The differences between politeness and political correctness


When our society fell apart, we lost politeness. In our modern view, politeness consists of validating other people whether they deserve it or not, especially if what they are doing is stupid or destructive. “It’s all good, man,” is the refrain of our time, inspired by our hippie grandparents.

Politeness originally evolved as a way to disagree without making it personal. With its replacement, Political Correctness (PC), everything is personal. Under politeness, you could disagree vehemently with a fellow citizen and then go on your way and still be friends. With PC, you have no reason to disagree with him unless he is bad — which used to be reserved for pedophiles, rapists, thieves and the like — but being un-PC is reason enough to consider him bad.

Members of the cult of PC will drop friendships with people who disagree with them. Where an impolite person would be simply shunned, in the PC mindset the only way to lose someone is to make them out to be a villain or enemy. They achieve this status by failing to universally validate all of the people they encounter. Dislike of someone’s behavior is considered dislike of the person themselves, and reason enough to exile the person who dared notice the bad behavior.

Consider this conversation:

Person 1: You’ll like Sally, she’s nice.

Person 2: Everyone here is nice.

Person 1: Yeah, but I know Sally.

Person 2: Why do you hate most people?

Under politeness, it was understood — and this is too complex for PC people — that saying Sally was nice was a way of vouching for her. But PC does not allow you to selectively approve of anything. Either it is all good (“, man”) or you are an enemy who targets some people by the simple act of not approving of them. In the same way, PC people demand that you relinquish any personal preference or opinion other than a positive one.

Person 1: I really like tech-deth.

Person 2: Which bands?

Person 1: Oh, anything, really. All of it is good.

Person 2: I only like Shove This Microphone Into My Rectum.

Person 1: Only? There’s a lot more good than that. Lighten up, citizen. Expand your calm.

Politeness allowed people to converse on the basis of exchanging information. This meant that an answer could be reached, or at least viewpoints could be fully articulated and people could mull it over later. Under PC, the right answer is always the same answer: everyone is right, we just really like one answer (but the others are fine, too, not that there’s anything wrong with that). It is essentially an agree to disagree for all debates, factual questions, logical questions and preferences.

Person 1: Incantation is the best old-school death metal band.

Person 2: Naw, I like Death better.

Person 3: We all have our preferences and all of them are good.

Person 2: That’s just your opinion, man.

Needless to say, PC is the defense of people who are underconfident in their beliefs. If they honestly thought that being a slut, being a hipster or liking stupid music was acceptable, they would not be trying to force you to validate it through universal acceptance. They would be instead proudly liking what they like and would be able to articulate why. PC replaces the need to have a why (or facts, or logic) for any belief. Instead, they simply regard everything as a subjective preference …except… when someone has a negative preference, then they gang up on that person and wreck his life.

When we shifted from politeness to PC, we lost the ability to have principles and get to a right answer at the end of a discussion. Instead, everything is now a Facebook wall: people spouting off about whatever they encounter, hoping to appear different enough to stand out, with nothing being wrong but also nothing being right, and so nothing is decided and nothing is acted upon. In this state of entropy, we sit decisionless and await some fortunate apocalypse which will deliver us from this utter tedium of being alive.

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28 thoughts on “The differences between politeness and political correctness”

  1. The Nameless Arcana says:

    White people in White society were civil towards each other. Then Blacks were put into it and Blacks are uncivil, they fight over nothing at all, you can see that by reading the news. Lower caste Whites follow/defend Blacks because they swallow the programming without question, but they are too scared to admit that they HATE higher caste Whites and fight like the Blacks do, so they use PC to attack instead. So now we have hipsters/sjw’s/White liberals who are really just lower caste White people who are influenced by Blacks. Like I always say when I post on here about these matters, if you examine Black culture and White hipster culture, you will see the former influenced the latter…

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      I agree with The Nameless Arcana on this, otherwise how else can anybody explain the increase of lawlessness in the last 100 years ?
      by “class politics”?
      No, not when most POOR, indigent Whites that will never behave like the majority of those in prisons (guess who that is?)

    2. OliveFox says:

      Eh, you are speaking of Black Americans, descendants of slaves. If you ever meet a classy, strong, aristocratic Mali man with deep roots in his family and culture you will find a lot less reprehensibility.

      Black or white is hardly the problem, it is forced diversity and this insistent idea of a melting pot.

      1. The Nameless Arcana says:

        Black people ultimately stick together, they will say one thing to you when there is no conflict but when the conflict starts, they will choose BLACK everytime.

        1. Don’t all groups — racial/ethnic, religious, cultural, political, class, sex, age, etc. — do this? It’s just self-interest.

