I had hoped that the busload of squalling drama that was #GamerGate (see here: pro | con) would not come to metal, but #metalgate has arrived courtesy of the same people who intruded into the gaming industry despite a striking lack of actual contributions:

Metal is still dogged by the issues that arise from its deep-seated conservative values, but thanks to an increase in conversations about racism, politics, and feminism, those on the right side of history have gained solid ground. – SPIN

Before we get involved in this partisan squabble, consider that metal is beyond the left-right divide. The left wants individualism through equality, and the right wants individualism through lack of social obligation. Neither recognize that societies, like metal genres, are organic entities where more is required than individualism; we need cooperation.

It is easy to see however why someone might want to — as writers have in the past — call heavy metal conservative. Metal avoids “social issues” and other internal questions of a society and instead looks at the health of a society as a whole, or in other words, how sane it is. We see a world gone insane through a refusal to pay attention to reality. The methods of that are beyond an artistic genre and should be injected into it, but since 2006 at least trying to reform metal has been a pet project of certain groups:

More than three decades after Black Sabbath conjured images of the dark arts, heavy metal is growing up. The genre is increasingly incorporating social and political messages into its dense power chords.

Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan said his San Diego band’s mix of charging guitars and an animal rights message is drawing a diverse crowd that includes activists as well as traditional metal fans. – The Washington Post

The grim fact is that metal has split into two groups. When the newer group encountered the older group, they were appalled that it did not share their opinions, not just on politics but how to live. This new group is inherently “social” and they share opinions which make their friends feel warm and fuzzy about them. That is at odds with the older metal tradition of not caring what society thought, telling the hard truth, and being obligated to no one because most people are crazy.

It is only when you get involved in a managerial role with society, like a kindergarten teacher insisting that we all play nice together, that you care at all about making sure that everyone is included. Metal does not. Metal looks at society from the view of history and whether it is healthy or diseased from within. The metalhead view is consistently anti-managerial, since metalheads recognize the deficiencies of people and want to keep most of them at a great distance. It is not that we want to manage them, like political people do, but that we want to be free of them.

For years people have tried to make metal more sociable. They first tried in the mid-1970s when they mixed Black Sabbath with Led Zeppelin and produced hard rock, hoping that they could sell it to more people. “Sociable” sells. Then they tried in the 1980s with rap/rock, funk metal and other abominations. Finally they hit on nu-metal but that turned into an extended conversation about the impact of child molestation. And then, during the early 2000s, they rolled out a metal/hardcore fusion that had sociable lyrics like hardcore punk has for many years.

Notice that none of this was brought on by metalheads. It was created by people who wanted to be metalheads, but felt they could not be metalheads unless the genre agreed with their existing social, political and lifestyle biases. At this point, the metal community has entirely split between those who like the old school and those who want to be “nu-skool.” This is because they are two separate genres. Metal is metal, and the indie-metal/metalcore wave is someone else trying to use us for their agenda. #MetalGate is just the latest salvo in this fight.

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98 thoughts on “#MetalGate”

  1. jesus says:

    Wanted to be metalheads.yep exactly.people trying make metal conform to society.pathetic.fuck being politically correct. Fuck feminism . Fuck everything that isnt metal.

    1. Nicole says:

      Couldn’t have said it better my-fucking-self.

    2. Stijn says:

      Ex-fucking-actly, what a bunch of hippy bullshit, the only thing that is required for you to be accepted by metalheads is that you are a fucking metalhead.
      I’ve screaming along with sabaton together with a black woman. I’ve been in the pit with men and women alike. We’ve headbanged together, laughed together, acted like pigs together. We can shout show us your tits and they can shout show us your dick! Why? Because we’re not white or black or male or female, WE ARE FUCKING METALHEADS! United one and all.

      If you are here, you aren’t a fucking feminist, or black, or a woman, you are a fucking metalhead, and if you try to bring any of those in as part of your “identity” then you aren’t a fucking metalhead.

      These assholes don’t seem to get that you can’t be a woman and a metalhead, or a gay man and a metalhead, you are simply a metalhead, and all the rest doesn’t matter. And if you try to bring in anything else into it, you don’t really love metal, because if you do, it is the thing that defines you, not your gender, not your political views, not your sexual orientation, just the love of metal.
      That other bullshit is stuff for somewhere else, not here.
      If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand fucking metal, and you should leave.

      Or as you said it.
      Fuck everything that isn’t metal.

  2. Laozi says:

    The True Metal artist that roots his foundation, in being-toward authenticity, should seek to remove himself from the the concerns of the they-self. The time of Metal brotherhood is no longer. The competition and “social concerns” of the plebeian has fully penetrated the ranks.

