Poetry Submission: “Church-Burner”

They say you’ve born to the eternal kidness
and that was conceived by divine grace
that came to end with the perversion and evil
and died on the cross to humanity save

The perversion and evil only started after you came
because you were only a crazy liar
false saints were with you on your insanity
and the more stupids believed on you

Thieves and corrupts
now elited priests
they sell pieces
of cloth saying it was yours
the chief of insanity
now is reigning at rome
the perversion and evil
only started after you came

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19 thoughts on “Poetry Submission: “Church-Burner””

  1. Charlemagne says:

    I didn’t know Protestants could write such insightful poetry.

  2. raymond says:

    Dear Bret Stevenson, what has the Lord Jesus Christ ever done to you? Repent before you burn in the eternal lake of fire alongside other fans of the heavy metals.

  3. You know…this reeks of the “muh individualism” you claim to oppose. Also, you should know by now, if anyone should, that Americanized protestantism is not the real Christianity, and that Traditional Christianities (Catholic, Orthodox, and to a lesser extent, Anglican) are closer to the real thing, besides being the best embodiment of the Indo-European transcendent religion we have available to us. Did I mention, Christian bashing almost always has modernist motives to it?

    1. Joseph McCarthy says:

      wait, didn’t anglicanism got invented just so that one king could marry again? how it is close to the real thing?

      1. You’re not wrong. I give Anglicanism some credit, sparingly, for being unwittingly Orthodox in some cases. Not to mention, I live in a predominantly protestant culture, as does the OP, so I had to make some concessions there.

  4. Dick-in-Son says:

    This site will turn into Christian Apologetics, just wait.

    1. Knife up your ass says:

      Jesus was a drunk hobo

    2. Phallicus, the Fag Impaler says:

      It isn’t already?

  5. I hate retards says:

    There’s no need to “paganize” Christianity, it’s already perfect and complex in itself, covering every area of life imagineable. World religions are similar to one another b/c Satan always counterfeits, with minor detail changes – a little leaven that leavens the whole lump.

    The reason why Christianity looks like shit today is because of the western fanatics, you know that idiotic southern baptist stereotype, even though oddly enough I have a lot of in common with hyper-dispensationalists, but they just don’t know how to handle Scripture properly and they have this fetish for denying the supernatural, when Christianity is in fact a supernatural worldview. I think E.W Bullinger and Troy Brewer are one of the rare fews that “get it”. Not perfect, but close enough.

    1. If Brett allows this comment he is undeniably gay, will always be gay, was always gay, will get gayer, will grow in gayness, will improve gayness with every waking moment, will dream of being gayer and gayer, will become the gayest entity ever says:

      Damn if only Christianity was more complex and more indecipherable and more rigid and more esoteric and required more autistic reading and even less people knew what the fuck it was about maybe then it’d be a totally awesome religion.

      1. Phallicus, the Fag Impaler says:

        Nothing better than ancient legalese. Interpret me faggot, I dare you!

  6. PD says:

    For those of you who want more choice quotes, cleaved from the depths of DMU: https://www.plucadearga.com/brettisms/

  7. I hate retards says:

    Also check out Deidre Havrelock, she has some interested experiences on the possible fact that God is both male and female.


    1. God is a tranny says:

      Hah, I knew it!

  8. Brett, show me on the doll where the church touched you.

    1. I think he’s doing the aleister Crowley thing, in the sense of rebelling against a hypocrisy that comes from low-church protestantism and the culture it creates. This is a justified criticism, BUT they both are mistaking this one strain for the whole of Christianity, and coming to the wrong conclusion.

  9. Xabo says:

    The grammatical idiosyncracies evoke early Immortal, with Demonaz trying to express profundity in a language he didn’t have a firm handle on. It’s actually hard, I think, for a native English speaker to do this well.

    1. It was inspired by early Havohej and Sarcofago lyrics, I think.

  10. Knifed says:

    Did Brett write this or was it submitted by a third party?

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