Brutal Truth - Sounds of the Animal Kingdom


Review: Stepping back from the avantgarde edge of "Need to Control," Brutal Truth mix nontraditional grind factors as aesthetic complements and make the ashen, chromatic, directionless thrashing of their first album come together with some concept but mostly urgency and variation on form. The band have reconverged their sound upon a grindcore extreme of speed and almost schizophrenic complexity in this postmodern document of human despair. In contrast to the previous album, this is as demonstrative, immature and reactionary as their first album, which is similarly listenable for rhythm alone and in divergence from common form not of enough complexity to hold the attention of an experienced death/grind listener.


1. Dementia
2. K.A.P.
3. Vision
4. Fucktoy
5. Jemenez Cricket
6. Soft Mind
7. Average People
8. Blue World
9. Callous
10. Fisting
11. Die Laughing
12. Dead Smart
13. Sympathy Kiss
14. Pork Farm
15. Promise
16. Foolish Bastard
17. Postulate Then Liberate
18. It's After the End of the World
19. Machine Parts
20. 4.20
21. Unbaptized
22. Prey

Length: 72:24

Brutal Truth - Sounds of the Animal Kingdom: Grindcore 1997 Brutal Truth

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