Dismember - Pieces


Review: In the thunderous style of the electric nerve energy that is Swedish death metal this release attacks, but the stance which displays too much consciousness of form for the truly chaotic bursts of structure that defined the exuberance and morbid passion which characterized early works from this band has seized hold of its spirit. These songs are solid and full of the roaring devices that made Dismember great, but there is also too much desire to please, too much awareness of audience, and a sensation of solidity and uniformity underneath the healthy pace of blast. Searing buzz-distorted riffs hammer through patterns which recombine to reveal the great triumph of Swedish metal engineering, the neo-epic and anthemically emotive bridge to a return chorus and verse before conclusion. Simple pop songs and complex barrages of classically-inspired melodic riffing unite and are cemented in the abrupt rhythms and configurations of riffs that distinguish this subgenre. While this work is not as strong as that on "Like an Everflowing Stream..." it is nonetheless demonstrates more impressive musicianship and refinement to simplicity and regularity in song.


1. Intro
2. Pieces
3. I wish you Hell
4. Carnal Tomb
5. Soon to be dead
6. Torn apart


Dismember - Pieces: Death Metal 1993 Dismember

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