Blood - Impulse to Destroy

Production: Varying types of demo and garage sound.

Review: Most of grindcore in an effort to be profound and through equalization of reaction to inflection has forgotten the fundamentalist absurdism that makes this genre more than complaints so fervent they have become incoherent; Blood, like Blasphemy, recapture this spirit through a metal-tinged airburst meted out in staccato spurts of blasting, gurgling, roaring mayhem. Their distinctiveness comes from the tendency to do so with epic topics distilled into concrete examples from biology, philosophy and the occult, creating like Dead Infection an anecdotal metaphor but in a postmodern style which, like the novels giving that name to a genre, unite disparate disciplines around common abstract themes.

Released together on CD, these early works capture the essence of that spirit even if the mechanics remain unrefined and in doing so gives us a window into the formative drive behind the bizarre and ironically deconstructive music. Like early Napalm Death, these songs are an extension of punk to incorporate the more facile structural vocabulary of metal, while aesthetically communicating a sense of extremity and incoherence borne of an inability to reach an audience who, while they can be taught political or moral concepts to repeat in bleating synchronicity, cannot grasp the essence of the situation because they do not take it seriously. Grindcore was a revolution against all rock music, and Impulse to Destroy distances the listener from that style while using the techniques of rock music to make sonic rage peaking off the scale.


1. intro
2. wings of declaration
3. foulmouthed politicians
4. dogmatize
5. spasmo paralytic dreams
6. linear logical intelligence Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
7. why?
8. the greed
9. blood
10. retrogression
11. technical abortion
12. beyond time and space
13. celtic compost
14. jesus never lived Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
15. economic cancer
16. ventilator integrator
17. a big cake
18. tumor
19. unsophisticated sorehead
20. compulsion
21. bloody season
22. necromancer Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
23. skate is great
24. no regret
25. great unit
26. scuffing horror
27. recognize yourself
28. terroraise
29. collision
30. outro (febrile massacre)

Length: 42:03

Blood - Impulse to Destroy: Grindcore 1989 Blood

Copyright © 1989 Morbid

That is not to say that, like grindcore two years past its formation, this music is one-dimensional -- on the contrary, what makes this and Blasphemy a hybrid of grindcore and epic, black/death metal is its ability to grasp different concepts and moods, from choleric futility to sociopathic melancholy and beyond, and unite them in a worldview in which abstract forms are harmonized across origins. In that sense, the lyrics like the music are pure psychological symbolism arising from the shape of a riff, the texture of voices, or the casual jigsaw that fits together disparate riffs into sentential meaning. From a distance, it is indistinguishable from normal grindcore, but after examination that is the last mistake an experienced listener would make with the music of Blood.