VARG VIKERNES converting to Christianity?

A textual comparison:

A Burzum Story: Part VIII – On Overgrown Paths

‘Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat.


How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!’ Matthew 7: 13-14

All I can say is… oy gevalt. Ripped shamelessly from Faceplant

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Another DEMONCY update

Okay FPR confirmed the updated jacket design. I’m waiting to hear back that everything is accepted and in production. Remember everything is done but the jacket so once the jacket is done everything gets packaged and sent to us. I’ll confirm once the jacket is in production and then I’ll confirm once they give us an exact shipping date. I’ll feel so much better once these are in the hands of all who preordered as I know we are at fault for accepting these pre’s so damn early, considering the time its taking to get this finished.- FPR

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Typical Gojira Fan

This from fans of the band who penned this lyrical turd:

I hold my inner child within
And tell him not to cry
“don’t fear the living”
One day you will stand as a king
And no fear can erase
This light below us
Each one of us is now engaged
This secret we all have
This truth is growing
And as a warrior I have to fight
I can already feel
The love I’ll discover

Is it fair to point out that anyone who thinks this is “poetry” or “profound” is of the level of stupidity found mainly in Twilight fans?



Austin’s own Birth AD Joins up with WTF Fest

Incredible Hardcore Thrash Crossover masters Birth A.D. have just been added to the roster of amazing performers at the upcoming WTF fest coming to Austin, TX on March 14th.

The trio plays “crossover” metal, not unlike the classics like DRI, or for the younger generation think Municipal Waste, but with a harder edge. Timeless songs about what a mess the world is, are catchy and angry – ‘Equal Opportunity’, ‘Parasite Die’ and so many more. Their CD is called “Stillbirth of a Nation” and though unsigned they have already done a highly successful tour of Japan, and opened for DRI, Rigor Mortis, and others.

To see Birth A.D. share a stage with famed 60s revolutionary John Sinclair, musician and poet Mike IX, comedian Rick Shapiro, hip hop artists Broken and Input, and many more, will be a once in a lifetime experience, and not to be missed.

WTF is coming to Austin TX to put those corporate shills at SXSW in check, and give the people what they really want – Brutally honest words, spoken beautifully and delivered by some of the biggest names in the underground, crossing three generations of infamy and outspokenness.

More artists and performers to be announced.

And, in the spirit of Metal up thy ass, filmmakers Shane and Amy Bugbee will be releasing behind the senes footage featuring Dark Funeral mauling a porn star – IF the WTF kickstarter program hits $1000 by this weekend (feb 5th). Here’s 30 seconds of the 5 min video:

WTF Fest
March 14th, 2012
@ Ruta Maya Coffee House
‪3601 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704-7250‬
‪(512) 707-9637 ‬‎

More to be announced, check our website for the latest:


DEMONCY “Enthroned is the Night” update

Demoncy Update:

Good news and bad news. The good news is the disc,booklet & wallet sleeve are complete!….. yay…… right? no the outer jacket is still on hold we were not happy with what was presented to us after a lot of going back and forth over this. Now I was told today that we could have this resolved as soon as tomorrow as far as getting this jacket in production but I have my doubts. I’m thinking we won’t have this situated to the point where the jacket will start production until next week (if we’re lucky). SoOO again delays plague “Enthroned Is The Night” but the digital downloads go live tomorrow. Now this could end in my version of the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is we go to another manufacturer to complete the jacket, this could delay the release another month!!! so we are hoping this is an option we can avoid but hopefully I should know before the end of the weekend and be back with better solidified news. So thats all for now… I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Monstrosity “Live Apocalypse” DVD

Conquest Music Inc. recording artist MONSTROSITY will release the “LIVE APOCALYPSE” DVD on March 13, 2012. The specially priced DVD includes their explosive set filmed at the legendary Brutal Assault Festival in Josefov Czech Republic. Also included are interview segments, live clips from South America, rehearsal footage, and the making of the Spiritual Apocalypse recording.

For more information, see the Conquest Music Monstrosity page.

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Why retro-thrash falls short

1980s: the world may end at any minute. The Cold War ravaged the earth: missiles inbound at any second had people living in fear of total obliteration, total erasure. There was passion in the moment and in striving for some sense of rationality despite it all.

2010s: it may never end. Rationality, liberal democracy, commerce, etc. — the “good guys” of the past 20 wars — have won. The result is a society so boring and unpleasant that we fear this may be all there is to life, and it makes us frustrated and futile.

Good novels about our dilemma:

  • “White Noise” by Don Delillo
  • “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley
  • “Journey to the End of the Night” by Ferdinand Celine
  • “Elementary Particles” by Michel Houellebecq

This lends itself to black metal, which is a rage not for order but for the passion in our hearts that can create a drive to order. It is rage against the meaningless, safe, conformist, and well-intentioned society. It is a statement that rationality itself has defeat us and we need to embrace the feral, irrational, and passionate again.

Of course, society gives us false outlets. Sports/vids, porn, shopping are substitutes for what we need.

The primary purpose of civilization is to allow the intelligent to rule over the unintelligent, which achieves better long-term results because it makes all of society as effective as its smartest members. The paradox of civilization is that by making the unintelligent effective, they survive at greater rates, which given their greater reproduction rates means they rapidly drown out the intelligent and reverse the advances of civilization.



Demoncy “Enthroned is the Night” new update

We are getting lots of emails from people wondering about the Demoncy – Enthroned Is The Night CD. We sincerely apologize for this massive delay that is at hand, but we are asking graciously for your utmost patience that the cd should not be much longer in progress. Everything is in production and should just about be done, except the outer jacket that is the piece giving us the most problems. I was told last monday that soon we should have the jacket resolved. I am hoping greatly that this week this issue is settled so we can get it into production and have the release ready in the first weeks of February. I know everyone must be getting tired of the delays, I’m getting quite tired announcing them but in the end the way I see it is, is that when the cd is done it will be done correct and not the other way around and for this I am reluctantly accepting the delays as for a good cause. We’ve already had problems in the past with products that went through too quickly and for that had perminent issues we could no longer resolve so in the end we will be much happier that the Demoncy CD was done precisely to our vision. So again I say I am thankful for everyones patience and hopefully all your understanding. Onward… (from FPR)

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