    Additionally, this individual should not tend toward a didactic rhetorical stance, but rather, seek to cathartically build and release tension (existential despair) through the particular medium.

    Metal needs to be once again viewed as more than ‘just music’: significance in metal can only be found, when it is a representation of an idea. It’s not for everyone (nor is any art form–which is how it should be), because most peoples ideas are shallow and relate to external validation.

    “As a means for the preserving of the individual, the intellect unfolds its principle powers in dissimulation, which is the means by which weaker, less robust individuals preserve themselves-since they have been denied the chance to wage the battle for existence with horns or with the sharp teeth of beasts of prey, This art of dissimulation reaches its peak in man. Deception, flattering, lying, deluding, talking behind the back, putting up a false front, living in borrowed splendor, wearing a mask, hiding behind convention, playing a role for others and for oneself-in short, a continuous fluttering around the solitary flame of vanity-is so much the rule and the law among men that there is almost nothing which is less comprehensible than how an honest and pure drive for truth could have arisen among them.” Nz-T&L

    1. Zembari says:

      What? I smell hipster organic bunny-hug bullshit shampoo all over this post

      1. Laozi says:

        Oh! Beware the tarantulas!

        If I am to address your invisible premises: A hipster would not paraphrase a popular national socialist (Heidegger) to critique or relate to a Metal framework. Neither would a hipster quote Nietzsche, if you knew what a hipster really was.

        It would be quite silly for me to get upset if some neanderthal calls me a hipster for being a Philosophy fan among Metal.


        1. tigger says:

          So what’s a hipster, genius?

          1. Laozi says:


            With the offering of the fact that I am a regular reader of this site, it does not logically follow that I am not a hipster.

            However, I doubt a hipster would be able to tolerate the antithetical remarks that are made about them, on here, weekly.

            Additionally, the writers of this site are Philosophers, with many articles focusing on the Philosophy of Metal, or what ideas drive good Metal. What does this site generally say about hipsters? They are from the indie/alternative/whine rock tradition, that want to mirror aesthetic traits of Metal to their music. They dilute and ruin Metal as an idea when that happens.

            I’m just not sure how a post can reek of hipsterism just because it relates certain thinkers to Metal, and how this writer thinks it should be done.

            Posting a Nietzsche quote shouldn’t start a witch hunt. The Dark Legions Archive was found on ANUS.com, which referenced his views on Active and Re-active Nihilism, and Existential Nihilism all the time.

            A hipster wouldn’t quote Nietzsche because of his sheer popularity.

            1. Badger says:

              Faggot. El Fin.

    2. Metahook33 says:

      “The time of Metal brotherhood is no longer.”

      Oh Jesus…
      Right, just as the gaming community is a “boys club”, the metal community is a “metal brotherhood” that hates and excludes women…right?

  3. androlphegax says:

    Feel free to come and talk about this here: https://8chan.co/gamergate

    1. AdolfLincler says:

      Based fullchan.

    2. suggestion says:

      The /metal/ board could be useful if involved but they are probably more of the “intruder” crowd described in the first part of this article. “I like the idea of metal” type of listeners.

  4. GeoDefender says:

    God damn. I don’t understand these fucking feminists. They look at us and see a thriving culture based on their shared ideas and love of music. And they attach themselves like leeches. Metalheads don’t give two shits about fighting you’re imaginary hitler(patriarchy), we don’t give a shit about your retarded transgender political correctness.

  5. Andrew Woolford says:

    If this becomes a war on two fronts, I’m glad I stand as both a metal head and a gamer. Both made me who I am today and both are worth defending from those who wish to force a change at the expense of those who made both what they are today.

  6. Ramdom GG guy says:

    I’ll say this to you guys as a warning, protect your press at all costs give your clicks to the ones who are sane and neutral use archive today if you have to view the other kind. They will seek control over discussion at all turns to control what they call a “narrative” so it’s press or forum moderator positions.

    These people practice entryism which is essentially getting one person in the door then using every dirty trick in the book to get more in and everyone else out.

    You cannot let them in, once it happens it’s a slow or fast road but they will take control see Sci-fi, atheism and a hundred other things not to mention the press.

    Like gamers metal has always been everyone’s favourite whipping boy for unjustified blaming and abuse.

    I don’t care if you support gamergate or not in fact I really hope you’re never in a position to find out why you should.

    If you think I’m being over dramatic, trust me it starts small then it will gut your hobby and community.

    I don’t know how big the groupings are right now but if you love metal and it’s community don’t let them take control.

    1. raphidae says:

      Thanks for the warning, but nobody gives a fuck about how metal is viewed.

      The media literally painted metal as satanistic in a mostly christian country and it thrived.

