Assault accusations dog Bestial Evil (USA) vocalist Shawn Wright


Baltimore crust/metal band Bestial Evil, recently the subject of accusations of censorship and possible threats of violence, now face another challenge: allegations of violence against women by people active in the Baltimore metal scene.

Miranda Sewell, a longtime figure in the Baltimore scene, writes the following narrative:

Ok so I managed a smoke shop in Hampden for some years, last year Shawn started coming in to said smoke shop to buy stuff for vaping. He’s from Damascus MD, and knew my boyfriends bands lead singer, and I suppose he thought that would give him a friends and family discount because when I didn’t throw him the deal that he wanted he got pretty pissed off.

He started calling me and threatening me, saying shit like he was going to wait outside my work for me to leave and beat my head in with a baseball bat. He was all “I hope you don’t go to real metal shows in this city because I have a lot of friends, and if I don’t like you, they don’t like you. You’re going to get your ass beat every time you go out.”

Shawn Wright is a dumbass. He grew up in Damascus trying to be a rapper, and when that didn’t work he went to punk, and when that didn’t work he started doing what he calls metal. Have you heard his shit? It’s awful. I don’t know how he gets up everyday knowing the shite he’s trying to pass off as music. Point is this kid does not know what he’s doing, or who he even is.

He’s like a dark cloud over our metal community.

The band, who describe themselves as “lashing death metal,” consists of Shawn Wright on vocals, Kevin Rucker II on guitars, Nick Temoshok on guitars, Jacob Ripley on bass and Evan Phillips on rums. The band plans to release a full length entitled Infectious Cross in the near future, from which it has released one track, “See the Enemy,” which shows a hybrid of crustcore and later brutal death metal.

Another woman, who would not go on the record using her name, sent the following via Facebook:

At a show…wayyy back in the day, this guy threatened to beat the shit out of me because I didn’t want to date him after we hooked up one night. I was 16 and stupid and he thought beating up a woman would change my mind.

It was 2001/2002 at the New Market Grange Hall in New Market, MD. I can’t remember the bands playing, just some local kids I think. I do remember he had been drinking. All I can really remember about the incident was him coming outside during a break between bands and screaming a bunch of nasty shit at me for being a prude and denying that I slept with him (because I was ashamed of my actions). He started saying its fucked up he thought I was his girl, I’m a lying piece of shit, etc etc. At no point in our miserable hookup did we ever establish we were dating but he somehow translated sex as a relationship. Him and his friends were all surrounding me, and all I could do was laugh at him and that’s when he tried to throw a punch but someone (I have no idea who) held him back. He was drunk so he was putting up a fight so I left at that point. It was disgusting.

Him and his goon posse surrounded me outside while he screamed obscenities at me. He lunged and threw a punch but someone grabbed him and he went ape shit. So I left. Never saw that fucking maniac again. He’s got some real issues with anger, the dude is in denial and needs to just stop putting up a front.

It’s amusing to look back on now, that a guy who talks such a big game and acts like such a tough guy would be willing to assault a 16 year old girl because she didn’t want to be his girlfriend. We hung out for a few weeks prior to the incident and there were several instances of him completely losing his shit.

This was 14 years ago and it looks like he hasn’t changed a bit.


Wright, who has previously served as a Slutwalk organizer and runs a group named “No Room For Hate,” has said in the past that he opposes the use of violence. Stay tuned for more updates as we dig deeper. Unfortunately, Shawn Wright refused comment on any further articles.

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14 thoughts on “Assault accusations dog Bestial Evil (USA) vocalist Shawn Wright”

  1. Flying Kites says:

    Hail! Trollska riding and wailing, smiting and maiming! Fuck the SJW. Death!

    Great that their birth rates are so low, they should be gone in the decade. Protesting their grave.

  2. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

    Lol at these accusations you better come correct or get an ass beating by me and my homies…if this was true why am I proven to be the leader of the Baltimore metal scene, people are lame. I’m a proud gay man if that scares you find another scene.

  3. muthafukcas! says:

    Libs/SJWs older than 25 need to be shipped to Mexico!! We don’t want them! Let the Mexican cartels use them as sex slaves!

  4. i would like to go on record and say the creamier the load,the more bestial the bro

  5. trevor says:

    If metal is his next “phase”, I hope it is a short lived one.

