Mark David Chapman, American Hero

As the world continues to worship 1960s anti-heroes who lived egotistic lives while hiding behing altruism, the wisdom of Mark David Chapman continues to resonate long after he shot ex-Beatle John Lennon to death outside the Dakota in New York City.

Chapman, who might have been a metalhead years later, shot Lennon for selling out:

Although he was a longtime fan, Chapman felt disenchanted by Lennon’s conspicuous wealth. “Chapman thought he had sold out,” Dave Wedge, co-author of the new book “The Last Days of John Lennon” (Little, Brown and Company), told The Post. “He thought Lennon was a fraud.”

Lennon and Ono emerged from their limo. Lennon and Chapman briefly locked eyes. As Lennon turned away, Chapman assumed a combat position and shot at his onetime idol. Four hollow-point bullets hit their target. Ono screamed. Lennon stumbled toward the Dakota lobby, crashed through the front door and collapsed.

According to “Last Days,” doorman Jose Perdomo knocked the gun out of Chapman’s hand. The killer then stood calmly and read his paperback copy of “The Catcher in the Rye.”

It turns out that just like the 1950s Dale Carnegie and Toastmasters culture which emphasized bourgeois individualism and selling products, except that instead the products were cloaked in denim and patchouli and promoted anti-commerce.

Ironically, as Lennon’s song “Imagine” has become an icon for the globalist ideal of socialist world federalism via scientific management, Mark David Chapman stands revealed as a visionary even if a troubled one.

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  2. Infinite wisdom says:

    Uh when were the Beatles NOT selling out, lol standing there reading “muh phonies” throwing your life away to kill some rockstar, what a spazz

    1. Well hold up there youngun — wait, I think you have a point. Boomer Musik just sucks ass. Choke it out under a MyPillow like the rest of that sad, blighted, pitiable, and unnecessary generation.

      1. Townsend says:

        I hardly see how killing a pop icon makes one a visionary. Aren’t you overselling the importance of Chapman’s iconoclastic act?

  3. Utopia Is Banished says:

    Nostalgia for Tavistock Beatles and Spahn Ranch hippies is for boomers.

    1. The 1960s were a false. Do not entry.

      1. Townsend says:

        Lemmy would be pained by your analysis, Brett

    1. How would they know? Probably would have created their music even if all they heard were Bach and Hank Senior.

      1. if you delete this comment you admit youre closet homo says:

        How the fuck do you know, bitch? You weren’t there. Stop acting like you know better than Black Sabbath you subhuman filth

        1. What’s wrong with being a closet homo?

  4. Adrik A. says:

    I think I agree with the comment before me, that Chapman didn’t have to spend his life in a cell over a poser with a gytarre, but at least humanity is now spared of whatever hippie nonsense Lennon would’ve spread in the political landscape following his death. Brett’s right, fuck Boomers and their boring musik.

    1. Outside of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead, what have Boomers done for us anyway…

      1. What? says:

        deep purple is kinda cool too

        1. They had interesting moments, but I cannot imagine having to listen to it on repeat…

      2. Chocolate Person of the World says:

        Prog ‘n sum electronic shit I guess.

      3. Cynical says:

        Led Zeppelin doesn’t belong on that list TBH.

        1. They seem to be Boomers however.

      4. Townsend says:

        Well, that’s alot already

    2. timeless says:

      All the guy did is make lennon a martyr and his work has that much more weight as a result. and whats with this stupid anti hippie shit. some politics you disagree with that happened over 60 years ago was one quality of that time so you write off an entire generation of human activity, realism indeed

      What about the stooges, free, quicksilver, lynyrd skynyrd, the doors, the stones, deep purple, hendrix etc. plenty of good shit from back then, dont be a cranky old nerd like brett

      1. Some punk says:

        I like classic rock too but I can’t keep listening to it over and over like I am with A FALLEN GOD, DETHRONED IN HEAVEN

  5. Spastic says:

    John Lennon was equal parts superficial hippie and serious artist. See “Imagine” for the former, “Across the Universe” for the latter.

    Also, his first Plastic Ono record was a good album.

    1. All pop sounds like children’s songs to me now.

      1. Slaptastic says:

        There are good and bad children’s songs. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

          1. Like an Ever-Flowing Stream of Feces says:

            Devil’s advocate here (Hey, how you doin’?): Isn’t it a bad thing to need something better in order to enjoy life?

