Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst 2005


Review: The updated interpretation of the only really quality work from Dimmu Borgir, Stormblast 2005, removes apparently plagiarized keyboard tracks inserted by former keysman Stian Arstad and updates the sound of this classic work to match the now-trademark Dimmu Borgir hybrid of Cradle of Filth dramatics and underground metal sensibilities. While the instrumentalism is better and the beauty of these original songs shines through, the narrow filter through which the band have forced interpretation of these songs detracts from much of their beauty. The highly-touted drumming of Hellhammer, for example, is phoned in; any of a hundred thousand drummers could have done this quasi-Bard Faust interpretation that is invariant as if done in a weekend. Dynamics are squelched and the interplay of keyboards and guitars sloughed off; the result is that like a hardcore band, everything must be forced through the single instrument while drums keep time and vocals comment, which depletes the ambition of this album as well as its inherent aesthetic beauty. Not surprisingly, almost every song sounds like it was faded early, being incomplete because it lacks so many original elements. Undoubtedly, this will sell well, but then again, that has never necessarily been an indication of quality.


1. Alt lys er svunnet hen
2. Broderskapets ring
3. Når sjelen hentes til helvete
4. Sorgens kammer - del II
5. Da den kristne satte livet til
6. Stormblåst
7. Dødsferd
8. Antikrist
9. Vinder fra en ensam grav
10. Guds forstapelse - Åpenbaring av dommedag
11. Avmaktslave

Length: 51:21

Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst 2005: Black Metal 2005 Dimmu Borgir

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