Deeds of Flesh - Gradually Melted

Production: Solid and clear.

Review: In the earliest development of their intensely dynamic and variable style of technical death metal, Deeds of Flesh mix melodic infrastructure with constant uptempo pounding and percussion-oriented impact power chord blasts melding into structural evolution and connective phrasing similar to the gods of this New York Death Metal-derived style of explosive grinding death metal, Suffocation and Morpheus Descends.

The art of epic riff contexture molding in a method that allows both phrase and song structure to grow to encompass inner narrative, as expressed in these barrages of varied riffs and cyclic evolutions of theme, creates the framework in which melodic accents and powerful basic harmonies of three-note low-end modal progressions suggest a contrast between the lowest and highest orders of composition and resonance expressed as a foundation of design. Further, each of these tunes "rips" in the sense of maintaining speed and intensity while developing a unique hook or poetic configuration to a song.


1. Three Minute Crawlspace (2:49)
2. Gradually Melted (3:57)
3. Human Sandbags (3:44)
4. Feelings of Metal Through Flesh (3:24)

Length: 13:56

Deeds of Flesh - Gradually Melted: Death Metal 1995 Deeds of Flesh

Copyright © 1995 Wild Rags

Guttural vocals offset with shrieking antagonist counterpoint guiding it, the highly rhythmic forward motion of Deeds of Flesh paints into death metal a depth of texture which is exploited on the masterpieces Inbreeding the Anthropophagi and Path of the Weakening and explicated in nascent form here through its connections to structuralist metal indulging a postmodernist chaoticism in aesthetic in exchange for a compression and encoding of theme to achieve a density sufficient for atmospheric development.

Crushing in rhythmic momentum and the expectation of thrash-style interrupted continuity which itself becomes the expectation and cycles the music further within its internal growth pattern, the overwhelming depth of riff variation and structural articulation that accompanies the primal battering projecting this music. As it is the first work from this band, some unsteadiness exists but also pulses the most fervent tempo of their ideals and aspirations.