            1. Life is more than one instant. What works when one is a child, probably does not apply in the middle of life, nor at the very end when being elderly one can listen to nothing but Peter, Paul, and Mary.

              1. Like an Ever-Flowing Stream of Feces says:

                Sure, agreed, but let’s say one can only listen to e.g. Bach, a once-in-a-millennium composer, because everything else sounds ridiculous by comparison. That’s kind of lame in a way.

                1. It’s a Bell Curve in my view. Some bands are amusingly excessively terrible, most are in the middle, and there is a top end comprised of 9% of the total which is pretty darn good and a 1% that is good in any genre or age. Same thing with literature. In your top 1%, where classical and death metal are overrepresented, you have a few in the winner’s circle. Do we quibble over whether Saint-Saens is better than Bruckner, or Respighi more advanced than Debussy? Is Mozart better than Beethoven, and is the robotic Bach more Mozart than Mozart? Where do we fit Handel and Schumann, who like Schubert and Haydn display absurd talent that seems applied carelessly? Once you get to the winner’s circle, like over 130 IQ points, you can do anything and the rest is somewhat taste, which is mostly esoteric ability to perceive plus need. A funeral director is going to really like Telemann, if you know what I mean.

                  Does anyone have any idea what the middle songs are on the tracklist for show #23?


                  Here’s the motha fucken audio:


                  It is Ildjarn, Bathory, three unremembereds, and then Summoning.

                    1. 2:30ish length, sounds European. Looking into Vomitory, Lobotomy, Uncanny, and first Seance now.

                  1. The other gaps are three on this page:


                    Gortician, Rampage, and In My Room.

                  2. This post brought to you by Apple Inc. and Shazam Entertainment LTD says:

                    Heidenreich – Frozen Tears
                    Lunar Aurora – Into The Secrets Of The Moon
                    Christ Agony – Kingdom of Abyss

                    1. All three look right. Thanks!

                  3. 666 says:

                    Sikkk rekkks

                  4. Townsend says:

                    I used to think Prokofiev had a metal sensibility

  6. PARASITE says:


    I like how the ANUSite side of this site comes close to Peter Sotos.

    1. Nihilist analysis says serial killers are just extreme individualists. It is a short series of steps from individualism to solipsism to narcissism to sociopathy. Fatalism is the root: the belief that the world is bad and therefore only the self is good.

    2. Channelling Peter Sotos fanfiction says:

      Everything fits into a new context when it’s your kid. When do you want her to have her first anal gangbang? Your princess, penetrated by many penises. What about her first bukkake? Her first one-night sexual encounter with some guy whose name she forgets by morning? Her first anonymous blowjob at a blindfold party? What about her first three-way, and double penetration?

      Your little princess. What kind of future do you want for her?

      1. This is where modern politics breaks down. Leftism seeks to rationalize decay as good, Libertarianism seeks to approve it for the sake of compromise, and conservatism seeks to force everyone to do the opposite. A rational plan of attack says let people separate between princesses and whores, and then exile the whores to North Africa with the Irish so the next generation has fewer problems.

        1. Channelling Peter Sotos fanfiction says:

          Well I guess, its your quote after all. There was a better one which I couldn’t find.

          1. Hilariously, I did not recognize it. I thought it sensible however. Who wants to see their kid grow up to deal with horrors? FFS, I want to shield the little fuckers from all the horrors of the world.

            1. curio says:

              Just like with the Christians and their “see no evil, hear no evil” mantra, I think it’s a bad strategy.

              Let the little ones see the failings of the world as they age and be there to mentor them to a functional path.

              I just hope that mine will understand why my simple morality involves a flamethrower and lots of gasoline.

              1. Christians see evil everywhere. The problem in my view is that they do not see error instead.

                I have no problem letting kids know that there is bad/stupid/insane/selfish out there, but I want it out of their lives because it will try to victimize them.

                Nothing substitutes for eugenics, a lack of diversity, and social hierarchy that keeps the dumb down. It is a binary solution set: either the rest oppress the best, or the best oppress the rest, and with the latter you get competence instead of incompetence.

            2. Your Daily Quote says:

              Do not wish for your children to never encounter evil. Wish for them to be strong enough to conquer it. ~ Albert Einstein or Winston Churchill or William Shakespeare

              1. There is no way anyone on this Earth is not going to encounter some kind of “evil” (unrealism, stupidity, solipsism, insanity, promiscuity, perversity, selfishness, Apple).

