#Metalgate: SJWs try to redefine metal


Freaked out by the refusal of metal to bow to their guilt-induced accusations, SJWs have reverted to their first tactic: acting as wise teachers, instructing us in how metal thinks, which always includes the narrative of progress and enlightenment replacing those bad old ways.

The latest comes from Vice, which should know better but keeps hiring cheap talent. In this year-end review, somehow an agenda of political control slips in:

Once the go-to genre for tasteless gore and shock value, most younger bands seem to have cleaned up their image. The violent misogyny that frequently appeared in the genre’s golden age is now passé if you’re not a generic slam band. There just isn’t any room for “Entrails Ripped From a Virgin’s Cunt” or “Skin Her Alive” in today’s metal scene, and more importantly fans have responded angrily when actual violence against women occurs, as blackened death band Deiphago learned when guitarist Sidalpa was accused of punching a woman in the face backstage.

…Death metal listeners are also clearly taking a stand against racism. Over the summer, Malevolent Creation were raked over the coals because of blatantly racist and xenophobic Facebook posts. In the fall, Disma were booted from multiple festivals due to frontman Craig Pillard’s alleged Nazi associations. Netherlands Deathfest organizers said that “at least 10 bands” would have refused to play on the same bill as Disma had they not been removed. Pillard is a major figure in the scene, having been an integral part of Incantation’s prime years, but even in the normally apolitical (and extremely white) world of death metal, fans and artists are starting to lose patience with prejudice—even if the majority of listeners are not yet swinging left.

…So, what is the state of death metal in 2015? The music is still as vital as ever and the genre is flooded with talented musicians.

“Vital as ever” seems a stretch considering how the writer struggled to find examples and came up with very little other than classic bands continuing, but in order for his narrative to succeed, he has to brainwash the audience into believing that the new material is just as good as the old. And as usual, this is implied to “prove” that metal has simply matured, not been taken over by the same people who converted hardcore punk into insipid soundalike material in the name of political correctness.

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28 thoughts on “#Metalgate: SJWs try to redefine metal”

  1. vOddy says:

    If lyrics about murdering women are misogynist, are lyrics about murdering men misandrist?
    I’m not a Cannibal Corpse fan, but I distinctively and certainly remember lyrics about a man who was tied to a table and who looked at his murderer with fear when he realized that he was about to die.

    Anyway, that’s not the point. There are two points.

    1: Exploring an idea doesn’t mean that it’s what the artist really wants to do.
    Children who play war don’t necessarily want to go to war and commit murder.
    People who are in to BDSM don’t necessarily want to be actual sex slaves
    (People who enjoy pretending that they are getting raped prove this. It’s not rape if the person wants it.)
    People who write horror fiction don’t necessarily find the situations that they imagine appealing.

    2: Even in the case of an artist who’s work is inspired by values incompatible with the observer’s, the beauty of the art itself is what matters most. Every one who is honest knows this. If it wasn’t the case, then no one would listen to classical orchestral music, because it was created by (most likely) sexist Christians. Those people are called “bigots” by SJWs today. But, because the music is good, people listen to it anyway.

  2. vOddy says:

    Lol, read this, guys:

    “he violent misogyny that frequently appeared in the genre’s golden age is now passé if you’re not a generic slam band. There just isn’t any room for “Entrails Ripped From a Virgin’s Cunt” or “Skin Her Alive” in today’s metal scene”

    Followed by

    “This year saw new releases from quality extreme acts like Vastum, Cloud Rat, Fuck the Facts, and a litany of others who count women among their members —including the staunchly feminist Castrator, who flipped the script on death metal misogyny with the violently misandrist No Victim EP”

    You wot mate?

    1. vOddy says:

      Why are the lyrics about being violent against men hailed as a good thing?
      We know that neither are a problem, but it seems hypocritical on catholic levels.

  3. Viranesir says:

    Just because something is said does not mean it is meant. Now I know why people actually vote for shit parties, they actually have a tendency to take thing literally and believe all that is said…

    But seriously, even the fact that we are in a situation that we are faced with having to explain what things mean or what the intention is is a disgusting aspect in relation to art. Art is beyond that. Lowest of the low people given money by their parents to come up with a thing called “vice” is a spit in the face of art anyway…

    Sublimation is a great mystery, as Jung said and non-sublimated art is puke.

