Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Jeff Hanneman

Today we mark the ten year anniversary of the death of Jeff Hanneman, guitarist and composer for Slayer, which along with Hellhamer, Sodom, Master, and Bathory contributed to the old school and modern death metal vocabulary and spirit.

Although he was with us for only a half-century, Hanneman vaulted the concept of metal beyond its artsy progressive and rock-ish heavy rock and punk roots, discovering a new dialect for a type of music that links the earliest days of human civilization with our classics and our future.

We celebrate as always with the relentless blasting of Slayer:

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28 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Jeff Hanneman”

  1. butts says:

    this year we celebrate the international day of slayer much more than any year past

    1. This is a good thought: perhaps it is time to drum up some support for this holiday in advance so we can commemorate Mr Hanneman and renew metal all in one.

      1. butts says:

        i already took the day off work and am stocking up on the booze for it. hail slayer


    That is all.

  3. one legged uberman says:

    Also celebrate liver disease… so don’t be a pussy and drink yourself to death like our hero Hanneman! Better burn out than to fade away!

    1. It is a solid point. I am not sure most people from before the Clinton era ever intended or desired survival past their forties however.

    2. Holee shit says:

      I thought he died of an untreated spider bite, but I’m not surprised it was booze. Look at his miserable bloated alkie face.

      1. Alcoholism seems to kill a lot of people. Many simply do not want to grow old and would prefer to die while still barely young. Forty-nine is pretty young, but it is on the edge of getting ancient.

        1. Aging Twink Fairy says:

          Your body is a temple, keep it and your mind pure.
          Live, Laugh, Love.

          1. This is the only way to keep the anus supple and welcoming.

        2. Bulging Beef Bulgogi Anus says:

          I have slowed down drinking but I wouldn’t mind dying before I get in my 60s. The only way to survive into them without being a wrecked burden is to watch motivational huckster “former Navy Seal” types that tell you to exercise until you are completely miserable 24/7 and somehow that will make your life stable with money, family, connections. “Just go for it man”, the end result is years of toil at the gym so you can be “the healthy old man” which starts to get disturbing if you can take that into your 70s and 80s. You’re basically a weird sideshow attraction at that point and everyone who was in your life will be dead, you will take horse pills to make your dick hard but only if you have the money for prostitutes will it even matter. A lot of people should face the fact that after you have matured, maybe in your mid 30s, if you’re in no role of importance and your life has no worth anymore even for yourself. The adventure of discovery is over and nothing will be new ever again, your window for innovation has passed and you probably didn’t do anything important. Man has outwitted nature to live past this cut off age, but deep in your subconscious your brain knows it’s wrong and the more you “live for it” to convince yourself “it gets better” the more twisted and buffoonish you look. But there is a way out, to fulfill your destiny and die at the age and rank of millions men in the past before they invented penicillin and seatbelts. The sweet taste of alcohol, everyday! And a fine cigar, or better yet, cigarettes! Don’t even fucking bother with weed, the clarity of a brutal hangover contains more truth than any psychedelic. A case of beer a day, two packs of cigarettes a day! Hit the bottle, go for a drive, LISTEN TO SLAYER!

          1. In my view, life is gonna be great up until death, and then there are most likely (statistically speaking) other adventures as well. None of us were ever relevant to the ravening herd, but we are on a quest for sanity about ourselves and our world. Where we bond to it, we find the transcendent. Where we find the transcendent, we finally uncover some of what Sepultura was talking about on “Inner Self,” minus the third world posse ravings about oppression (as mythical as Satan) and the apocalypse (which already happened).

          2. Pygmalion And The Erotic Authors says:

            sounds like you know what you like, everything else is kinda retarded

          3. Non Spergium says:

            Spoken like a true untermensch

          4. REIGN.IN.BLOOD says:

            You’re both hilariously right and so very wrong at the same time. Yeah man if you buy into the parasitic consumer lifestyle – i.e. “being a good obedient citizen” – then “the more twisted and buffoonish you look” as you grow older. But if you actually strive to achieve something you can be proud of – and even better, that others are forced to respect, even when they hate you – then no, you won’t be just an old clown. Being successfull with your family, enjoying total triumph over one’s enemies, basically any form of WINNING will do. What is good has not changed in thousands of years.

            1. World Circus Inc. says:

              There are tons of successful buffoons and they are calling all the shots right now.

              1. Democracy chooses its champions.

            2. The herd fears those who rise above and, worst of all for the proles, know better. This is why they hate wisdom, realism, and goodness, and instead indulge in ironist contrarianism.

  4. Gas The Jews, Fine, But Kill The Christians Firsy says:

    Why is metal now the wimp shibe and not the ninja dog

    P.s. youre all faggots I love yoi

  5. niggles says:

    Yeah I have a narcassistic beauty and I said to myself “grow old? never!”

    At 36 I still look like 26, but once I hit 46 I’m going to overdose myself before aging kicks in, and if that won’t kill me I’ll do the charcoal method in a small closed room that should provide the necessary carbon monoxide poisoning. I hear it’s pretty painless.

    Women tend to age quicker than men because softer skin breaks down easier, although they live slightly longer than men. Women start to look like shit after 30-35, and with men it’s about at 40-45.

    1. I think people place too much emphasis on growing old, and not enough on growing wise. The body is gradually separating from the spirit, but you are not dysfunctional or ugly. Houellebecq seems to think that 46 is the ideal age, which fits with 82 being the average age of death if we adjust for all the early deaths, and many sources point out that feeling truly mature does not kick in until 47-49. Most elderly people I have talked to said that they were basically fully functional until they hit 87, but a good number of them are fully active for another fifteen years. The media and statistics will fool you become most people are soy-stuffing sofa bloat that dies of its bad habits and clogged arteries somewhere in the sixties or seventies, but most real people live into their eighties or beyond and have good full lives. Old people should tell this to young people, but in Late Stage Democracy, the old are self-pitying.

      1. Off grid poopin says:

        Seems like a lot of people are already done at 30, especially chicks, and it’s because they won’t shut up about getting so anyone with a cool life is over it real fast and leaves them behind.

        1. I experienced the same thing. Lots of people wanted to talk about how old they were getting and nostalgia, and I was always like, “You’re 28. College was five years ago and you have your whole life ahead of you.”

      2. Argh says:

        *getting old

  6. madeline skitbitska says:

    Never ever heard of this guy. He kind of looks like a pig. Are you sure he could play guitar with those fat short fingers of his?

    1. Heineken has been sugar beer since the 1990s, pass it on.

    2. T Malm says:

      how did I never notice that Hanneman has sausage fingers

  7. Sawdust scoopin says:

    *getting old

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