                1. Staring into Brett's deep blue eyes whilst playing with his curly locks says:

                  I saw a pic where you’re sitting behind a Mac.

                  1. Must be a deepfake.

              2. Daily Dose of Sodomy says:

                *hits pipe*…

                1. You hit a weed pipe, you draw on a crack pipe, but you breath-smoke a tobacco pipe.

                  1. T Malm says:

                    and you suck on a meat pipe

  7. Eutropy says:

    I must reject this purposefully edgy and contrarian position. In fact, I accuse it of poserdom.
    Why? The Beatles were, in fact, always drivel; likely the most overrated music in history.
    Therefore, this murderous man can not be a hero, because there was naught to defile by selling out in the first place.

    1. Drivel, yes, but better-than-average drivel with some occasional insightful Hinduism. However, they were a huge media event — “we’re bigger than Jesus Christ” — and that was what was defiled. His motives were the usual mix of mental health problems and despair that we see in suicide bombers, school shooters, family annihilators, and Twitter executives.

      1. origen says:

        The opposite sounds like it would make for one hell of a dull artist.

        1. I want quality art, not drama or exciting artist biographies.

          1. Homer says:

            Transcendental mental health problems and despair

          2. origen says:

            I totally agree, it just occurred to me that the opposite of e.g. a suicide bomber sounds like someone who wouldn’t have half the passion or guts to make anything that penetrates life at its core.

            1. Most people do not and cannot have these things. It is just the Bell Curve as usual. This is why the mediocre many seek to eliminate the fortunate few.

              1. origen says:

                If the mediocre many even want these things. As status symbols, probably, at least for a while yet. Until too many call great things crazy and/or oppressive.

                1. People fear anything above them. They hate kings, nature, logic, history, culture, and great art for this reason. The ten percent who have a chance of rising above that usually just take the easy path and get corporate jobs and houses in the suburbs from which they can look at the world and say:

                  Junkies always beef about The Cold as they call it, turning up their black coat collars and clutching their withered necks… pure junk con. A junky does not want to be warm, he wants to be Cool-Cooler-COLD. But he wants The Cold like he wants His Junk – NOT OUTSIDE where it does him no good but INSIDE so he can sit around with a spine like a frozen hydraulic jack… his metabolism approaching Absolute ZERO. TERMINAL addicts often go two months without a bowel move and the intestines make with sit-down-adhesions -–Wouldn’t you? — requiring the intervention of an apple corer or its surgical equivalent… Such is life in The Old Ice House. Why move around and waste TIME?

                  Room for One More Inside, Sir.

                  Some entities are on thermodynamic kicks. They invented thermodynamics… Wouldn’t you?

                  1. origen says:

                    New Year’s resolution: read Burroughs.

                    1. I recommend pairing it with Celine and Austen. Call it a dissident realist reading list.

                      The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.

                    2. dinosaurs says:

                      Add a dash of Adonis, Yeats, Whitman, Bataille, Cioran, Baudelaire or Petronius to taste. In a separate pan over low heat, add Ernst Jungers’ Storm of Steel, the 1st edition which has been recently put back into print, because it’s a trip.

                      I do like to pair these things with some good sativa or scotch.

                    3. I would actually slam full stop here: read the classics. Avoid the poetry until later. All the internet poseurs want to shaft you off to reading Siege, and everyone has their literary favorites, but get a toe in the door and then go back to the Greeks, Romans, and Nords and read forward. It only takes about five years if you dedicate yourself. While I like a good indica or sativa, I recommend keeping the mind clear. Nicotine is not an impediment however.

  8. origen says:

    I recommend pairing it with Celine and Austen. Call it a dissident realist reading list.

    I like Austen (although the back-and-forth plots could do with some editing), P&P especially. Darcy and Elizabeth are both diamonds in the rough, but through their conflict they ennoble each other and find truth about themselves and others. A beautiful story, really.

    1. In general, the consensus is that P&P is where she hit her stride and everything else is partially unfinished or at least needed some polish. Agreed on the story. It is the classic convergence of extremes on a simple center, namely bloody realism, that is denied by everyone else as they flit through life focused on the immediate, tangible, emotional, and commercial. Walking corpses really.

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