Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses


Review: To take grindcore to a further extreme, one had to face the tendency of the genre to drift toward overextensions of musical destruction and thus to dissipate into irrelevance, and in overcoming that to find a new technicality. Brutal Truth didn't on this album. Repeated patterns from the hallowed halls of fame of grind/hard/crustcore oblivion and high-speed repetitions of chromatic notes without harmonic or melodic composition produces an album that, thanks to intelligent guitar-drum interaction, is rhythmically compelling but devoid of artistic content. Pass this one by for their second.


1. P.S.P.I.
2. Birth of Ignorance
3. Stench of Prophet
4. Ill-Neglect
5. Denial of Existence
6. Regression/Progression
7. Collateral Damage
8. Time
9. Walking Corpse
10. Monetary Gain
11. Wilt
12. H.O.P.E.
13. Blockhead
14. Anti-Homophobe
15. Unjust Compromise

Length: 45:05

Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses: Grindcore 1992 Brutal Truth

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