Death Metal Underground’s wise founder Brett Stevens posted a thoughtful article last weekend about the duality of exterior and interior being.  It describes how in these modern times we’re seeing an illusion of non-conformity that masks the conformity of thought and nature within.  This is an effective tactic of those in power be they media, silicon valley, deep state, or (in the case of metal) record executives and journalists:  get people to look different, but think the same.  This also masterfully articulates why metal is at its lowest creative point in the entire history of its existence: fans and musicians alike have accepted conformity of thought and sound through satisfaction with mere non-conformist aesthetics and culture.  And the only way to escape this rut is to violently rebel against everything we have been conditioned to believe is “metal” and “metal culture.”

Brett quotes a Telegraph Magazine article that features some insight on this (particularly on the oh-so-metal tattoo front) by invoking Ozzy Osbourne who, despite being a burnt out mess of his former self, was able to conjure enough brain cells to produce a moment of clarity as the author notes:

In my attempt to feel young, free and nonconformist, couldn’t I just have dyed my hair magenta, spent the weekend at Glastonbury in a tepee, or taken up with a toyboy? After all, even Ozzy Osbourne, who is no stranger to the tattoo parlour, reckons: “If you want to be —-ing individual, don’t get a tattoo. Every —-er’s got one these days.”

Rejecting tattoos are a good step, but on their own aren’t enough to take back metal from the corporate conformist conglomerate it has become.  No, only through a merciless adversity to everything that is marketed as metal will metal become good again.  Unfortunately this will be too hard for most of the current generations of metal fans, whose minds have become too conditioned to what metal is “supposed to be” and supposed to look like to have any chance of perceiving what will come next.  It’s why NWOBHM fans and musicians couldn’t grasp (and ultimately resisted) death metal when the perverting guttural vocal style was introduced and labels started pushing it.  They were conditioned to what was their metal and their rebellion, and not the one that was occurring to the world they assumed when they became “the man.”  By grasping this logic we can understand that what will come from gen-Z will be an inversion of all of the campy shit we’re currently clinging to in a desperate attempt to find belonging and purpose.  When this destruction comes, most of “the metal scene” will be destroyed by it.

Born to the parents of two lost generations (millennial and, to a lesser extent, gen-X) Generation Z is coming into a western world where hyper-individualism and extreme-liberal rule were tried and failed.  A world where we disbanded our communities and churches and replaced them with isolation and infinite mental illness.  A world that got so wise in our godless logic and philosophy that we started chopping the dicks off our children.  A world where, into our “advanced society,” we’ve welcomed school shootings, Facebook-streamed suicides, and the sexualization of pre-teens.  Men are unfortunately shitty gods and this has been well established under individualistic/liberal rule.

Metal too, has embraced liberalism and self-serving individualism to the point of near-hopelessness.  We yelled “anti authority, fuck commercialism!” long after the authorities commercialized it.  We ran with a “satanism as a lifestyle” lie that was ultimately debunked by the time YouTube came around but it was still kept as a theme by roughly half our active death/black metal bands.  We did misogynistic lyrics only to have the loony left try to recently flip this theme on men.  And the death metal pioneers that allegedly worshiped death are now fighting it tooth and nail as they try to keep their music going well into their 50s.  But what’s worst of all, is that despite the light of truth exposing the fraudulence of all of these things in a globalized world, everyone is desperately clinging to commercialized metal culture like a child to their teddy bear.

It won’t be the Hessians who save metal, but the Templar.  Deus Vult!

Gen-Z’s rebellion will be against all of the above.  Seeing the depression and hopelessness that has befallen those before them, they will embrace collectivism as a necessary component of human survival.  They will attempt to restore communities in the efforts to avoid the isolation of the social media lifestyle.  They will champion Abrahamic religion as atheism and occultism have been proven to be unfulfilling and gay.  They will be clean in appearance and shower daily.  They will oppose amorality with venomous hatred and wage thematic death and destruction of the tattooed trans-mutants oppressing them!

Will metal lyrics and themes still be dark and violent?  Of course!  Will metal be rebellious?  Oh yes!  Will metal aesthetic be a Western romanticism?  Absolutely!  The true spirit of metal is timeless and will endure through the ages.  But the majority of the metal package you’ve been buying will (rightfully) be spat on and obliterated.  Embrace the winds of change- or be destroyed by them!

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  1. matters says:

    Stryper and some of the members of Korn champion Abrahamic religions so that’s a start, right?

  2. Decrepit (the current state of DMU) says:

    No one has been this vehemently cucking4christ here before, even if some have amused it. Deus Vult LARPing is just as dead as Pagan LARPing, saying otherwise is just delusional. You are better off trying to become an Amish (actually functional, non-cucked, non-inclusive), instead of trying this obvious evangelist bullshit. White metal is to be mocked and ridiculed, with very few exceptions.