      Maybe we even WANT a new controversy to scare off the fucking rainbow coloured fascist hipsters in the future. Fuck them, fuck the media, fuck the system. Listen metal.

      LET THEM TRY \m/

    2. Gentility says:

      “protect your press at all costs”

      Which press? InvisibleOranges and MetalSucks? Heh.

      Metal’s advantage here is that it requires far less participants and funds to write, record and publish – they can try to guilt-trip people into making politically correct indie-pop played through a Boss HM-2, but they don’t have the means to pressure musicians into conforming to their narrative the way they can with video game studios, e.g. by depriving them of their funds. The best they can do is cumber distribution through mainstream platforms and media, but the underground has not depended on those in the past, it won’t depend on them in the future. If this drives real metal deeper into the underground – so be it.
      These current #XXXGate happenings are of niche interest at best, and even if these quarrels are won by the respective groups under attack it won’t have THAT big of an impact on society at large. This is not a fight to be won in back alleys alone; making Axl Rosenberg and Brian Crecente appreciate the merits of seppuku won’t drive the Social Justice Terrorists’ influence out of the non-specialized media and parliaments, and THIS is what needs to be the goal.

  7. Ramdom GG guy says:

    Oh wait just read your previous article calling me a lout and saying I want gaming to turn into 4chan.

    Either the writer is awful, lazy or trying to start an SJW discussion to further his shit.

    Either way don’t trust.

  8. A_M_Swallow says:

    A few things to watch out for:

    * Social Justice Warriors (SJW) do not care about social justice. They want power for themselves.

    * They think white men are their slaves. (Logic and reality are not their strong points.)

    * They gain power by claiming women are being raped/harassed/groped so they need to set up protection. No evidence will ever arrive for these attacks.

    * Once in power they will set up censorship.

    * They attack anyone who disagrees with them.

    * They consider requests for proof and explanation insubordination.

    1. Harrison says:

      All of the above, plus they never argue in good faith, they always move the goal posts and hope you don’t notice.

      1. ogunsiron says:

        They are rotten to the core.

        The SJW problem goes beyond right and left. I’m a hardcore rightwinger but during gamergate i have gladly defended people of the left, who happened to be honest people. I can relate to honest people from all corners of the political spectrum.

        SJW are something else. Lying for the cause is pretty much part of their core ideology. They have no honour and no word. They should not be tolerated by anyone.

    2. ogunsiron says:

      I agree 1000% with every single very astute point you came up with. I see that you’ve been studying the problem :)

    3. Scott says:

      Watch 40:43 and onwards in this video (the whole video itself is interesting). Explains these bastards in how they think.

  9. DarnHyena says:

    God speed you mysterious people clad in black and covered in spikes ‘ ¬’7

  10. Lemon Squeezy says:

    Preach it – I’m not a metal fan, but someone in #gamergate sent me this link. These “social” people have tried the same thing in other communities – BSD&M, Sci-fi, comics, table top gaming, anime & cosplay (I’m seeing the same shit pop up in techno too). Gamers are the only ones who have stood up to them so far – I’m assuming that metal heads aren’t going to take it either.

  11. Phil says:

    “… And other abominations.”

    Do tell.

  12. franc says:

    Stay strong. You have the benefit of seeing what was done to gamers, and before that , the atheist / skeptic communities. This is an advantage for you. As is the fact that SJWs aren’t very smart – if they were smart, they wouldn’t be SJWs eh? Their lack of smarts limits the dirty tricks and manipulations they can play. What they did to gamers was a carbon copy of what was done to A/S some years earlier – there was nothing new. The same template will be used against you, guaranteed. You don’t need their shit – call it early and bury it. You will prevail.

    1. raphidae says:

      Of course we will. This is the exact same rhetoric that was used against metal in the past (when gaming wasn’t even a thing). Same shit, different players. If anything we’ll be gaining brothers & sisters.

      I’d rather choke on a bag of ass than give an inch on censorship of metal and I have 100% trust in that a critical mass feels the same way. Even if they somehow remove all metal from the internet and stores, we’ll be sharing tapes and vinyl. They prevent that? We’ll be singing the metal songs to each other with our last breath.

      Seeing as the US government can’t even keep their national secrets from distribution I’m not worried. Metal is not as dependent on publishers and financing as games, and less dependant on anything in general than ever before. There are no effective gatekeepers on metal.

      I will join the defence of metal on twitter anyway, simply because this bullshit pisses me right off. Talk shit, get hit.

      Damn, I wish these whiney hipsters would end up in a proper pit, would clear their ‘concerns’ right up.

      1. raphidae says:

        BTW, even if there’s no risk to metal, you may want to look into and support #GamerGate anyway (even if you’re, like me, not a gamer).

