive, anti-humanist activity.

Antifa is too little and too late. The message of black metal got out there, and bands like Horna may carry the banner but the ideas have taken on a life of their own. Democracy, equality, and diversity have failed; Antifa and SJWs are just the tryhards attempting to hang on to a dying regime.

In the meantime, metal as a whole would benefit from avoiding these types of apologies and instead tackling the problem head on: we do not agree with mainstream society, its trends, its conformist harmlessness and sociable acceptance, its notion of a world of love and trust, or the Establishment regime which exists to enforce egalitarian ideas on us all. We disagree and we hate you and want you dead.

Those of us who do not want to live in the Leftist world where private property, including ourselves, does not exist and all must serve the state often recall the pointed words of Hans-Hermann Hoppe in Democracy: The God That Failed which came out only a few years after black metal peaked and died:

There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and removed from society.

We have lost too much time with apologies and accepting these people as if they have a legitimate point of view. They do not; in biological terms, they are merely parasites, and the large number of them who are obese, deformed, mentally unhealthy, addicted to drugs, or otherwise defective simply underscores this.

The future of metal lies in uncompromising elitism and rejection of all weak things. This may include Horna, depending on which album you are thinking of, but it certainly means that all of Antifa and SJWs would be bundled up in helicopters and deposited in Venezuela while we burn their citizenship papers in giant bonfires.

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49 thoughts on “Antifa Chases NSBM-Tinged Band Horna Across The United States”

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    If I could trust what sjw’s/antifa say, then I would follow the bands these jackasses label as wrong.
    I am fairly sure there have been fake NSBM metal bands that get ignored by them.
    I never knew HORNA was connected to NSBM, and doubt it was serious if true, as they used to get played on college radio metal shows by anti-racists.
    It is more believable HORNA always hated everyone.

    1. kjdfkljdis says:

      Back when Napalm Death tried to cancel Peste Noire (not NS, but a “racist” band), Horna stuck up for Peste Noire because “hey, free speech.” The marxists haven’t forgotten. It’s a bad time to be a second tier band with a smidge of integrity.

  2. Agreed, the statuses that pussy-foot around the issue with misanthropic “Satanic equality” half-way apologies are exceedingly pathetic. Horna never released anything that belongs in the elite echelon though, so no disappointment on that front. For the record, I believe their gig in Oakland, California was canceled too. No surprise, lol.

  3. Svmmoned says:

    “We judge every man and woman only by their demeanor, not by their race or sexual preferences” is in fact reductivist and insufficient criteria, albeit very fitting for deracinated, civilisational subhuman, “liberated” from inherent identities and knowledge about their implications. It echoes christian universalism and its good and evil, while there are more subtle yet important things at play.

  4. Kriegsgott88 says:

    Time everyone starts pushing back a bit. See you at the Austin show \m/

  5. Anti-Termite says:

    WW2 Germany never starved jews or gassed retards.

    1. The left is the truth and you niggers can't handle it says:

      Shut the fuck up you child molester

      1. mlotek says:

        hey, liar liar pants on fire!
        Let me guess,
        we should also still believe there were portable gas chambers in trucks traveling around Germany too? Or is that the only lie you want us to forget?

  6. Sadomötor (I am mentally retarded) says:

    The only thing BM was good for is lending a few ideas to crust punk. Antifa gutter punx play WAY better BM than any clown makeup wearing autistic metal band from Scandinavia so take your finger out of your ass and lighten up a bit. Your crap genre means nothing and it’s time your Nazi-not-Nazi paragigm shifted the fuck away.

    1. Show us some good BM made by gutter punks. You have no actual understanding of the genre but you wish to push your opinion so that it aligns with your preconceived notions. Go back to Indie Rock. When has anyone claimed to be a Nazi here?

