Fleshcrawl - Impurity

Production: Guitar is mashed into grey noise underneath the tinny blasting of a drum and the vocal rumblethunder of a deep bass voice torn to hell and prioritized in the mix.

Review: Anthemic death metal for its chorus of hookishness but distinguished heavy material for its syncopated rolling blasts, driving speed riff tyranny and structural relativity, Fleshcrawl synthesize death metal within the Swedish/eurometal style of fluid phrase exchange in melodic continuity with percussive emphasis. This very pop style evolves within the course of genre and the career of Fleshcrawl, yet here is represented with a backbone of grind and its nihilistic tone centering permissiveness inducing an intrinsic melodic development over the needs of harmony and with it, expected pop song shape.

Most rhythms are a riff pattern and a counter-motion varied over straight up death metal drumming with double-hits for slower intricate grinding segments and neatly incrementalizing double bass underneath high hat pulsing. Reminiscent of grind greats Bolt Thrower who achieved the same epic flattening feel that this material maintains, Fleshcrawl heighten melodic tension and suspend it over a constantly changing texture implying structural motion evolving from within. As such this very deathy music is full of life.


1. From the Dead to the Living
2. Withering Life
3. Reincarnation (Demigod cover)
4. Subordinated
5. Disfigured Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
6. After Obliteration
7. Stiffen Souls
8. Center of Hate
9. Inevitable End Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
10. Incineration

Length: 54:39

Fleshcrawl - Impurity: Death Metal 1993 Fleshcrawl

Copyright © 1993 Black Mark

Like a careful dancer in some bizarre sacrifice these tunes move closer to chaos, then relent, then vary an approach and race to the heart of deconstructing in a blasting harangue of hatred with dissonant vocal rhythms jarring its delivery into staggered blasts of pattern. Vocals are low, detuned and sometimes processed, yet deliver satisfying savage hoarse riot commands which accent rhythmic violations in organically changing riff shape. Heavy amounts of rhythmic fast strumming give these riffs a breathing quality accentuated by the careful rhythmic introduction of vocals and layering of drumbeat elements.

Songs converge on coherence rhythmically in the same way each song centralizes despite having misfit and misdirected parts and periodically embarrassing indecisions. The music has an ambient quality in the hypnotic undulation of varying strumming speeds and the textures they imply, as if keying out an elaborate symbolism of the unconscious mind before the riffs or song has even been perceived as cohesive by the listener.