#metalgate hipsters continue faking the news


The increasing popularity of #metalgate has irked the hipster SJWs who promote it. One of the SJW hipsters who provoked #metalgate by demanding our editor be removed from the metal Journolist writes about the increasing popularity of #metalgate in terms of hateful denial:

Detractors included Phil McSorely, who was fired from the band Cobalt for using hate slurs towards Curtis-Brignell and others, accusing them of trying to establish a “USBM [American black metal] friendship scene” and “liberal agenda” in extreme metal. The incident became one of the flashpoints for #metalgate, a short-lived hate campaign and offshoot of #gamergate that attacked journalists and artists accused of attempting to “censor” heavy metal.

She lies. Cobalt was not the trigger for #metalgate; SJW demands for censorship and exclusion on the basis of one writer’s opinions were. And #metalgate was neither launched by #gamergate nor a “hate campaign.” It remains — and is growing in strength — a resistance campaign against intrusion by the newcomers who are hoping to make SJW metal mainstream. (As a side note, it appears that Mr. McSorely has “un-friended” our editor on Facebook, possibly for his own sometimes liberal sensibilities.)

Look at Caïna for example. Highly hyped by labels, heavily supported by media, and yet it has no staying power because metalheads do not want kumbaya indie-rock. We want metal. Like other bands of this ilk, it sells to a certain audience but goes no further, and within weeks is forgotten. No one cites Caïna as a cornerstone of the genre, which is why the SJW hipsters are trying to bring it back with this article as if it had ever been relevant in the first place.

He articulates what SJW hipsters actually want — a “safe space” meaning removal of all ideas that threaten their worldview — and tries to conceal the censorship threat behind that mentality:

“I’m done with metal culture in a sense — conventional metal culture, that is,” he explains. “I guess in the positive, it showed that there are people who did agree with me about metal’s attitude towards certain groups. So I think my real change is to be ‘done’ with hedging. I can’t backtrack and adopt some new persona to weasel out of what I said. I believe what I said. I think in the few days that followed the drama, I could have tried to distance myself from whatever it was I was accused of being.

“But no, fuck it, I absolutely believe that metal should be a safe space for women, people of colour, differently abled people, the LGBT community. There’s nothing metal about arbitrary exclusionism. Safe space: unsafe music.”

This reminds us of the 1980s, when the PMRC decided to make metal “safe” by removing lyrics about sex, drugs and obscenity. Or in the early 1990s when Christians decided to make black metal safe by releasing “white metal” or “unblack metal” which sounded like black metal, but had Christian lyrics (with Horde being the forefront). Now we have SJWs who are releasing “safe metal” which sounds like shoegaze trying to be black metal and has safe, politically correct lyrics which seem to follow the agenda of their media overlords.

In the meantime, this controversy rages in other areas. The assault is coming from the media and their lackeys, and numerous communities are reacting, with gamers being first but now metalheads and other subcultures responding. The attitude generally is not that those who react are opposed to the viewpoints offered, but they do not like the form in which they are forced upon the audience, which is a “my way or the highway” ideological test by which you either endorse the SJW hipster viewpoint or are seen as an enemy of the State… errr, media.

If you need proof of how relevant all of this is, notice how Wikipedia is censoring GamerGate-affiliated editors and how media employees are mounting a doxxing campaign against #gamergate activists who are resisting the SJW hipster incursion.

In the meantime, a number of academics and media darlings linked arms to make black metal “safe” with a academic conference entitled Coloring the Black: A Black Metal Theory Symposium which declares its intention to:

In response to this we wish to open up the more comedic, playful, camp, ludic, carnivalesque dimension of black metal and black metal theory. In so doing, we set out to “pink” black metal by questioning its more nihilistic impulses (“blackening” and more “blackening”) in favour of more affirmative approaches and utilizations of BMT.