    2. screaming chaos of pain says:

      Black metal was only interesting when it was moving beyond metal, i.e. Dark Throne and Burzum. All the bands that followed them were lame and regressive, more a blackened version of melodic death metal than a continuation of the experimentation that the founders started. It only got interesting again when it started again to move beyond metal, e.g. Mgla, Deathspell Omega, Atriarch, Bolzer, Portal. These bands are better than Immortal and Emperor, who are embarrassing in the way Manowar are embarrassing. Dark Throne and Burzum were post-metal.

      1. thewaters says:

        You are retarded if you don’t think In the Nightside Eclipse and Pure Holocaust far exceed any output from Portal, Deathspell etc.

      2. gay says:

        This is either blatant bait or you are an actual pseud.

    3. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

      There aren’t even that many crustpunk bands identifying with the new cheesy corporate-sponsored antifa, which is more of a Tumblr/Hot Topic thing. But you keep downloading blastbeat post-rock metalcore.

      1. Smokethefuckingprophet says:

        Nothing you said even makes any sense lmao. Antifa has no connections to the mainstream. You cant get shirts at hot topic. You sound like everyones braindead yet hyper opinionated uncle drunk at a family picnic, crying about “millennials” and smartphones, reposting racist shit on facebook. Just stop talking, stop typing, long enough to actually think. Think about how illogical, how nonsensical, how ignorant, how pathetic, your feelings and “ideas” are, and take some steps to
        Achieve better mental health. If youre gonna be a coward that does nothing to stand up for truth and justice, at least just learn to stop polluting the internet with your retarded bullshit. Now go mow your lawn pops. Mow it every day. Its the most important thing in your life. Focus on that.

        1. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

          You sound like a hysterical girl. They sold Antifa shirts on, twinkletoes

        2. David "Ram Ranch" Vincent says:

          Spread your ass checks, boi.

  7. Johnny Cab says:

    We didn’t have anything lined up for Ohio.

    Why any European band comes to the United States to begin with is puzzling. Seems like sawing a tree down with a butter knife and deliberately running in front of the falling tree. Lots of work, pointless end result.

  8. Gehenna Geist says:

    These aren’t racist bands. These far left are just as terrible as far right. They know little to NOTHING of these bands. What’s wrong with embracing their religious roots? Yeah, they’re whites people who fucking cares?! To hate them for being white IS racism. Why don’t they focus on real racism today? Like our Cheeto chef Trump? Oh that’s right? Because they’re too small and weak.
    I’m seriously starting to believe the founder of Metalsucks only thinks metal is terrible because the girl they crush on decided to be with a metal head.
    So it’s probably a petty, bitter, pimple crusted fat ass with nothing better to do.

    1. No, the far Left is terrible and the far Right is varied.

      Leftists need physical removal. Whether it is shooting them in the face or simply transporting them to Venezuela is a point of debate, but not the necessity of that physical removal.

      1. Smokethefuckingprophet says:

        You are a sad, fragile, and broken little man. Im sorry girls have rejected you your whole life.
        Your parents didnt love you. And you grew up hating yourself and hating random groups of people
        Simply for existing. But its not that simple. Your brain is a twisted mess of jealousy, resentment, entitlement, untreated mental illness, petty white-male-rage, and easily influenced by stronger minds. And there are many like you, that are attracted to extreme metal. You share none of the psychology that a black metal artist has. You cry little a little beta boy, you arent a self actualized, powerful, dominant man, youre just another depressed loser that uses this art as an escape from your sad pathetic existence.

        1. Laozi says:

          Oh, Dear!

          Words so razor sharp! The only upset person here is you, imbecile that you are! What do you know of being a Black Metal musician? Further, what the fuck do you even know about Metal? If you dig fairly deep you’ll certainly find that every sub-genre therein has featured controversial views and behaviors. You are mistaken for believing that being a fucking tarantula whose “whirlwinds of hatred” are some hippie/yuppie/commie view of love. You even said at some point that you hate hate. Caught in the Logic of hate, are we? So what are you fighting for exactly? Further, if us DMU readers are so petty and significant, then why the fuck are you wasting your time condemning the exercising of free speech?