  6. OliveFox says:

    If the real Shawn Wright is actually posting and actually grew up in Damascus and graduated with any of the Steven’s or Hollands and/or played in bands with “Shaggy” or “Compton,” than post back. I worked at the music store in Dmas through my early 20s.

    Point being, I understand how little importance (in terms of music and artistry) should be placed in rural-suburban goofballs like this character. I recommend giving NO MORE PRESS to such foolishness.

    Shawn. Listen. We are holding a place for you at the Red Rooster, come back to your home…there is an MMA training facility by the Taco-Bell/KFC now, so get your frustrations out in a healthy manner at a community run establishment.

  7. Shawn Wright (Not Verified) says:

    You’re all gonna be begging to be my friend when my band gets signed! There’s a bidding war going on right now with all the biggest labels pffft like i need you guys. Slut walk will be even bigger this year trans gender celebrity Trixxie Luscious will be Queen of ceremonies and as always i will be mastur of ceremonies with my new gay lover dungeon Bobb!!!! This year we’re fighting the stigma surrounding gay male male on male oral scat play an plan to spark a dialogue with local guys! I love men, from the tip of their stalk to the base of their pen! I’ll rub your shaft until it explodes and I’ll drink every drop of your hot curdled load! I’ll also be hosting the rod stewart look alike contest behind the glory hole by the stomach pumping first aids porta potty. My mom and my sister will be providing safe anal sex tips!!!!

  8. vOddy says:

    Hahaha, is this for real? What a fool he is if it is

  9. it doesn't get better (fools) says:

    This band sounds like a last second Phil Anselmo side project. Very lame.

  10. Dualist says:

    The last sentence of his comment (where he denied being a bigot) was very revealing. He didn’t just say ‘I accept all people equally etc etc.’

    He said ‘I don’t TOLERATE that kind of shit at all’.

    Shows the mentality perfectly. When these people say they’re tolerant what they really mean is that they tolerate people with exactly the same views as themselves. If you don’t share these views, you’re a bad person. And what’s more, ‘they’re coming to get yooouuu….’

    They don’t even have the old ‘I only don’t tolerate intolerance’ argument: none of these supposedly ‘bigoted’ bands have actually suggested we should kill or persecute any ‘protected’ groups. Dana Duffy just made a comment about certain groups taking a disproportionate share of welfare benefits. And used a naughty word (but if she’d called someone a cunt, the liberals would have fawned over her as Liberated Women).

    Obviously, this guy has the bog-standard bully psychology. I think the old adage about student politics being so nasty precisely because the stakes are so LOW probably applies here, too. He’s found a little social group that gives him a TINY amount of power over a few people: and, by God, he’s going to USE that power! There’s a lot of ’em around, sadly…

    1. morbideathscream says:

      What Dana Duffy said in that interview is 100% true. But the truth hurts and the sjw’s are butthurt by the comments she made years ago. I know some liberal shitheads gave her shit a while back for those comments and with disma being booted off the fests due to sjw pressure I thought they might try the same bullshit with demonic christ and sure enough a couple of sjw sissies got their panties in a wad, trying to have demonic christ booted from mdf.

      Sjw’s are tolerant of anyone who isn’t a non-liberal white. They are rich kids who have had everything handed to them and have never had to work a job. They can’t think outside the lyrics of some anarcho leftist punk band or outside their leftist brainwashing facilities AKA universities. They are spoiled brats who know nothing about the real world. They have a mob mentality and are trying to intimidate anyone who doesn’t agree with them into submission with their strength in numbers. Someone like Shaun Wright couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag without his homies by his side. There’s no room in metal for overly sensitive pc fags like Shaun or bands like bestial homo.

      1. Liberalism and conservatism are pipe dreams. Only realism is real. Illusions like democracy, diversity, equality and tolerance are just salesjobs on the foolish proles. SJWs are upset that anyone has noticed that their “Social Justice” belongs to the same category as bail bond ads, political promises, and your buddy just swearing he’ll get the next round.

  11. Your Mother says:

    All of these people are horrible, I know alot of them personally. Shawn’s minions see nothing wrong with fucking underage girls and they all share diseases and shit, they’re a fucked group of people who spend their lives pointing out what they believe to be “Shortcomings” of other people in order to justify their wrong ass fucked ass views on life. One of them dated a 14 year old in his late 20’s…..

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