Adramelech - Terror of Thousand Faces


Review: Taking their reputation as "old-school" death metallers in the wrong sense, Adramelech have created an album with tons of energy, and their famed thunder, but lacking the central intent and coherence of internal style that defined earlier albums.

Simplified riffs emphasized groove-filled rhythm and the contrast of Obituary-style slamming riffs with tremolo-picked melodic chromatic riffs that are far simpler, but more screamingly energetic, than those on previous albums. Vocals are a stereotypical growl, and drums blast along as they'd do in just about any other death metal band.


1. Intro (:24)
2. Halls of Human Tragedy (2:21)
3. Descend to Eternal Torment (2:58)
4. Bleeding For Supremacy (2:51)
5. Suicide, Terrorize (2:03)
6. I Don't Care About Your Murder (3:40)
7. Slain in the Grace of Thy Name (4:05)
8. Book of Flesh (3:42)
9. Terror of Thousand Faces (2:53)
10. Orphica Holodemiurgia (4:07)


Adramelech - Terror of Thousand Faces: Death Metal 2005 Adramelech

Copyright © 2005 Xtreem Music

Structures are largely verse-chorus, and many are painfully predictable. The subtle dynamics of previous albums are almost entirely gone, and the lyrics are frequently dreadfully stupid. Musically, nothing on this album is actually bad, but there's nothing here that exceeds merely competent, much less aspires to the heights of previous albums.