          1. Meek Metalhead says:

            Depends on which “group” they choose to affiliate with and whether this group is abstract (ideological), or real. Which group will leftists choose?

          2. The Nameless Arcana says:

            White people don’t do it, it’s not in them to, that’s why things are the way they are now.

          3. Bjorn218 says:

            All except for the liberal whites, who at any chance will stab their own race in the back using their own blade as they beg for acceptance from the blacks or Zionists they worship. It seems that sometime after World War Two, the children that were born to those of European ethnicity that fought this war, almost this entire new generation developed the mental disorder of ethnic self hate. This seems to be endemic to Whites alone, as they are the only ones who when pressed, will always still turn their back on their own.

            1. In other words, you see a civilization deconstructing itself as its members pose and take contrarian positions at the expense of the whole. They see race less than others may realize; to them, it is a means to an end.

    3. Doug Killjoy says:

      Your comment is right on the money except for the implication that blacks are casteless. Their higher caste is probably a smaller percentage of the whole than that of whites, which might not be the case if blacks had self rule that was subsidized long enough for them to gain a footing and settle on quality leadership. Ben Carson of course comes to mind, but no example would be sufficient for (lower caste) whites who hate the black population as a whole.

      Witness any trendy bar scene on Saturday night and the breakdown is very roughly: 60% mostly white mixed caste simply out for a good time, 20% disgusting skinny jean hipsters and 20% beltless black bundles of envy praying that tonight’s the night they finally get some drunk white pussy. Indeed, all lower castes devoid of purpose are riddled with envy. The interesting thing is that hip hop, the ultimate abomination from dispossessed lower caste blacks, seems to be a common thread even in the more European themed establishments, apparently due to the pervasive cult of simplicity of our current age. And the hipsters’ affinity for hip hop is one of their most repugnant qualities.

      1. The Nameless Arcana says:

        Blacks were promoted in entertainment to erode White Consciousness. First they started with Chuck Berry’s song, “Roll Over Beethoven”, which could be seen as a slight against White culture. Then they got Elvis to act like the Blacks and now here we are, Black ways of being are normalized for everyone. Look at the Deiphago situation, how the hipsters are acting over it is no different from Blacks who will shoot you if you look at them funny. Mainstream White culture now is Black culture, people don’t even see it. Look at how the Metal hipsters talk, they use Black slang like “dope” to describe Metal. From what I hear, Rap was NO WHERE as near as popular as they made it out to be and it sure isn’t now, so why is it promoted so much? Brainwashing.

        1. Look at how the Metal hipsters talk, they use Black slang like “dope” to describe Metal.

          Isn’t that cultural appropriation? Those hipsters seem like they are trying to steal from African-Americans in order to promote white hipsterism. Parasites.

          1. Dualist says:

            I find many of the comments on this page very problematic. Views like these just shouldn’t be allowed in a decent society.

            1. Robert says:

              I agree. “The Nameless Arcana” sounds like a hipster in disguise to me.

            2. The Nameless Arcana says:

              Look man, you probably have never lived around Blacks, I have. Metal is about reality, and what I speak about is actually happening. Do you realize why Trump is so popular now? You say my views are bad for a decent society, I think your views are bad for Metal, you are running away from reality instead of facing it and trying to attack me look like I’m an idiot for what I’m saying. You sound like a Liberal…

          2. The Nameless Arcana says:

            Hipsters will promote anything to antagonize White society. It’s like back in the 60’s and 70’s when you had all these White Liberals supporting Communism and Socialism, they don’t care about how they look to others or being hypocritical or the outcomes of what they are promoting, they only care about the fact that it pisses mainstream White people off.

            1. It’s like back in the 60’s and 70’s when you had all these White Liberals supporting Communism and Socialism

              I think you give them too much credit. Their goal is to look different and claim that they have some obscure knowledge the rest of us do not. It is the same psychology behind false elitists who only listen to cassette releases limited to 50 numbered copies smeared in the menstrual blood of a goat under the full moon in a cemetery full of dead Christians.

          3. Bjorn218 says:

            Yes, it does. Very similar tactics are constantly in use to destroy European culture through White’s genetic disposition for altruism.

            1. A history of revolutions is interesting here. In the French and Bolshevik Revolutions, it was class warfare. According to liberal theory™, racial issues are a subset of class issues. They are simply continuing the franchise, in the same way they expand it to non-ethnic minorities such as non-historically local religions, non-standard sexual practices, drug use, etc.

    4. Poser Patrol says:

      White people in White society were civil towards each other.

