#Metalgate: SJWs stage mass complaint attack to remove our accounts


Although the death of Facebook has been widely reported, it remains the market-leading source for metal bands and others to share information. Last night, SJWs mounted a mass attack of complaints against my personal account, leading Facebook to remove it early this morning. Coupled with what looks like an attack on our database server, this shows exactly how mad and defensive SJWs have become about recent #metalgate activity which has revealed their censorious nature. Their decision to censor via a complaint attack simply confirms this, and reveals a fundamental weakness in Facebook and a reason metalheads should distrust it.

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33 thoughts on “#Metalgate: SJWs stage mass complaint attack to remove our accounts”

  1. viranesir says:

    This calls for a new and uncensored system of network. Not only to network, but also sell our stuff like bandcamp. Also maybe a network for arranging live shows. Both stuff combined. All with the umbrella agenda of sola “freedom of speech”.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Does anybody still use IRC ?
      You can control your own channel and allow only who you want to stay and chat / share info,
      that was how mp3’s were traded in the 1990s. right?

      1. viranesir says:

        in my opinion, a website with forum function and instantaneous easy to use membership, post and comment options is the key. I do not think we need any sort of exclusive website, I think we need an open website where we can say anything, share it with the world, sell unsafe merchandise and materials and not get banned or prosecuted. it would be like a “freedom of speech facebookbandcamp”

  2. BreadGod says:

    I’m not surprised. Social justice warriors are incapable of defending their ideas through debate, so they would rather silence their opposition.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      Yes, that seems to have been their way in many cases.

      In early 20th century Russia, you were sent to prison or killed if you even dare ask ‘ hey, this revolution is mostly run by jews, and its ranks are filled with jews, weird huh? ‘
      Hitler pre-WWII said he would have debates against Communists on the streets and win the general public’s approval of sound reasoning, and then the very next day, the Communists would pretend the debate had never happened and start it all over again.
      SHARP’s are worse than Nazi skins, as they look to beat down on a single person they don’t agree with, while “nazi punks/skins” usually do it only when drunk and being stupid.

      the examples are endless, should I continue ?

  3. metalhat says:

    if you need any help with securing your websites, you can let me know, I do this for a living.

    best wishes ;)

  4. Ara says:

    That sucks dude- I will say however that once I got off of Facebook I was significantly less angry. Social media is for whiners anyway.

  5. TheWaters says:

    Good, if you are getting banned from facebook it is because you are doing a good job. Many enemies, much honor. I hope you get banned everywhere! You will never be banned in my heart though Brett….no homo

  6. SomberSun says:

    Fecesbook has been heading in the SJW direction for a while now. Cunt Merkel has already made a deal to censor honest reports on the migrant infestation, and further damn Germany to multikulti hell.

    Information simply can’t be shared on Fecesbook anymore. Hopefully, part of the fight back will involve setting up alternatives that are beyond corruption and free of the autocratic cancer of the left.

  7. muthafukcas! says:

    Was it that fag from Baltimore?

    1. Dualist says:

      The fact that this has happened at exactly the same time as all the Shawn Wright bollocks is suspicious, to say the least. Read the comment I made yesterday (number 12):


      An attack like this would seem to fit in well with such a guy’s psychology.

  8. Dualist says:

    Let me get this straight (as I don’t use Facebook). They have succeeded in getting you banned from Facebook for comments/views made in places OTHER THAN Facebook?

    Or is it due to comments made via Facebook itself?

    Obviously, either way it is dreadful. But if it’s the first option then we are now officially living in Orwell’s nightmare. The media are INCREASING in power. This makes Traditionalism’s prospects now look a whole lot bleaker….

    Are you even told the reasons? Or even allowed to defend yourself?

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      be an ANTI-facebook metal site … because who else is ?
      The only anti’s are paper fanzines w/o email addresses/cartel sites.

  9. mem says:

    The social activism in this site is thoroughly amazing.
    Did anyone ever consider that some little shit could’ve catched a wind of your stance on “SJWism” and decided to fuck
    with the Facebook page just for the lols? A snigle person could’ve pulled it of, Facebook security clearly isn’t perfect.
    This is what happens when you try to stand as a bastion of some higher pourpose on the internet; people without the slightest grasp of ideological concepts always manage to incite hate.

  10. This shit stinks worse than my first dump of the day… It’s weird how easy it is to get someone deleted from facebook when you don’t even get a chance to talk to the fb-people before they delete you.

    Welcome to the new fascism. “If I don’t agree with you I will make everything in my power to censor you and make you go away!!!” What the fuck happened to “I don’t agree with this, I better move along”????

    Brett, you better get your ass back on there though. I already miss your posts :-)

  11. countingthesjwdeathtoll says:

    You have got to be kidding me…they have nothing better to do than be censorious fucktards of the highest order. What was the reason they suspended your account Brett? Fucking hell. I think they got somebody else as well. Cunts…

  12. viranesir says:

    I am pretty sure baltimore faggots did this, they seem to be going around facbook in gangs trying to bully those they seem un-PC since you guys did the article about their popular kid.