          So you have a lot to say about people who want to enjoy shows instead of moshing. Are you a mosh queen?

      2. Gfy says:

        Spoken like a true, basement dwelling virgin. I know, I know, you get ALL the neo-Nazi pussy. But if y’all gotta share one obese middle aged loser, is it really worth it?

        1. mlotek says:

          You seem obsessed with sex, and if “neo-nazi’s” are getting any good looking women.
          Jealous much?
          I will guess a chick that you liked got tired of the hollow SJW movement and hooked up with a guy that actually has a job and proper morals?

  9. Donnie #45 says:

    These hipsters want “pretend misanthropy.” The real thing is terrifying to them.

    1. Smokethefuckingprophet says:

      And what about you? You some savage badass? I bet you never even got into a fight as a adult huh?
      I bet youre on of those chubby dudes with glasses wearing the truest of the true band tees standing outside the pit
      With your arms crosses. Petrified that a bigger stronger man will push into you. So much so that you question why you even went to the show. You cowards arent “misanthropes” youre just shy, socially awkward maladjusts that use these music scenes as a mask.

      1. Donnie #45 says:

        I’m not a misanthrope, tough guy.

      2. Laozi says:

        Hear ye! Hear ye!

        We have a combat expert in our midst! Now would be a great time for Q&A so Mr./Mrs./They/Them/all-around American Tough person can enlighten us in the art of combat; We can then discuss how “Prophet Smoker”, in their own hippie way, seem to detest violence, yet advocate it at the same time. This will then lead to a discussion about how the pen is mightier than the sword, but then engage in violence when it suits them.

  10. gay says:

    It’s funny how much you guys rag on modern Finnish bm then turn around and praise Infamous who just regurgitates all those tropes but with more pop punk/RAC parts.

  11. Smokethefuckingprophet says:

    Whoever wrote this trasy article is clearly a nazi. There is nothing metal about racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, etc. and it doesnt make you a “snowflake” to recognize that fact and act on it. It makes you a legit warrior. Trash humans that
    Write trash articles like this will never do 1 fucking thing to help change this toxic broken society. They will cry and bitch and sit on thier sloppy asses and feed the zeitgeist. reading this article felt like reading one of those fat bald fox-news pundits. Switch the names of bands out, and i swear it was written by someones fat, conspiracy obsessed, far right wing dad. Go mow your shitty lawn, and keep this hateful weak speech where it belongs, facebook.

    And to all you barely literate commenters: sorry but no, the left and the right and not equally fucked up and toxic.
    See there are no nazis on the left. I dont belong to the left, or right, or middle, so i have an unbiased view.
    And no the far left doesnt run over protesters, even if they are violent nazis.
    The far left doesnt run human trafficking rings, the left hates hate. Hates discrimination. Hate rape culture. Hates greed.
    While the right thrives on those things. The right represents a very fragile, petty sort of evil, and the left merely exists to
    Counter all that madness. So yes, both sides are ultimately useless, but the left is the “winner” if there even is one.
    The left is the lesser of 2 evils. The side that isn’t completely blind with white male rage. The crimes committed by the right are massive and constant. The left could never kill,rape,beat, and war that hard. So youre a loser and idiot if you choose either side, but you are clearly a better human if you choose the left. Best is to reject all sides, think for yourself, and fight to destroy all systems.

    1. Hmm so music that talks about the darkest aspects of humanity would ignore discrimination ? So faust and Nodveidt killing a homosexual makes Emperor’s and Dissection’s music non metal? The fact that a lot of metal bands write lyrics and music based on their national heritage should tell you how nationalism in various forms shaped metal. Iron Maiden and the union Jack, The Norwegians with their flags, Mexican bands that summon their former deities. the Greeks that wish for the pantheon etc.