  4. Chris says:

    “…So, what is the state of death metal in 2015? The music is still as vital as ever and the genre is flooded with talented musicians.”

    Lies and more lies.

    “The violent misogyny that frequently appeared in the genre’s golden age is now passé”

    That kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Retard unwittingly admitts that death metal is at its best when it speaks a certain language. Taking away the language devalues the art.

    When I used to frequent metal shows, everyone, myself included, looked like they would kick this guy’s ass if he made his agenda known. I wonder how many concert goers outside of Baltimore actually endorse the narrative.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    I am adding a Mentors patch to my jean jacket,
    because I don’t have one with a greased,naked woman on all fours, and smelling a glove.

    By the way, when Morgoth’s “The Eternal Fall” LP came out, the college radio dj who played teh song “Female Infanticide” announced it only as “Infanticide” as he knew there were whiners monitoring his show and would lodge any complaints top censor him or get him kicked off the air.

    It amazed me when I pulled out some Frank Zappa albums at CKLN-FM to look at, and there was liquid paper spots on the actual records, on top of many songs, and the LP covers had notes taped saying which songs were never to be played… and this PC nonsense was happening back in the late 1980s / 1990 !

    1. hhhhhh says:

      PC dates back to the 60s. Thank you CIA…

  6. Disremember says:

    . The violent misogyny that frequently appeared in the genre’s golden age is now passé if you’re not a generic slam band. There just isn’t any room for “Entrails Ripped From a Virgin’s Cunt” or “Skin Her Alive” in today’s metal scene, and more impo

    In the golden age… I make my point
    What made it golden ?
    It’s things like this that made it golden …
    The sexist, racist, homophobic etc
    These were people already feed up with humanity and rejected modern civilization
    So that’s why you had this
    Ground breaking music …

    For me metal is like a boxing ring ….
    It’s one place where you expect blood, guts, spirits battling inside the box
    You don’t charge people for committing assault in the ring…
    It’s understood …if you have the intelligence
    Same with real metal, real metal head all understood what goes in there…
    No one freaks out… Like nowdays
    It’s just words and in metal that’s not the main thing
    The riffs, the whole structure of the songs … Those were the main focus..
    Even Varg and other Pre 94′ black metal never put any racist lyrics in their
    And even if they did … It was not the main focus …
    All of us during the time got the point …
    But all of us know
    All good things comes to an end…
    Just like
    For metal
    It already had it’s time … Anything that needs to be said, played and explored etc
    Already been set and done
    All possible permutation and combination of great metal albums,
    No worries here mates

    1. vOddy says:

      That is fucking sad.
      Though I fear that you are right.
      But how could it die so fast? Classical music lasted longer than this.

    2. vOddy says:

      No. You are not right. Metal is not dead. If it is, it will not be forever. It will never die while humanity lives in its current form.
      Do you know why?
      Because it is the style most suited for expressing what a small population of humanity will always be drawn to. It is in their fundamental nature.

  7. Daniel Maarat says:

    Skin Her Alive isn’t even misogynistic. It’s written from the point of view of Matti Karki’s schizophrenic neighbor who stabbed his wife to death and tried to skin her.
    Sacrificial cunt isn’t about hating women, it’s about harpooning land whales
    Fuck you with a knife is just gore porn.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      In the early 1980s, on French CBC, very late at night, there was some crazy movie on, and a woman was getting a knife shoved up her cunt.

    2. CharnelDeity says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall an early ’90s interview with Richard Cabeza after the whole UK ‘indecent & obscene’ incident where he said that people who take the lyrics seriously need to be committed to a mental institution. It’s just art. An audio horror film if you will.

  8. Daniel Maarat says:

    Skin Her Alive was always dedicated to the ladies by Matti Karki. Be proud girls!

  9. Nathan Metric says:

    Two criticisms

    1)By what standard do you even argue that a genre is still “vital”? Obviously not any objective standard.

