Cadaver - Hallucinating Anxiety


Review: In a primitive state of complexity resembling musically educated grindcore, the first album from Cadaver is a death metal hybrid with black metal in the style of Merciless or early Mayhem bearing influences of grinding death of the oldest school (Asphyx, Obituary) integrated into its stream of consciousness with the deft tremolo strumming popularized by the Swedes.

For this time, this album was ahead of the curve with harsh open-throated vocals in contrast to the guttural thunder of most death metal, and attempted a complexity of interlocking structures in evenly-distributed linear patterns that rivals that of Neurosis for schizophrenic logic. Interestingly, guitars create tempo over constant drums as the basis of technique, calling to mind the offbeat sliding tones of later black metal. While these musicians introduced many innovations and influenced others no doubt to a great degree, their music remains placed behind its stylistic creation because of prevalent characteristics that anchor it firmly in the old school, but these are unobtrusive to listeners from that genre.


1. Tuba (Intro)
2. Ignominous Eczema
3. Corrosive Delirium
4. Hallucinating Anxiety
5. Cannibalistic Dissection
6. Petrifyed Faces
7. Innominate
8. Twisted Collapse
9. Abnormal Deformity
10. Maelstrom
11. Mental Abherrance
12. Bodily Trauma

Length: 39:15

Cadaver - Hallucinating Anxiety: Death Metal 1990 Cadaver

Copyright © 1990 Necrosis

Churning riffs and familiar patterns kept this album competitive with the death metal of its day, yet its experimental and more morbid side made it distinctive at the time for its eccentric aggression.