Angelcorpse - Angel Corpse - Exterminate


Review: On Exterminate, Angel Corpse shape their music with the highest proficiency in unrelenting-intensity phrasal-riff death metal that vary its texture and pauses inertia long enough to ram a militant and uncompromising aesthetic down the throats of their listeners.

Rippling textures of chords thrust home like a battlefield execution form the raw skin from which this band twist phrases that contort, transform and rediscover their origins as they mutate over the course of a song. Inspired by the longer riffing of Bathory or Vader, Exterminate transforms a handful of notes into a spindly arcology of ideas which clarify in a resolving riff.


1. Christhammer
2. Wartorn
3. Into the Storm of Steel
4. Phallelujah
5. Reap the Whirlwind
6. That Which Lies Upon
7. Embrace
8. Sons of Vengeance


Angelcorpse - Angel Corpse - Exterminate: Death Metal 1997 Angelcorpse

Copyright © 1997 Osmose

The gavel-beat of fuzzblasted vocals pulses alongside a loping bass and rigidly sliding speeding guitar tremolo, forming a seething mass of impenetrable diatribe which alights above the head of a listener like a killing mood. While this band is most impressive on this album, and when excellent bring out the ferocity of black metal with an unrelenting barrage of death metal technique, this music even at its most inflected is nearly monochromatic in its continuous rage.