    2)The reason the shock value isn’t there anymore has NOTHING to do with liberal “progress” within the genre. It has to do with the mainstreaming of the medium, the easy access to content, the inherent cliches of the genres themselves which overtime become permissible because of their non-authenticity, and most importantly the inability to achieve high popularity. Shock value in metal in the past was a necessity to success. Now, that new metal bands no longer have any chance whatsoever at hitting the stadium there is no reason to corrupt one’s art with shock value. Metal will overtime become less metropolitan. It will spend less energy trying to incite the audience with cheap scares and gimmicks and more time being completely honest about itself.

    I would count this ascent away from metropolitanism a victory and this should in NO way whatsoever count as a victory for social justice since they had nothing to do with with any of this.

    No, the bigger danger is punk and rock music being re-injected into the genre. Punk and rock music is about the primacy of the individual. Metal is about reality transcending the individual.

    1. Punk and rock music is about the primacy of the individual. Metal is about reality transcending the individual.

      That’s the core of it. Metal is Vedic and Pagan by nature; punk is mass culture made more accessible through removal of previous technical standards. Although the best in hardcore stood against that mentality.

  10. Demonseed says:

    Metal has become a group think exercise. And its just a matter of which side of the group-think you are on .
    There are way too many rules from all sides of the issues.
    Everyone is trying to control each other .
    And its getting old .
    That said : the overly sensitive people need to get the fuck out of metal . and go listen to some elevator shit .

  11. corey says:


  12. Handel says:

    This vice journalist took it to a whole new level of snooty faggotry with this article.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      “snooty faggotry”…
      fuck yeah !, I will definitely use this term in the future, but will not credit you!, unless DMU forwards your snailmail address for a free copy of my zine.
      The DMU fuckers can get it too, but highly doubt they care enough to give a shit about somebody like me,
      with a no-name xeroxed shit that does not promote what is currently hip.
      RRR #3 interviews so far has Satan’s God,Anvil Bitch, and somebody else..I forgot…and some more will be there…i am drinking Bush Mills whiskey and you are all gaylords you fucks.
      retro rocket fanzine

      send S.A.S.E. , or be a homo and don’t

      Suite 276
      1063 King St.W.
      L8S 4S3

      1. CharnelDeity says:

        Also don’t forget “imperial faggotry.”

        I’ll see your Bushmills and raise you a Johnnie Walker and a Victory at Sea. And Saturday night hockey. Fuck the Rangers.

  13. MichelobMike says:

    The lyrics Chris Barnes wrote in the old CC days were all about thinking of the most brutal shit possible. It’s more brutal to kill a woman than a man – and he’d be pulling punches to stay away from women after people first complained which defeats the purpose.

    I’d also put money on it that those ‘at least 10 bands’ that refused to play with Disma at MDF were one of those lefty grind bands that play at 2 p.m. that no one wants to see anyway.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      It was bands like vitamin x and drop dead that were threatening to drop off. So yeah it’s pretty much a bunch of lefty grind bands that play at 2pm that nobody outside of the pc punk circles give a fuck about. I don’t know, kim Kelly probably had a hissy fit too. It just shows that the promoters of the fest are most likely sjw’s. Maybe they’re worried that they’re gonna lose their precious soundstage crowd.

  14. canadaspaceman says:

    Do I have to join you forum to start the topic thread “Free speech / anti-PC metal only” ?
    This is something we all need, plus a moderator to make sure no PC-fags post there and steal our money.

    1. Poser Patrol says:

      To piggyback on this, I think reopening the forum and featuring it prominently on the front page would be a good idea. Comment sections on blogs don’t lend themselves well to in-depth discussion.

      Though it might be best to start fresh. there’s a lot of junk in the forum after the Metal section was merged with the Promotion section which makes the place look like a dump. Though the old forum should be kept around in archive form as it is invaluable as a reference.

      1. If people start posting stuff, the effect you desire will be achieved. The forum didn’t get much mention because of the behavior of people on it.

  15. canadaspaceman says:

    yeah, the past week or more, on here, I post without first checking my spelling /grammar lama ding dong.
    Go fuck yersleves.
    and STYX rules.

  16. fenrir says:

    Funny, we must be listening to different genres, last I looked, the best albums from the history of Death metal SELDOM were precisely misogynist, they were more a statement of facts as per the objective history of hatred and harshness of mankind. A history of greatness through ruthlessness, and often a longing for the past, for magic, grandeur.

    Only idiots who listen to Cannibal Corpse would consider that description of death metal remotely accurate.

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