In “pinking” black metal/theory (and we are thinking here of critical and ironic BM-related gestures such as The Soft Pink Truth, Pinkish Black, Zweizz, Deafheaven, not to mention the influence of My Bloody Valentine and “pink noise” on shoegaze, post, or “hipster” black metal) we also hope to queer it by decentering the cisheteronormative and patriarchal underpinnings of both the black metal music and philosophy scenes. We wish to further BMT from a range of feminist, LGBTQ, and intersectional perspectives, including disability studies, crip theory, animal studies, and cute studies. Our interest in a more rainbow approach to black metal would also seek to consider and destabilize the racial normativities of black metal musical and theoretical traditions.

In other words: if it doesn’t fit the status quo, we’ll “study” it until we can argue that it does, and then use that to exclude anyone who doesn’t toe the line as being deviant. Just like SJW hipsters have done with #metalgate so far.

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29 thoughts on “#metalgate hipsters continue faking the news”

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    I hope Coloring the Black: A Black Metal Theory Symposium is just a joke done by a bored guy. Rob Halford and Gaahl are known figures in the metal world and I don’t think they ever tried to shove “can’t we all just get along” propaganda to an audience. Also, the band photo above looks like the aftermath of Godflesh getting sodomized by Pantera/Crowbar and Morrissey.

    1. hypocrite says:

      Ha! Wow, fucking spot on description of the photo.

  2. Scott says:

    This was very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Nomen Nescio says:

    Reading this SJW shit made me throw up in my mouth. Also what the fuck is “decentering the cisheteronormative and patriarchal underpinnings” and “crip theory”?

    1. Susa says:

      Let tumblr take over your brain and you’ll see the light.

  4. Loads of Cum Splash my Face says:

    > a Nazi convicted murderer…

    The reason why metalheads care about Varg is because of the beautiful music he created. People care about Burzum because it’s the best black metal music of all time!! Seriously, can you call yourself a black metaller and not worship Burzum? I think not. It’s like claiming to be a manly cisheteronormative and patriarchal guy and not enjoying inserting your penis in a pussy on a regular basis.

    On an old ANUS interview bassist Danny Lilker said when asked about Burzum: “beautiful music from a racist moron” except that Lilker being the lazy stoner that he appears to be, will never be half the man that Varg is.

    That skinny fag on the Youtube video is two inches a way from being a SJW himself, in my eyes people like him are the enemy rather than friend cuz he’s too fucking liberal. What skinny manjinas like him fail to understand is that the original spirit of black metal is closer to Varg’s ideological and musical worldview than anything else!

    1. Richard Head says:

      Right about the video. Unfortunately, most of the really vocal metalgate supporters are just apologizing for the racist and sexist behaviour of a handful of metal fans and insisting that most if them are progressive-minded gay pride parade attendees.

      1. Fire Agate says:

        If the mainstream Metal they listen to gets shut down, than the stuff we listen to will as well. How? You read on Amerika where Brett is always talking about Technology? It was given to us so we can enslave ourselves, they were spying on us ever since the internet/computers became mainstream. Some on here keep saying Metal will go underground, we will see how long that lasts when the government starts paying people to snitch on each other, you see how broke people are now? Who’s to say people won’t go on witch hunts to find Metal listeners so they can snitch and get money for it? This is how bad it could very well get, we live in a snitch society now, people get snitched on for all types of stuff now.

        And people are saying that those mainstream fans are the enemy? Do people on here live in the real world? Have they ever been in a real conflict? It’s called compromise, let them speak, they may be useful because you need numbers of people speaking and if most of those people say that most people don’t listen to Varg and his audience isn’t that big, they sure as hell won’t even look at the stuff we listen to. Because if they start digging deep and they see what we like, and they start spreading it around the sheeple (and sheeple are just SJW’s in disguise) then you will have real problems!

        1. Richard Head says:

          Wow man. Did you get lost on your way to the David Icke forums? Presumptious insults aside…

          Are you saying that supporters of underground metal should be in support of mainstream metal because it keeps the mainstream media off the trail of underground metal? That’s a wild idea but I’m considering the logic behind it.

