Dismember - Misanthropic


Review: Promising a "return to our roots," Dismember after ruminant meditation on the stagnant response to their last several undistinguished albums have unleashed their original style of melodic death metal - except they haven't, and furthermore have shown the bankruptcy of their claim through the tendencies of this current release to show a careful study and imitation of popular concepts in heavy music. Too many music lessons and ideological apathy in integration to the music-selling system of their world have worn Dismember away from the lawless, free, and although-basic fundamental beauty of their debut, "Like An Ever-Flowing Stream." Now instead of violent structuralism and rhythmic centering Dismember use scale-centric composition to make a more commercial, violent but well-trained version of the death metal that mainstream "angry" audiences would love.


1. Misanthropic
2. Pagan Savior
3. Shadowlands
4. Afterimage
5. Shapeshifter


Dismember - Misanthropic: Death Metal 1997 Dismember

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