Adramelech - The Fall

Production: Reasonably distinct, flattened and grating degraded guitar.

Review: Four tracks of older style death metal from a band containing at least one former member of Demigod, the Finnish band who created melody within heaviness in a choppier version of what Gorguts did on their first album, or what countrymen Cadaver attempted with their second. In aesthetic, meaning distortion and playing, this music is very similar to early Swedish death metal such as Entombed or Carnage yet bears the unique style of its origin which creates a broader, spacier, transient mood with more destructive conclusions.

The metal of Adramelech sets a different line of heaviness as rhythmic and not as much harmonic, letting the tones serve the violent rhythmic structures set forth. From the European tradition are the fast and grating blast beats, which resemble more musically literate Hypocrisy, but the meat of this music - the blasting and interacting structures that are set up for self destruction - comes from a lineage of downstroke brutalizers such as Kreator, Monstrosity, Deicide and Death.


1. As the Gods Succumbed
2. Heroes in Godly Blaze
3. Seance of Shamans
4. The Fall of Tiamat


Adramelech - The Fall: Death Metal 1994 Adramelech

Copyright © 1994 Repulse

Vocals are low pseudosyllables that overflow a growl with savage timbre over gritty distortion played to produce sheeting chords of it. The percussion follows the technical style of most death metal drummers, with an affinity for pulsing stomp beats in fast time as well as fusion-influenced double-hit verse drumming. More integral and composed guitar solos would accent this release, which was a prelude to the strength in intense death metal to come on later releases from this band.