          1. Fire Agate says:

            No tinfoil, read this article about technology on Brett Stevens’s other site, Amerika.org:


            There are others on that site as well. If people here read the other sites that Brett has, ANUS and Amerika, then they will understand why the staff here post about what they post about, it’s all related. People say Brett posts about hipsters and whatnot too much, now you wee the hipsters/sjw’s outright attacking Metal now. The staff on here were trying to warn us (because in life, the same things happen over and over again) and some people on here wanted to ignore it.

            If you are in your house, and you see some sketchy looking people hanging around your house at night, are you just going to ignore them? It’s the same idea here, keep your eye on where things are going so you can deal with problems…

            As far as the mainstream fans go, let them speak. If enough of them speak and they are enough for the sjw’s to back off, then people who listen to what we like won’t have to get into it at all, and this battle will be won. If it isn’t, then you will need to look into some things…

            1. Richard Head says:

              I’m pretty familiar with amerika.

              I also can’t say that you’re wrong about anything. Just taking a while to wrap my brain around your claims and suggestions.

  5. Nihilisticblackmetalkid says:

    MUHAHAHAHA! Metalheads and hessians, PREPARE YOUR ASSES!!!

  6. hypocrite says:

    It does appear that normalization/absorption of metal has to be an objective of the herd while it (metal) represents dangerous ideas (not for long!) and has a large fanbase. They will not just evaporate/lose interest as they have many great deeds yet to do: striking down idols, carrying on bravely while still supporting with the oppressed on their weary shoulders, being amazing and unique people in general, and not fading ignominiously into the grey sludgy muck in the back of human memory due to lack of quality or drive.

    “We wish to further BMT from a range of feminist, LGBTQ, and intersectional perspectives, including disability studies, crip theory, animal studies, and cute studies.”

    Holy shit!

  7. Fire Agate says:

    DMU, keep it coming with these Metalgate articles! It’s sad to see people who post on this site say that this is a bunch of nonsense, like Brett is wasting his time…You all forget that Brett has lived through this before and if you don’t get on this now, you may not even have Metal anymore because honestly, most people in the WHOLE WORLD are SJW’s, they are like sleepers just waiting for a trigger!

    Yeah, Brett should just be silent right, and then one day you try and get a Metal album and you can’t even get one because all the distro’s are shut down. You may even get in trouble for having a Metal album or Metal songs on your computer…Don’t count ANYTHING out these days!

    1. Ara says:

      This will never, ever, EVER happen.

      1. Fire Agate says:

        Look man, I’m going to say this for you and anyone who thinks like you…This is going to be a bit disorganized and run on and vulgar because I’m upset by this, okay? Here goes:

        Do you people even pay attention to half of the things Brett and this site are trying to tell/teach you? In reality, in this world, if you want to be free and have things, you need to DEFEND/UPKEEP things on your OWN, because when you are free and have nice things, other people will try and TAKE IT. Metal needs to be free and on it’s own for it to work. SJW’s/Hipsters, etc. want you to think the way you think so they can take Metal over. You got people out there who listen to fucking In Flames and Alice in Chains fighting SJW’s, but people on here who think that they are so fucking elite don’t even want to be kept abreast on what’s going on out there?! What the fuck?!

        I don’t give a fuck who I offend, and I hope Brett will still let this go through, but to all of you people complaining about metalgate coverage, FUCK YOURSELF. Your additude is the same one that sheeple have, you don’t want to defend things you like/love, so you want the government to do it or you stick your head up your ass and ignore it until YOU lose CONTROL of what you LOVE, that’s the exact opposite of what DMU/ANUS is about..And if you can’t see that, than YOU are the fucking POSERS/HIPSTERS!

        As far as what Ara said, read what Brett says in the articles about metalgate and he spells it out…It might sound far fetched as to what I said in my earlier comment, but if you pay attention as to what’s going on in the world, it could very well happen EVENTUALLY…Use your brain man, THINK!

