Poetry Submission: “Church-Burner”

They say you’ve born to the eternal kidness
and that was conceived by divine grace
that came to end with the perversion and evil
and died on the cross to humanity save

The perversion and evil only started after you came
because you were only a crazy liar
false saints were with you on your insanity
and the more stupids believed on you

Thieves and corrupts
now elited priests
they sell pieces
of cloth saying it was yours
the chief of insanity
now is reigning at rome
the perversion and evil
only started after you came


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An Involution of Easter

Bill and Ted found themselves wandering through the middle east, somewhere. The time machine had finally shorted out when Ted connected it to his iPad, causing a brief detour through 1968 Christopher Street in New York and a Royal Navy frigate in 1780 at rum ration time before crashing somewhere into this Semitic wonderland.



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