Meditations on Ananku

serpent ascending - ananku cover

Article by Lance Viggiano.

Ananku is random stereotypical sentimentality in terms of both pseudo climactic release and legacy nostalgia underscored by the crooning of its capricious composer. One may skip to any moment of this record and find a passable to competent riff which invites the listener to further explore its contents. Yet to sit through the work in succession, the order – or lack thereof- is much akin to a dreamlike state. Waking life is a comedic but rationally apprehensive continuity; whereas the experience of dreaming is much like thumbing through to one’s favorite moments in no particular order and therefore as a whole Ananku betrays its efforts at thematic unity. The forces behind Serpent Ascending make a noticed use of genre firmament however indecisive haste fashioned for itself a fallen world.

A prominent influence upon Serpent Ascending is the esteemed Varg Vikernes whose deliberate isolation from not only his civilization but also his musical peers – with respects to content, direction and political ideology – allowed Burzum to stretch metal towards ethereal serenity. Ananku does not possess the same longing spirit nor the will to illuminate corridors left hidden by the cultural landscape of its day. Thus, efforts to communicate this sentiment are trite and insincere such as on “Karelides” or the first half of the two part title cut. In fact, if one were to happen upon “Karelides”, its opening moments suggest some arc of progression but to actually listen to its predecessor reveals without pretense to the contrary that this is not the case. Likewise, the procession from “Ananku I” to ”Ananku II” is merely juxtaposed rather than continuous. Serpent Ascending will no doubt receive its due of year end accolades by the press; while the uprising of apologetics on the part of its transitory devotees in defense against this dissent will no doubt be quelled following whatever over-acclaimed entry is released in the final quarter of this year.

In summation, the content within is simply congruent with its cover art: a collage. Offering “Entrance” as an advance track was an intelligent decision as it is the composition most betrothed to a narrative and therefore could be termed as such. Still, as with the means by which the album closes, the song ends abruptly and irresolute. Those vocal and earnest loyalists will find this offering of tribute pleasurable until their souls invariably become disinterested with such a materialistic embodiment of music. The best that can be said about Ananku is that a familiarity with dissatisfactory and ephemeral art such as this leads one to the epiphenomenal goal of identification with the subtle and incommunicable spirit of metal. To do so is to achieve a liberation from the tyranny of incarnation after incarnation by renunciation of surface aesthetics masquerading under the illusion of high-brow sensibilities.

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17 thoughts on “Meditations on Ananku

  1. Ggallin1776 says:

    That cover looks like a shitty stalker letter esque clip & stick.Anyway,i don’t see anyone even being in the same class as Varg.

      1. C.M. says:

        Fucking… lol.

        1. CuntMcpunt says:

          ay dont you have reviews of shit beer metal to write kid?

          1. C.M. says:

            Don’t you have some Jewish restitution to distribute old man?

            1. Vigilance says:

              sheckles > potatoes.

              1. C.M. says:

                You keep your sheckles, I’ll keep my pot o’ gold.

              2. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:

                I don’t think my local grocery store takes sheckles.

                1. C.M. says:

                  Also can’t eat sheckles or make booze out of them. Vigilance’s assertion crumbles.

                  1. Vigilance says:

                    Once you realize that sheckles are derived from investment income you’ll realize why working class Irish potatoe picking does not afford affluence.

                    1. C.M. says:

                      Affluency is the ultimate pacifier. Never met a rich guy who lived hard, they prefer to pay to simulate intense experience rather than put their precious life and limb at risk. Taters for me, thanks.

                    2. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:

                      I’ll take the taters too. In fact, I’m making some right now!

                    3. Necronomeconomist says:

                      You niggas can’t even spell SHEKELS correctly!

                    4. Vigilance says:

                      What would two meter Norsemensch have to do with such a degenerate currency?

                    5. Dave the Faggot Grohl says:


                      SOMALIA UBER ALLES

  2. I Am the Black Mages says:

    What’s “taters”? Precious.

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