        Shit’s seriously fucked up in the games industry and the gamers have the misfortune that their industry has nepotist cronies as gatekeepers.

        Do what you will, but if you’re against censorship in general you may want to stand with them, they got their identity pissed on and that’s not cool in my book. Think of how you would feel if there was actually any risk to metal being censored because a few parties controlled the entire market…

        We’re all humans. This is the gaming worlds moral panic, metalheads can probably relate & help out.


  13. Revan says:

    Welcome to the fight.

  14. Rick Martin says:

    Its basically the hipster crow trying to the same as they are trying with #gamergate

  15. none says:

    pro-GGer here.

    @ androlphegax you’re so full of bullshit! this has NOTHING to do with GamerGate. just because the author of this article claims “MG is a thing” doesn’t make it a thing.

    don’t drag everything into GG.

  16. Yoko says:

    “those on the right side of history”

    always easier to appeal to popularity than to actually back up nonsense like feminism, equality, multiculturalism etc. with real arguments

  17. Justmetalking says:

    You’re so fucked guys.


  18. Nomen Nescio says:

    This article sparked quite a storm on the internet. I don’t think this is any different from when when we were called satanists and shit like that back in the 80s and we managed to prevail from that.

    1. I don’t think this is any different from when when we were called satanists and shit like that back in the 80s and we managed to prevail from that.

      I agree. Tipper Gore and her band of hoodlums lost, as will the latest round of Soviet/Nazi style thought police.

  19. jaisla says:

    SJW vermin. Fuck off back to Tumblr.

    It’s hammer smashed face time.

  20. TF says:

    Ah! The Westfeminist Baptist Church strikes again! No wonder no one takes them and their eternal victim complexes seriously.

  21. Etherfire. says:

    “Notice that none of this was brought on by metalheads. It was created by people who wanted to be metalheads, but felt they could not be metalheads unless the genre agreed with their existing social, political and lifestyle biases.”

    Same issue with games.

    “Notice that none of this was brought on by gamers. It was created by people who wanted to be gamers, but felt they could not be gamers unless the games agreed with their existing social, political and lifestyle biases.”

    They’ve gone so far as the call everyone who rejects them, toxic misogynists (including women, even 2nd wave feminists, like CH Sommers). They declared that ‘gamers are dead’ when gamers pushed back against them. And they demanded that the industry should cater to this new crowd. There was a media blitz by the mainstream against people who supported GamerGate.

    If they should decide to push this bullshit, and metalheads fight back, expect more of the same. Metalheads are misogynists/racists/homophobic. They are dead. Produce music for this new crowd. Expect media blitzes.

    For the record, one of the prominent people who intruded into gaming and spewed that the gaming community is toxic and misogynistic, is herself, not a gamer. She does not play games (in fact, she dislikes them). She takes videos of other people playing and uses them in her own (without credit), while pointing out how violent/misogynistic this game is. They demand change, and lots of people (including journalists) flock to them despite their lack of credibility. Most of them being in the same clique.

    Likewise, these people who want to intrude into metal are not metalheads. They do not listen to metal. But they want it to cater to them.

    1. Nomen Nescio says:

      “Produce music for this new crowd.”

      Already been going on for a while by hipsters who think they can make metal by sounding angry and upping the distortion level on their pedals. We can see through it.

  22. Dremel says:

    SJWs don’t have ideas, they have slogans. Like a bunch of brainwashed Khmer Rouge ten year olds, all chanting in unison about Year Zero.

    Actually had some crazed witch tell me “a horror film doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience”. Gee whiz. Horror is by definition unpleasant. (What, so maybe instead of an alien larva exploding from John Hurt’s ribcage, he has a cup of coffee and then they all sit around knitting for the rest of the movie.)

    SJWs are like somebody who walks into a restaurant, sees that they have roast chicken on the menu, and starts shrieking that anything they don’t like must be removed from the menu. Never mind that they could order any of a hundred other things, never mind that they could go to any of a thousand different restaurants. If anyone likes something that they don’t like, that’s “oppression”.

    1. ogunsiron says:

      Actually had some crazed witch tell me “a horror film doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience”.
      SJWism is basically a female worldview. A lot of the hardcore SJWs are guys but they’re fighting for feminization.

      Ironically, I had never realized just how different men were from women until i started getting into arguments with SJWs and their ilk. Delving into feminism and its proponents disabused me radically of the foolish idea that we were all the same. Some women are very much like men, but most of them really, really aren’t and although it seems obvious, I didn’t know that. SJWism is females expressing their worldview, unconstrained by males and that worldview is alien.

  23. hiarctow says:

    Nailed it. Well done deathmetal.org.

