Emperor - A midsummer night's dream


Review: A crowd recording of Emperor at the time of their "In the Nightside Eclipse Material," this lengthy recording of legendary material suspends its songs in the muffling effects of distance and obstacle yet remains amazingly listenable as these neoclassical black metal epics emerge from the chaos. The concert appears to be strongly faithful to the original as it would sound without the layering of keyboards, and vocals are thicker and heavier while guitars are thinner and louder, sounding more clearly individual notes than the distortionfest that was the album, so that one can hear more of the underlying pattern without transcribing it. This work is more worthy of purchase than certain official live units.


1. Into the Infinity of Thoughts
2. I am the Black Wizards
3. The Burning Shadows of Silence
4. Night of the Graveless Souls
5. Towards the Pantheon
6. Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times
7. Wrath of the Tryant
8. Inno a Satana
9. Beyond the Great Vast Forest


Emperor - A midsummer night's dream: Black Metal 1995 Emperor

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