  13. I use Facebook to stay in touch with family worldwide. HOWEVER, I use this plugin: “news feed eradicator” and I recommend you all do too. There are several choices, either a blank news feed or a rotating “inspirational quote of the day” replacing the usual onslaught of social posturing and app updates

    1. Devil's advocate says:

      We should all bury our heads in the sand. Forgetting about problems always helps. My advice, pray to Jesus. Then you will be doing something to fix your problems!

      1. pluko says:

        Closed groups with signposts stating “SJWs please don’t entry” on the entrance. Solution?

  14. Demonseed says:

    I dropped FB earlier this year and felt better immediately . I don’t need constant updates on how fat and ugly the small children of everyone I went to highschool with have become .

    Zuckerberg would export every single American job if he had his druthers . and he would gladly bring in 500 million people from the third world to take all of your jobs at lower wage. He also helped ISIS rise. and now he is censoring this sites FB. Zuckerberg is a damn traitor . He is every bit as bad as the SJW losers . Maybe worse.

    1. I agree that Facebook’s censorship is problematic. Even more, this incident shows why Facebook cannot be trusted with anything important to a community.

      1. morbideathscream says:

        None of those social media sites can be trusted. Twitter, facebook, etc. I was on fb for a short time early this year, it was just to keep contact with other metalheads I knew who lived far from me, not that I had any sort of high opinion of that site or social media in general. I never said anything too personal, my username was nuclear desecration or some w
        Shit like that album.. Then one day I was logged out and tried to log back in but couldn’t unless I provided 2 forms of ID, if that’s not suspicious I don’t know what is. I’m not giving jew zuckerberg any forms of my identification, I didn’t need fb that bad. Facebook is about as trustworthy as the Obama administration.

  15. Demonseed says:

    I live in the bay area and I am down to go protest outside Zucks house if anyone else wants to organize a bay area protest against that dick-weed.

    1. pluko says:

      Zuckerburg’s alright in my book, he’s just doing what is natural for the type of organism that he is. So don’t hate the player doggy dogs.

  16. Paul Warkin says:

    “The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

    Such a mystery, it’s not like they have the reason why the page is unavailable in their database. This playing dumb is even more annoying than when you ask your coworker if they ate your sandwich and they say “what’s a sandwich” with a sincerely confused look on their face.


    Do we have any counter-attack options? Any evidence that it actually was Shawn Wright? Is it finally time to begin training a squad of death commandos?

  17. pluko says:

    It’s a hard game navigating the middle path because you’re always going to make someone unhappy (though probably not as many, quite so unhappy). The alternatives are a) narrow clubhouse niche scenes that are too far underground to effectively have any voice beyond that and b) be continually railroaded by increasing SJW infiltration.

  18. Pythagorean says:

    Facebook is infinitely more boring now. Any deeper dissection of the new ‘crime’ you committed would be interesting.

    This is our current environment. We willing meet at these “social” sites in mass. We believe there is no other way to be social nowadays except through this device, but these social sites and the computer itself is controlled. These social sites centralize expressive energies, monitor debate and encourage seeing things one way. Anyone that may think free speech is occurring is very wrong. Controlled discourse is occurring. A new “moral majority” can end any other argument. Facebook and every other social site will do this. Forums have their problems too. They become run by an alpha set and the alpha set usually creates one sided behavior as well.

    The computer was a thing of the underground, now it is as underground as cable tv or a shopping mall. The prime concern should be that ALL of this is monitored and controlled. Can there really be an underground in a monitored setting?

  19. Disremember says:

    For ppl like me FB offers a simple way to get updates from all the important sites,
    Give them a good fight,
    I have seen far racist and even stupid things from others,
    I’m very sure they have an avenue for presenting our points and defending ourselves …
    What if 10% from a billion Muslims band against Israel and says that Zionism is a racist concept ?

    1. morbideathscream says:

      Zionism is jewish nationalism. Anyone who calls it a racist concept would be deemed antisemitic and racist. You can be proud to be anything except a white heterosexual male in today’s society. Muslims can hate anyone they want except jews cause that would just be antisemitic. It’s our jew run leftist media that gives sjw’s power, artificial power that is, they are the useful idiots for the government’s new world order agenda. They want any oppositional voice to be silenced.

  20. vic snaggletooth says:

    What a shame.By doing this they proved that how much sensitive they are and couldn’t fight back with ideas, thoughts so they choose the false path. But they did a mistake as true warriors don’t depend upon the narrow confined world of facebook.

  21. This is horrible. That being said, the party is almost over for everyone un-PC. It only took a person to yell “FIRE!” in a theater to change laws in accordance to freedom of speech. Social media is addictive, but its days are numbered.

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