  24. Fenrir007 says:

    ProGG who happens to enjoy metal here. Those SJWs managed to shit up multiple communities like tabletop and atheism with their relentless infiltatrion methods. Be careful. Even though I think Metal is the hardest community to infiltrate out of them all (gaming included), this doesn’t mean you guys are immune to it.

    Know that a lot of us in GamerGate stand with you guys, even if a past article from this site sort of misrepresented us.

    1. even if a past article from this site sort of misrepresented us.

      What article is this?

  25. Joe Fritts says:

    What are you guys talking about? Metal is always under attack that’s why it’s metal. There’s no need for a call to arms against PC boogeymen. Anti-Racism and Anti-sexism are the subjects of countless Metal songs. Crank the music and ignore the critics.

  26. Salamagogo says:

    Criticism on its own is fine, no big deal. What we are dealing with here is not just criticism. These chronically offended hipsters want to completely do away with anything they deem inappropriate. These self righteous hypocrites believe they know what is best for everyone else and will stop at nothing to reshape art/music/hobbies, pretty much any interest, as they see fit. They are a plague upon creative freedom and must be stamped out.

    1. Jackie says:

      The criticism that they have towards the metal community (i.e. “anti gay,” “anti woman,” etc.) is completely manufactured. I have seen nothing but love and kindness come from the metal community and especially at shows. Metal heads have been marginalized, maligned, and generalized for decades. We know how it feels to be discriminated against and we do not wish that on ANYONE. These fucking assholes are just trying to get the world to conform to their singular, narrow viewpoint and they don’t care what cultures and sub cultures they destroy or subvert on their quest for “purification.” Fuck these SJWs. Fuck these liars. The metal community is wonderful and welcoming.

      Don’t believe me?

      Then go look at the Metal Archives forum posts. There is some really great discussion being had there and I have NEVER seen the hatred towards marginalized groups that these social justice idiots speak of.

  27. Buddy Christ says:

    Neither the left-wing or the right-wing are in favor of individualism. Both stand for collectivism.

    1. ogunsiron says:

      It’s useful to think of at least 2 axes of freedom, when trying to make sense of the political landscape. Axis1 = personal freedom, axis2 = economic freedom. This gives a 2 dimensional landscape and it’s more informative than thinking in terms of right and left.

    2. Count Ringworm says:

      Individualism is fantasy. Humans evolved collectively, and exist thus.

      More important is setting standards. The idiots should not rule by virtue of popularity.

  28. Really now? says:

    SJWs such as OP are now going after metalheads when they’ve already got their hands full with gamers? This is like attacking Russia in winter when you’re already fighting Britain… oh wait Godwin’s Law shi-

  29. ogunsiron says:

    I got into an argument with SJW journalist (aren’t they all) Noah Berlatsky about this. Start here : http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/12/why-comic-book-guys-are-quivering-at-cosplay-gender-insecurity/383617/#comment-1736270171

    ” good to know that you won’t be among the journalists who are soon to descend upon the extreme metal scene to blast its white cishet maleness.

    There are articles from time to time trying to re-educate metallers but unlike atheism, skepticism, games, comics and hard science, metal isn’t yet deemed an urgent battleground. Thus, the articles telling us that we need to embrace intersectionality are few are far between.

    I guess that metal would have to become a little bit more popular before the media decides to unanimously (always unanimously) turn on it”

  30. armenia4ever says:

    Notice the kind of complaints these SJWs have.

    I’m sure that some of them have NEVER been to a metal show of any kind when they complain about its lack of “inclusiveness.”

    Okay lets say you go to see The Black Dahlia Murder. 90% of the people there are probably the guys. The show will be more “aggressive” in that their will be pits. This is apparently a bad thing.

    So is “screaming” because it isn’t “female” friendly. Seriously wtf?

    The nature of metal is aggressive. It’s one reason why guys like myself enjoy it. (I’m more of a metal-core guy myself so not even a “true” metal-head.) The music doesn’t change to accommodate certain people. It remains how it is and people can choose to enjoy and go to shows or to refrain.

    This “inclusive” bs needs to stop.

  31. Slayer says:

    I didn’t really know how I felt about this so I asked my Uncle Satan about this issue and he said:


    So, I guess: fuck right off?

  32. CMS says:

    I love being a shitlord.

  33. Worf says:

    Feminism attacks everything what men like. Found a great comment:


    Part of what happened is that they forgot to boil the frog slowly.

    With so much of progressivism it is slow, methodical, and insidious. It makes progress by slowly chipping away at obstacles without anyone really noticing.

    The big mistake they made with the war on women is that they turned the heat up to eleven. We’ve been bombarded with articles, stupid studies, idiot laws, interest groups, and foaming at the mouth activists for a couple years now. And it has gotten MUCH worse lately and hasn’t stopped.