      The only illiterate COMMENTATOR and not “commenter” here is you!

      The left has killed 100s of millions, Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot etc. The left can’t be the winner if they are constantly getting crushed by the right all over the world. “White Male Rage” is pretty racist if you ask me. Have you ever been to a third world country? It would change your vision on politics quite a bit. I don’t mean that negatively but you have the European/American blindness to what actually goes on in the rest of the world.

      1. Peter from Ethiopia says:

        Whoa man, be careful! He’s a “legit warrior”!

      2. All Hail Yuropoors says:

        Nah man, think for yourself by listening to this guy. *stifled laughter*

    2. Laozi says:

      Where to begin?

      This specimen seems to have all the answers, except when it comes to the fallacies they engage, and the complete absence of Deductive Logic in their reasoning.

      All x are y is inductive logic, you generalizing genius! So what you accuse certain writers and commenting readers on this site of, is exactly what you are doing. And guess what? While inductive logic is used in everyday reasoning, it means you have “common” sense. Keep using your ego as a weapon, you exceedingly average individual.

    3. Thrash is better than Death or Black says:

      Prophet get a life, loser

    4. Gabriele says:

      Sieg heil motherfuckers

  12. A few years ago I ended up getting the Horna cd “Ääniä yössä” for free. I thought it was pretty good although I read that it is different from most of their other stuff. Does Horna have any other good albums i should check out?

  13. Sir L. says:

    Impaled Nazarene “Healers of the red plague”. Case closed.

  14. LOL @ Smokethefuckingprophet. What are you achieving?

  15. SuburbanWarMetalDad says:

    Smoketheprophet/Sadomator is a dull troll or an over the hill neckbeard with a teenager’s brain, or both.

  16. smoke the profit says:

    smoke weed and hate fags

  17. Your Dad says:

    Fuck Antifa in their basement dwelling necks.

    1. Gfy says:

      Says a bunch of pig fuckers (no wonder there are like three women in the neo-nazi movement and they UGLY)

      Y’all are the ones who gotta Wear hoods to hide your toothless mouths

      1. mlotek says:

        Hahaha, you obviously have not been around the white power scene. Go to some meetings or concerts.
        Yes, it has its share of not so good looking broads, but there are way more hotties (andeven supermodel-types) than you would ever see associated with smelly leftist squeegee kids.

      2. Laozi says:

        Red Sharks swarming around these parts

  18. “The left could never kill,rape,beat, and war that hard. ”

  19. John II says:

    All right, I’m confused. You seem to imply that black metal is about individual strength – “black metal would have saved a few worthy people and turned the rest into skullthrones.” Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it appears that what you are attempting to say is that only the strong should survive – dump the rest of them.
    Despite this, you criticize Horna for saying “We judge every man and woman only by their demeanor, not by their race or sexual preferences.” in their apology.
    Am I the only one who sees the cognitive dissonance here? Surely “a few worthy people” exist across all races, genders, and sexual preferences? Or are you implying that only straight white men are “worthy people”? If the latter is the case, I suggest you look at World War 2 a little more closely. In general, Hitler preferred only straight white people. However, the Brits and Americans were much more accepting. For example, Albert Einstein, a Jew, escaped from Germany. He then made breakthroughs that led to the development of nuclear weapons, which is what finally ended the war. Another example is the case of Bletchley Park, where “worthy people” from all walks of life cracked the enigma code.
    Now, after all this, who won? Was it Hitler, with his oh-so-wonderful National Socialism, or was it the Brits and Americans, with their inclusive attitudes?

  20. mlotek says:

    it was the Brits and Americans AND Russian Communists … all funded by the bankers/JEWS to destroy Germany,
    and if you study Einstein’s history, you will discover he was a fraud.
    Why is it if I am a “dumb Polak” and can see this, then why can’t others?

  21. Blah says:

    Ripped it in maryland

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