Abigor - Origo Regium 1993-1994

Production: Flexible demo production.

Review: Dead in the middle of black metal as a style, Abigor approach no particular concept or substyle but make brown wrapper black metal that despite its lack of distinction remains memorable for its concise articulation of concept on this album. Where other Abigor works have ventured into more highly visible forms of melodic heavy metal influenced black metal, this collection of early works shows them at their most post-Nordic moderate black metal style.

Sawing riffs drift to trance rhythm while a counterpoint of broken cadence shrieks mortal cessation, drumming pacing its content with even lamaze tempos, as internal tensions build to a point of apocalyptic revenge. At this intersection the metal shifts to faster riffing, still bearing the often confused lineage of black metal, and thunders home with a vengeance blast worthy of most current Swedish bands.


1. Filii Septemtrionum (Intro)
2. Kingdom Of Darkness
3. Eye To Eye At Armageddon
4. Animae Tortae
5. My Soft Vision In Blood
6. Abysmal Scorn
7. Shadowlord
8. Midwintertears / Obliteration (outro)

Length: 38:37

Abigor - Origo Regium 1993-1994: Black Metal 1998 Abigor

Copyright © 1998 Napalm

Keyboards meld layers alongside guitar noise hovering around tones carefully picked while interludes shift organismal function within the song, delivering intricate structures to their conclusions. The fundamental instrument of rhythm and tone, the guitar, buzzes and hums through rapid picking in competition with chaotic and self-reflective percusion. Where used effectively vocals are the most powerful instrument on this recording. As songs range in age and band configuration, there is some progress seen toward a sleeker and more refined style that is furthest expressed in related project Summoning.

The Austrian assault contained within this release goes for the throat and accomplishes its missions with grim certainty, yet seems trapped within a transition of style and substance toward something more than a middle of the road black metal band. Given time and the cloning of others, this style emerges as more original and this music at its most intentional poetic.