    This whole gamer gate thing was another example of the same thing. It is everywhere. They’re attacking video games and comic books. These are places many people go to escape the stupidity of the back and forth politics.

    But no one can get away from them. Not even professional sports. We see football players running around in pink shoes now… it seems always… and that is for breast cancer despite the fact that heart disease is a much bigger killer and actually effects more of the viewers of professional sports. But what do football players run around with? Pink shoes. Because men don’t matter. We can die by the millions. We can out number women in homeless shelters a 100 to 1… we can commit suicide at radically higher rates… and who matters? Who needs help? Not us.

    We’re trash. The disposable sex. And no matter what we do… no matter how hard we work… we’re always garbage.

    I WANTED to ignore this whole thing. I really did. I tried. But these people followed me into my hobbies, they followed me into my subcultures, and they attacked me there.

    FINE. They want a fight? So be it. They have our attention. Their nonsense will not survive the attention of millions of men that stand up and say “no”. And it is hardly as if we don’t have most women with us either. Or at least enough to make no difference.

    What we are dealing with to borrow their own terminology is toxic feminism. These are toxic people. They’re bullies, they’re liars, they stir up trouble everywhere they go, they advocate for nothing, they gainsay everything, and so far as I can see no significant constituency likes them anywhere.

    Again, I wanted to ignore them… so many of us did. But they will not leave anyone alone.”

  34. GSTalbert says:

    I just want to say that I’m not a gamer or Gamergater here. Part of the SJW tactic will be to smear you using popular press. While you may think that this isn’t an issue because you’ve always gotten a bad rep from the mainstream they will actively and relentlessly target you via manufactured issues as they did with Vidya Games. They will paint you as actively violent rapists, racists, white supremacists, mysoginists, homophobes actively waging war on women and minorities. They will target your bands and the people in the community with such bad PR you will soon be looked upon as a more hardcore version of the KKK, only you want to lynch everyone else as well. They will ensure any access to any infrastructure that does not solely subsist on Metal culture alone, including any jobs or future careers outside of Metal culture, will be off limits as you will find you are “toxic” and will be treated by such institutions as radioactive out of fear of alienating a broader audience. So far the collusion seems to be nonexistent, SJWs operate along a heard/groupthink mentality that makes them easy to wind up and form a self-righteous hate mob. They are relentless in that they think of themselves as continuing the work of MLK and Ghandi, I’m not fucking with you. They are the epitome of banal evil.

    1. Nomen Nescio says:

      “They will paint you as actively violent rapists, racists, white supremacists, mysoginists, homophobes actively waging war on women and minorities.” Already happened in the past. “hey will ensure any access to any infrastructure that does not solely subsist on Metal culture alone, including any jobs or future careers outside of Metal culture, will be off limits as you will find you are “toxic” and will be treated by such institutions as radioactive out of fear of alienating a broader audience.” Already happened in the past.

      We fought off authoritarians for 4 decades, but still, thanks for telling us how those people operate.

  35. Mr. C says:

    You think we’re fucking with you. We’re not fucking with you. I don’t give two shits about metal as a genre but if they break you and they will come at you relentlessly with a fury. To put it in perspective they broke 4chan. They’ve bent billion dollar industries to their knee. A man who puts a satellite on a comet one week is sobbing an apology into the camera the next like some kind of communist propaganda film the next. Over a T-shirt.

    These people are like the Borg. And right now you think that’s funny. You’ll keep laughing right up until you grasp how fucked you actually are.

    These aren’t like the evangelicals and the Christian right. This is a whole different beast altogether.

    1. These aren’t like the evangelicals and the Christian right.

      Seems like the same modus operandi to me: find candidate for being offended, claim they’re offended, demand boycott.

      Except for the making their own music to take over the genre. I guess there was “Christian metal,” but it failed.

      1. Michael Palin says:

        Trouble was great!

  36. Heretic says:

    I never thought it would come to this.

  37. Dismember your Member says:

    Why the big fuss….
    Even countries like Sweden and Norway that have a very high level of multiculturalism, feminism and equality in their laws/parliament , still can give birth to important sub genres in metal…and suprisingly the Norway government acknowledge that black metal music is a cultural heritage of their country and heck they still have bands playing this so called ” not right ” type of music
    I don’t see why it’s an issue here(USA ) and not there !
    Even Indonesia the biggest Muslim country in the world has a metalhead as the countries leader …

  38. Time Curator 23 says:

    Just as an underman rapes a woman after she rejects him, the crowd will slander the metalhead because he rejects it.

