Darkthrone - A Night of Unholy Black Metal

Production: In the classic style of bootlegs this recording reveals a good deal about crowd as well as band.

Review: From their most productive period as artists, this vision of Darkthrone in rehearsal and live performances unleashes the minimal nature of work outside a studio and gives life to some of the newer material on this disk. First their definitive works to date are explored live, and next, their older material exhumed first through a live set and after that on an extended Under a Funeral Moon rehearsal.


1. Intro
2. Under a Funeral Moon
3. Blackwinged
4. Transilvanian Hunger
5. In the Shadow of the Horns
6. Paragon Belial
7. Ablaze in the Northern Sky
8. Life (unreleased song)
9. no name (unreleased song)
10. Under a Funeral Moon
11. Unholy Black Metal
12. Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust
13. Crossing the Triangle of Flames
14. Natassja in Eternal Sleep

Length: 53:56

Darkthrone - A Night of Unholy Black Metal: Black Metal 1996 Darkthrone

Copyright © 1996 Unofficial

What this reveals is more than a band in transition a band seeking a series of black metal sounds throughout a career that innovated in nearly every area. Through the ultramodernist Transilvanian Hunger or the dark and intemperate sparse and doomy material of the Goatlord era, Darkthrone emerge as personality and as a consistent hand of logic in sculpting expressive and yet belligerent sons. This bootleg is mindblowing for its song choice and coverage of vital points in the legacy of Darkthrone. The two unreleased tracks are in a playful version of the style on Goatlord, veering perhaps closer to stoner doom metal with a preference for melodic lead rhythm playing. Highly similar to the "Thulcandra" demo material, the first track "Life" is a circus of recirculating melody and stalking beats racing in for the kill. It is clearly unfinished as is the other, a nameless track in the same style as the previous but with more emphasis on dominant patterns.