        1. Ara says:

          I just personally don’t see it happening. Even if labels and distros stop carrying stuff, I don’t see either of those really existing much longer anyway, and everything is just going to be thrown on the internet. If net neutrality ceases to exist and metal is censored or removed online (which is highly unlikely), word of mouth tape trading or other forms will keep metal alive. Even third world countries are still making metal, and those doing so have balls we’ll never understand in the states. If any “censoring” happens and good metal has to be sought out to be found, that could be the best thing to happen to it, since those on the surface playing garbage music will give up since riding a trend through gates of censorship is fruitless since creative drive won’t be fueling the music and mass appeal won’t be possible any longer. Sifting through the internet to find good metal is goddamned impossible now, so I’m game for cutting the fat.
          Metal isn’t going to go away because it’s creativity-based and you can’t putting shackles on creative spirit or the desire to hear those that utilize it.

          1. Richard Head says:

            Very true man, all of it.

            1. Richard Head says:

              Yes. I want to carry your baby Ara. Please do impregnate me.

              1. While we’re pretty good at allowing unfettered expression around here, can we be respectful to our guests? Honest homosexual innuendo is always OK, since this site has been heavy metal’s alternative sexuality hookup point for two decades.

                1. Homoerotic Speed-death metalhead says:

                  I think I read somewhere that Varg claimed that Euronymous of Mayhem had a shit-stained dildo hidden in his closet.

                  Anyone else heard anything about that ?

                2. Richard Head says:

                  I have an imitator, Brett. I assume people can tell the difference between my posts and theirs. Check the email I post with for proof.

          2. Fire Agate says:

            The Third World Metal I heard didn’t sound like the future of anything, it just gets attention for hipster reasons. As far as the other stuff you said, you are looking at how things will play out without looking at technology and the fact that everything that happens is planned in advance, who knows what they have down the pipe that we don’t know about. You know if nobodies like me are thinking about this stuff, then you already know that a whole lot of things are planned, and me personally, I don’t like this whole “Metal will go underground again and happily ever after” stuff. It’s weak and not at all like Metal/DMU/Hessian whatever…All I’m doing is looking at what happened in the past (because the same things happen OVER and OVER again in reality) and seeing what’s happening now, even if I sound like an overemotional paranoid wet hen when I post. I hope what you say is true, but in the end, you need to look at reality and when you do that, you can’t count out anything, and my gut is telling me something else….

            1. All I’m doing is looking at what happened in the past (because the same things happen OVER and OVER again in reality) and seeing what’s happening now, even if I sound like an overemotional paranoid wet hen when I post.

              History does seem cyclic. In particular, metal appears to be recapitulating hardcore 1980-1987 and heavy metal 1976-1982.

  8. Third World N00B says:

    Yesterdat Nargaroth played in my city and the place was packed with plenty of women. In fact there were way too many single women in the venue. Lots of people who didn’t look like metalheads at all and nobody messed with them. I was wearing shorts and sandals with a Gap sweatshirt and despite I’ve short hair nobody made me feel unwelcome. No one gives a fuck. So I just don’t get what those social jusctice whiners are talking about? Metal concerts are way more inclusive than they should. Isn’t the whole point of joining a specific subculture to be part of something that’s not all-inclusive open-for all thing?

    1. Meek Metalhead says:

      What`s with all the alarmism? Metal was castrated and became family-friendly a long time ago. There will still be a few that will create quality material and the rest will just churn out whatever crap is popular/socially acceptable at the given moment.

      Nargaroth is the epitome of dramaqueenery so its a bad example for anything.

  9. galadriel says:

    As a woman who’s been into metal for 20+ years, I’d just like to say a big “fuck off” to these patronising social justice wimps. Guess what guys, I don’t want metal turned into a “safe place” for me, don’t worry, I can handle it. Thanks.

    Oh, and “people of colour” is a racist term nowadays, get with the times ;)


      HI BABY!

      Wanna come and feel my six pack?

  10. ernie says:

    So Stevens still is pretending not to be in love with his mother, jerking off watching her pictures while wearing her grannypants? Really? Well, Stevens, it’s about time to let real men have your arse. I bet you would enjoy a 10″ piece of black meat up your back and huge load of jewish cum down your throat! Just let us know!

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