  39. Twinklekitchen says:

    I’m not a metal head but I’ve had plenty of friends that are and have attended many gigs with them and I have to say that I have found the majority of metalheads to be some of the most inclusive people I know. Complete strangers checking that I was having a good time and getting me to join in. Most of them don’t seem to give a flying fuck if you are male, female, gay, straight, black or white, they just want to have a damn good time without people telling them they can’t. Feminists need to leave people the hell alone to get on with their business and stop finding offence in every little thing.

  40. Jonboy says:

    This Black Guy also debunks the racism in #metalgate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ivbVfbeBUg

    The SJW’s just want to control all free speech in the media. Let’s fight back against them.

  41. magsmagenta says:

    I’m Female, 47, and I’ve been into Metal since I was 16. As far as I’m concerned Rock and Metal is all about entertainment and escapism, politics doesn’t really come into it. I rarely look into the political or religious leanings of the bands I follow unless they make a big thing of it themselves and start trying to tell me how to think.
    The only place I tend to see sexism in Metal is in the comment section of websites, and I just assumed that those were 12 year old Trolls trying to look like hard cases. Real actual mature Metalheads treat people as they find them regardless of race gender or sexual orientation, which is how it should be.

    1. Dred Furst says:

      Agreed, I have never seen any sort of gender, sexual preference, race or age based exclusiveness in metal, generally speaking. The reason being, just how could you even achieve that? Anyone can buy or download metal music and enjoy it, and that’s pretty much all you need to be a so called “metal head”, it’s not about the clothes or who you’re friends with, or going to concerts or metal pubs, it’s just about the music and music is universal.

  42. stoner says:

    Just turn on the metal and listen. I listen to metal that sound good to me. Sure; I like metal that has themes that I enjoy- drugs/alcohol/marijuana, death and Satanism, Aliens/E.T.s, suicide, deicide, ETC. Then, you have bands like Mortification, the Christian death/thrash metal group from Australia- their lyrics make me sick, but the music rocks. Why do I need to be socially conscious when I’m just sitting down blazing a joint and playing video games? Just play the damn music.

    1. stoner says:

      Oh, and if you want social consciousness, listen to Chuck Schuldiner’s stuff from DEATH

  43. Metahook33 says:

    I’m kinda curious what the women in the metal community will say… will there be another #notyourshield?

    The SJWs will claim that there aren’t any, that’s for sure.

  44. atomiktiger says:

    I’m sorry, I missed when metal – any metal – was “conservative” in its values. Ever.

    This is a load of horse-crap that so-called SJW are apparently trying to inject into metal to make it seem like their crazy agenda has some minute modicum of legitimacy. Total fabrication.

    Political views & metal go back decades. But never, ever, could one rightly say that metal represents “conservative” values. Leave It To Beaver? Mom and Dad, 2.5 kids, dog & picket fence? Yuppie haircuts and BMW’s? Gimmeabreak.

    If anything, this anemic attempt shows just how pathetic SJW’s really are.

  45. Stijn says:

    What a bunch of bullshit, author understands neither metal nor language.
    The meanings of words change you fucking faggot. You think you are doing homosexuals a favor by stopping people from using faggot as a general insult? All you are doing is strengthening the negative associations between the words “faggot” “gay” and homosexuals in general.

    No on was ever helped by tabboo’s. All you are enforcing is the perceptions of homosexuals as “gays” or “faggots”, as the “them” in “us vs them”.

    You want to know how you get a group to be accepted? You break the tabboos around them. Faggot etc becoming a mainstream insult is doing exactly that. Homosexuality is slowly no longer becoming a tabboo, slowly “gay” and “faggot” or being associated with people being an asshole, and slowly loses the negative associations with homosexuals.

    Let me ask you a question, when’s the last time you called someone a bastard and actually cared about whether or not his/her parents were married?

    This is how language fucking evolves you stupid faggot.

    Let me give you an other example, I live in holland, and a while back I was watching a show with a gay dude on it. He could vote someone off the show, or he could receive a letter from his loved ones. In his words “I’ll take the vote because I may be gay, but I’m not a faggot!”. He made the word his own, he understands that by doing this, the words no longer reflect him.

    Doing something like that immediately ingratiates you with a crowd, because SHOCKER! Apparently you have to be able to laugh about yourself in order for people to be comfortable with you and relate with you, something the rest of us learned when we were about 10 but you SJW dumbasses still don’t seem to get.

    You want people to accept you? Embrace their culture and they will shape it around you, you want to always be the out group? Tell people what to do so they can never be comfortable with you or see you as one of them.

    It’s quite simple really when YOU’RE NOT RETARDED!

    1. Stijn says:

      Also, use normal curse words? How is dick or pussy any better? Does that not demean men and women?

      NO!, Because we understand that although the word directly reference a part of our being, we don’t actually mean anything bad about the genders with them.

