Abigor - In Memory


Review: Dressed up covers of two foundational bands whose styles appear sparse given the faster consciousness of music in the musicians of Abigor and consequently how they approach they rhythms they play, as placed here in the roaring assault of a black metal band are curiosities; while some parts are fudged, the whole is executed faithfully with necessary details intact, yet newer vocals and some textural change in guitar.

Since these are extraneous in real content, the focus of this EP is the majestic melodic metal in the three originals. These are canopic scalar unravellings and sinuous melodic riffing, with a hook embedded softly throughout each that permits return to primary themes for intensity building. If any major criticism could be levelled, it is that these bands develop their themes too early and thus must transfer often through chaotic means to their bulk in reiteration of emotive motifs.


1. Terrible Certainty (Kreator)
2. Crionics (Slayer)
3. Shadowlord
4. Crimson Horizons
5. Verwustung

Length: 24:41

Abigor - In Memory: Black Metal 2000 Abigor

Copyright © 2000 Napalm

This is halfway between Ancient and Arcturus, with black metal searing its way throughout in varying degrees, corresponding to various degrees of gothic influence, but as a whole the desire of these musicians tends toward the gothic area of atmospheric rock/black metal hybrid. These songs have hook and Tae Bo motivation, so they should be winners in the open market but their similarity to black metal is waning.

The older material is closer to an ideal but still embodies the frenetic desire for atmosphere and a drama of slightly bittersweet consonant melodies that is vomitous in its essential sentiment.