Averse Sefira - Blasphomet Sin Abset

Production: Streamlined demo.

Review: From the primordial soup of black metal Averse Sefira evolves the original components of the genre into a sound inspired by both the greats and the sentimental atmospheric indie rock of the last two decades, differentiating the Texas scene with a development of eloquent melody that propels the regenerating codex of black metal riffing to a spacious romantic emptiness and room for vast conflict and majestic resolution in theme.

Blasphomet Sin Abset offers intense passion describing a mythos of aetheric beings in conflict through a karmic cycle of loss and struggle, embracing life through its ethereal counterpart of significant experience. This metaphorical emergence of will against the gravity of experience is sculpted through charging riffs which trace developing melody through a stream of chords played at high-speed tremolo, expressing in silhouette a building harmony that represents the cornerstones of this mythos that will later conclude in a final processional passage summarizing and culminating what came before.


1. Flight From A Stagnant Land (2:00)
2. Wind Witch (Abset) (5:27) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
3. Arrival (1:04)
4. Rift Between Two Worlds (3:33) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
5. The Introduction (1:02)
6. Winter of My Bliss (4:58)
7. Siege (3:47) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample

Length: 21:53

Averse Sefira - Blasphomet Sin Abset: Black Metal 1996 Averse Sefira

Copyright © 1996 Self-Produced

Cyclic structure swings between tonal extremities fundamental to theme and gives this music a tense mood which communicates the alienation of being a stranger to all lands and the nervous attentiveness of being in unknown terrain. Warlike percussion (unobtrusive because of intelligent drum machine programming) rages through the landscape as battling guitar riffs soar and degenerate, explode and rebirth themselves. It is the playground of the mind, with an epic sense that is metaphorical to current existence of loss, desire for place, and a return to honor and spiritual sensibility among the unenlightened peons of America.

Where possible this demo offers innovation in the form of poetic transition of mood and composition that reflects, more than atmosphere of moods a changing riddle of the particular pattern of varied emotions most resonant to the character of the dominant theme in each piece, forming in a prosaic form the poetic abstract atmosphere that few bands achieve. Esoteric ambient introductory material is, like the vocals, a small but vital piece extremely well translated, like the fittingly detached acerbic vocals that convey the flowering of feelings associated with the alienation inherent to this sound as it explores the future shape of the soul.