      Grow the fuck up you silly pathethic bitch. This is metal, not your mommy’s comfortable safe little tit.

    2. pan-in-ithyphallic-mirth says:

      Someone directed me to this article and I really really felt it was time to make a statement becuase so far all I see here is one side of the argument and nothing more, no discourse, only polemics and a lot of anger. I think its time someone with a different oppinion

      I represent what many of you mingt term as the other side of the argument. Let me tell you this about myself.

      I am a social liberal. I believe in the idea of equality for all and I am steadfast against racism and sexism. I am also a male bisexual leaning haevily to homosexual. And I also describe myself as a gender-bender. I dress in womens attire in public and I carry myself as a combination of male and female.

      In addition to this, I have particular music tastes. I grew up in the 90’s and I started listening to metal in 1999 when I was young. I have never stopped and currently right now I listen to exclusively black and doom and dark metal from the early 90’s on, as that was the music I grew up with. I dont listen to any other styles of music ave for maybe 10% of what I hear nowadays. Everything else is various metal subgenres. I have around 500 metal cds and some demo tapes at home and I constantly every day research and look for more following label lineups and band histories.

      I do not listen to any of the music you guys describe as being ‘indie’ or ‘hipster’ I have no love for bands like Deafheaven or Liturgy, who tend to be a blend of indie music and metal.

      I dont like the categorizations many of you are describing her as to what you feel liberals, gays, or egalitarians are and what they are doing in metal. For I do not see any of those characteristics as being accurate to me.

      Additionally, I know nothing of the gamergate mess, so please dont think im somehow related to that.

      So, if its at all possible that we can discuss this, I would like to volunteer that you guys ask me questions then? Im a gay leftist who listens to metal. Do you want to know why or test my legitimacy? Is there something you want to say to me?

      1. Dred Furst says:

        Look, your personal political and social preferences have little to do with metal in general. All we are saying is, don’t try to see your terrible social evil where it doesn’t exist: metal music as you know is inherently offensive, aggressive and violent, that is why it is enjoyable – both musically and lyrically.

        Just because a song or album talk about dismembering people – even if they belong to a group of vulnerable people (boo-hoo) – doesn’t mean social justice warriors should jump in and try to censor it. It’s just music, it’s entertainment, just like violent videogames it doesn’t affect the conduct of those who listen to it. People may enjoy to hear about such horrible acts and still be pretty much regular people in their daily lives.

        TL;DR: we don’t need your social justice bullshit in metal, that’s all.

  46. Me says:

    Feminists are a bunch of faggots.

  47. CD says:

    One of the many things I like about Metal is the pure diversity of opinions and people who are fans of metal. The music categorised under metal / rock depicts many points of view. It Varies from Christian Metal to Satanic , from the melodic to the noise. As a culture we have listened to an appreciated many types of performer from 14 year old girls in baby metal singing about chocolate , grown men garbed with heavy make up in kiss , hair bands of the eighties , the fasted and hardest death metal to the most melodic tunes, and in some cases from the same band, and many more too numerous to mention. There is a metal for most everyone, Metal has welcomed all. If you cannot fit in with metal, it is not metal that is the problem.

  48. Dred Furst says:

    1. SJWs seem to be so paranoid, the see evils that do not exist, such as extreme misogyny and exclusiveness in metal.
    2. Metal is supposed to be offensive, aggressive and violent, it will not conform to the rosebud smelling, kitten petting standards of SJWs.
    3. Metal already has a plethora of bands addressing political and social issues, SJW intervention not required.
    4. First and foremost, metal is about entertainment. Some sub-genres or bands may largely have their own agendas, but those are out in the open for everyone to judge by themselves, if you don’t like it, then simply fuck off.

  49. Ivan says:

    Not a metalhead, I’m a hardcore Doors fan, I’m on your side, don’t give these SJW fuckwits an inch.

  50. pan-in-ithyphallic-mirth says:

    Is there actually an organization for the Social Justice Warriors?

  51. Sandmann says:

    I tell you what guys. These faggots have one thing in common (everywhere they creep into something). They are NOT part of your subculture! They are wannabes nobody wanted to talk to, hang around with but always looked up to you as a person or your group of people. They are nothing but posers!
    Even look at the faggot who writes about your way of live… is that a guy of your culture ? Nobody who wants to change his own culture is part of it if he realy likes it! And not even they like you. You just witness now what they are.
    I´m not a metalhead btw. but was part of a culture that is not political correct at all. And so it is and will always be. Not being part of this fucked up mainstream pop culture is exactly why I am who I am. Not a faggot wimp trying to change anyone else. I give a fuck about the image other people see in me thats why I and you are who you are ;)
    They are weak and have no character!
    No remorze, no regreats and no appology
    peace to you all :)

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