    I don`t buy into these Gen Z memes. The only change will come with total collapse and war, no twerps with MAGA hats will change this.




  4. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    So basically the answer to false non-conformity is to first pretend it’s a few decades ago and THEN conform. Sound familiar? Man neo-thrash sucked hard. Anyone who is a leader rather than a follower saw this latest reactionary bandwagon for what it is 5+ years ago and promptly got off. Brock Dopey isn’t one of them.

  5. forced to twerk says:

    Wow it’s almost like all those performers on classic metal albums were just doing it for entertainment and didn’t even really believe in all the edgy death-worship they were singing and writing about in their early 20s

    Tfw listeners are even trver than the bands they listen to

    1. Decrepit says:

      They “grew up” when they realized they were old and death actually started creeping up on them. This is pretty much the story of every born again Christian.

  6. Shantavious Rosenberg-O'Malley says:

    Nigga I’m gay for this

    1. Shantavious Rosenberg-O'Malley says:

      Why you bitchass niggas shittin on mah legacy? That ain’t thuggin

      1. SLAYING SLAVICS says:

        SMR or die faggot hype bro

  7. Hagel says:

    Resist the Jews by adopting a Jewish sect

    sounds legit

  8. Chris says:

    Non-conformity just for the sake of it is for children trying to find an identity and to get a life.

  9. Dirk says:

    Well written.

  10. 1917 or Die says:

    Yeah, so Bannon managed to make a speech at the Vatican a while ago where he praised Evola without getting kicked off (a decent feat in itelf given Evola was a bargaining chip of Mussolini when he negotiated the Latran deal with the Pope), so now we get this ?

    Guys, you can do better than that, last time I checked Breitbart they were using pictures of smiling kids with Dow syndrome in a campaign against abortions, I KNOW you would use the same pictures in a campaign for mandatory diagnosis, abortions, and sterilisation of the mother…

    1. cornrose says:

      Who’s got “Dow”syndrome now fuck face? Jacktwat

      1. 1917 or Die says:

        You for getting mad at a missing letter

  11. Brock Dorsey is a CIA nigger says:

    >good for metal
    Kill yourself.

  12. Liah Natas says:

    Clero-Fascist Metal is oxymoron just like Liberal metal is. Metal transcend that sheep thought and crowd mentality,they are mislead values. Metal is about truth, faces with death and is striving to overcoming the fear of mortality.It tells us that parametars of functioning of our world works through logical things with causes, not with fear from “supreme being” and don’t require enslavement of the soul and spirit to a submission.

  13. Richard Rawley says:


    Can someone please review this? It sounds like dark funeral + dissection played by a metalcore band. Would make good smr material if you all are still doing those.

  14. The shitty alt – right is the most conformist political herd

    1. Stop jewing bands out on your blog for free you nigger.

  15. Teutonick says:

    Brett! Please come back! I can’t take any more of this retarded shit!!

    1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

      He wrote an article about a Tobacco shop a few days ago. Fitting since the cancer starts with him.

      1. cornrose says:

        Shut the fuck up bitch

  16. The Remnant says:

    It sounds like many of you still believe the jews when they say they are “God’s Chosen People”.
    Shows how much you know.

    1. Hagel the Butt-Blasted Hesian Failure says:


      1. Hagel says:

        They can have him

  17. ¡Viva Blas Piñar! says:

    Its funny to see how the fag in the bottom right defines himself as antifa and fuerza nueva being fuerza nueva a far right fascist spanish political party.
    Less polytical bullshit and more reviews and analysis.

  18. HELL V.666 says:

    con esas caras de retardados, merecen morir, jajaja
    basta de filosofia y expresiones lindas, el metal no es para ñoños, falta mas possessed y dark angel aqui, si en el mosh caes al suelo no pienso pararte, te pisare porque lo mereces!!

    1. cornrose says:

      Speak English or die assfuck

  19. Charles Stuart says:

    Say what you will about Lenin, Dzerzinski, Stalin, Trotsky, et al; at least they didn’t look like complete limp-wristed, ineffectual, soft, faggit weaklings like these so called modern revolutionaries.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      Boys, butts, burritos sums it up nicely. Russian (((Socialism))) will never be able to feed these bourgeoisie-proles appetites. They’d never live 4 tha real prole life.

  20. Exfoliation says:

    Imagine e trying to stuff a bean burrito in your ass using only your fingers

  21. pink socks says:

    abrahamic religion has already proved unfulfilling and gay, retard. any and all things are for dying.

  22. RoscoePColtrane says:

    Student David Hogg

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