Ancient - The Cainian Chronicles


Review: Staying within black metal and straying toward a filtered and nearly technically-credible sound, Ancient venture closer to mainstream music with a Uriah Heep styled concept and aesthetic in roomy songs which borrow from rock and blues to flesh out their ballad-structured lyrics. Parts of this are quite decent and show the maturation of riff-writing and playing skills, but others are so deadset predictable as to kill as future hope for this band. It is descent into the commercial void, in the vein of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, for this band after this, so for what it is worth enjoy this late night radio fodder.


1. Ponderous Moonlighting
2. The Cainian Chronicle - Part I: The Curse
3. Part II: Lilith's Embrace
4. Part III & IV: Disciplines of Caine / Zillah and The Crone
5. At The Infernal Portal (Canto III)
6. Cry Of Marianne
7. Prophecy Of Gehenna
8. Song Of Kaiaphas
9. Exu
10. The Pagan Cycle
11. Homage To Pan


Ancient - The Cainian Chronicles: Black Metal 1996 Ancient

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