Brutal Truth - Need to Control

Production: Reasonably clear and relatively ambient on the noise tracks.

Review: Brutal Truth began as extreme grindcore, and created that well, but with this release have added innumerable gifts to the genre. Instead of being flat, basic, straightforward music, this is tonal and dynamic music, played with all of the ferocity and punkdom of the earlier material, and perhaps more, in that it has shed the elements of bad metal (predictability, reliance on blast beats) in favor of a more encompassing approach.

This album is more punk, in both feel and tonality, than the last one (even including a cover of the germs' "media blitz") but it hasn't lost the spirit of grindcore, of loving messy, simple, brutal music. The songs are still short, and there are some well-done noise tracks which complement the music rather than separate songs. The overall speed is not as consistently high, nor is it as fast, but speed is used where needed with great alacrity and precision.


1. Collapse (5:02)
2. Black Door Mine (1:41)
3. Turn Face (1:30)
4. Godplayer (4:06)
5. I See Red (2:50)
6. Ironlung (4:22)
7. Bite the Hand (2:06)
8. Ordinary Madness (5:05)
9. Media Blitz (:56)
10. Judgement (2:34)
11. Brain Trust (2:43)
12. Choice of a New Generation (1:59)
13. Mainliner (2:19)
14. Displacement (4:15)
15. Crawlspace (1:35)

Length: 43:05

Brutal Truth - Need to Control: Grindcore 1994 Brutal Truth

Copyright © 1994 Earache

This album crushes their first; where the first was flat speed rock, this is experimental, even daring, and very punk for the current crop of moronic grindcore.