Ildjarn - Landscapes


Review: In keyboard passages at a contemplative and detached pacing, Ildjarn fashion virus from the same impetus that drives the micro-rants of urgent ambient black/hardcore which formed the mainstay of previous albums. In this each piece is dead simple and without the organic noise capabilities and rhythmic flexibility of guitars, the music as a whole seems like something polished and deliberately spacious.


1. Landscapes 1
2. Landscapes 2
3. Landscapes 3
4. Landscapes 4

Length: 134:13

Ildjarn - Landscapes: Black Metal 1996 Ildjarn

Copyright © 1996 Norse League

Although its passages are oddly comforting in their sparse impact, the absence of melodic motion beyond a certain limited range often leaves these with a sense of still life more than change across a landscape, but the perceptive emotional energy from other Ildjarn-related projects is still insurgent strong within as the slow pace of these drifting background songs reduces time to a longer space of attention and stills thoughts with a trance of rhythm and surging sound. Probably it is best to limit the expected fanbase of this album to those who are already Ildjarn fanatics.