Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written in Blood


Review: Three demo tracks echo ideas from the first album almost identically in playing and two tracks following are if not identical to those on the first album, nearly exact matches. As a result this provides either an insight into early vocal and drum technique for a completist, or for someone inexperienced in the art of Gorgoroth an insightful view into the classic epic creations of this band. Slippery fingers move relationships in melody either barely at all, in nihilistic and morbid rhythmic short motion variations, or in longer escalating loops through a scalar architecture which rewards an internal harmony moving two ways simultaneously. Hypnotically vigilant yet even and absolutist drumming carries this lilting wave of reflecting opacity toward its conclusion in vigor and might. Formed from the most basic elements, Gorgoroth is mastery of emotion in sound.


1. Gathered At Blakulla (intro)
2. Sexual Bloodgargling
3. (Under) The Pagan Megalith
4. Katharinas Bortgang
5. Maaneskuggens Slave


Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written in Blood: Black Metal 1999 Gorgoroth

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