      Casting aside the various nitpicks about constitutes “white”, were not the Irish and other European ethnies locked in bitter class warfare with WASPs until about 40 years ago?

      if you examine Black culture and White hipster culture, you will see the former influenced the latter…

      Let’s not blame other cultures for the state in which we currently find ours. Even if what you say is true, and blacks created this anomie we see in white culture, whites still allowed it to happen.

      1. The Nameless Arcana says:

        Yes, the Irish and the rest of them assimilated because they are still White. That was the point of the so called “Melting Pot”, it was supposed to be a bunch of White people in the country. They assimilated too well and they brought the Blacks in to stir things up.

        Blacks didn’t create anything, they were used. If you see where this country is going, they are about to be thrown under the bus…

        1. I am very pro free speech, as you see, but I ask that this board not turn into another Stormfront-style white nationalist forum. It can, like excessive left-wing posting, deter others from venturing their own opinions and exploring ideas that are new to them.

          If you wish a place to express political right-wing sentiment, the political board is an eclectic mix of left/right/other. There is also the infamous Other Site.

          Also, and hopefully this will not be considered politically-correct, the problem is structural. African-Americans are a group caught up in this as much as anyone else, and there are many good people among them. A quick reading through Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sowell and Osiris Akkebala should satisfy even the far-right among us.

          You might also consider Jayman’s (part African) HBD/science blog:

          And of course the best work from Mr. Newell:

          1. D88list says:

            Hahaha! Have you never read any of my comments before, Arcana? I was just doing my best mindless-liberal impression, my friend. You won’t find me using words like ‘problematic’….

            Seriously though, there are many good points being made here. They’re good because they, largely, correspond to reality – they are ‘true’. Though making such comments at work would probably end up with you losing your job. Liberals HAVE to try and censor views like these – because they can’t offer anything other than emotional rebuttals back. PLEASE KEEP MAKING YOUR COMMENTS HERE.

            It’s true I don’t live around many blacks – here in the UK we have something much better: hordes of unassimilated Sunni Muslims who VIOLENTLY detest our culture. Just to give you an idea of were we are now (ie. before the latest, unprecedentedly large wave of migration from ‘Syria’ that you will have all seen in the news recently) – PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS:



            Considering Liberals are prepared to hound somebody out of their job for making a joke about the word ‘dongle’ their silence about islamic ‘intolerance’ is deafening. We have had gangs of Pakistani men abusing young girls for years and despite some complaints to the police nothing was done for years out of fear of causing racial tension. However, this week a judge has given a Pakistani man EXTRA jail time – because his victims were, this one time, Pakistani themselves. She justified this because in their community the abuse may mean they would have trouble getting a husband in future.

            And now the liberals are falling over themselves to let everybody know they want us to take more immigrants in! Like I always say, this COULD be because they are genuinely kind people who care for everybody equally (and they simply don’t see the future consequences). But the fact that they’re gleefully prepared to hound somebody out of his job for having unfashionable opinions lends the lie to this.

            The ONLY thing they care about is showing-off their liberal credentials for reasons of social status.

            1. The Nameless Arcana says:

              Dualist, I am TERRIBLY sorry for blowing up on you like that. My apologizes. :)

    5. Pagliacci is Kvlt says:

      Your idea that whites were always civil to each other is at best wishful thinking, or at worst revisionist history. White people always hated each other, particularly when a new wave of ethnic immigrants came in to the US. The English hated the Welsh, the Welsh hated the Germans, the Germans hated the Poles, EVERYONE hated the Irish, etc. Southern whites hated northern whites. Protestant whites hated Catholic whites. The only thing that united whites is their joint hatred for the Chinese, Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and/or Muslims. Citation:

      1. The Nameless Arcana says:


        This is why I don’t listen to history too much and I THINK about things instead.

        Of course all the Whites battled each other at the beginning when they first came here. Do you see them fighting like that with each other now? No. Why?

        Because they all came here for the MONEY, that’s what they were fighting over. Once they all were given MONEY, they calmed down and became CIVIL. Does that mean that they all loved each other? No, it just means that they treat each other decently, like what Brett was talking about in his article. Hell, I don’t really care for most people but I don’t go around savaging them like Blacks and Muslims do.

        Do you realize why we are in this now? Because the Whites became civil to each other when they were given money, they tried the same thing with the Blacks for the last 50+ years and they are doing it with the Muslims too, and IT’S NOT WORKING. White people became civil to each other because they are SIMILAR. Before anyone mentions Asians, Asians are very compatible with Whites, that’s why they became civil as well.

        Why are Blacks and Muslims so antagonistic when White people are bending over backwords to help them? Why don’t they leave if they think White people are so bad?


  2. david says:

    Good post. Important points being made here.

    1. BLACK PANTRO says:


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