Godflesh - Slateman/Cold World

Production: Clear, roomy, controlled.

Review: Slavestate extras and some extra tracks from the Pure sessions, released and in the case of the latter reformed through editing. The glories of this sixtrack offering are the two Slavestate songs, "Slateman" and "Wound 91," and the classic "Nihil" from the later recording date.


1. Slateman (5:58)
2. Wound '91 (4:26)
3. Cold World (5:28)
4. Nihil (5:56)
5. Nihil (Total Belief Mix) (5:38)
6. Nihil (No Belief Mix) (5:37)

Length: 33:05

Godflesh - Slateman/Cold World: Grindcore 1996 Godflesh

Copyright © 1996 Earache

"Slateman" is a harmonic sickness infecting your blood and "Wound" calls to mind all of the empty, heartless, irrational moments of life under the machine. "Nihil" is just bleak but enlightened and free, the power of its emotion rising from its refusal to even accept its own word. As in all Godflesh material the work reflects a sense of evolution toward purity, the wayward sons of rotting earth attempting to cast their mechanical tormentors out of their heads.