Gorguts - Considered Dead

Production: Forceful and clear.

Review: As the death metal genre expanded it became clear that the aesthetic created by its presence offered more than was being exploited by mostly direct music with a granular conception of structure assembled in rhythm from elements often expressing consistency more than an articulation of a substructure specific to some section of the song; from this perspective, there was either the conventional methods of making something progressive (jazz, rock) or an attempt to find a new voice in metal using ancient knowledge and current communications theory and method. In these pieces which carve grandeur from the tonal space they conquer with articulate and convoluted intensification of development through recombinant rotation of an evolving series of structures, atmospheres expand through rest and evenly divided foundational battery of thunderous chordblast and percussion in alternation throughout the exegesis of theme which at its core, reveals a melody growing from its introduction to a conflict and sensibility in fusion through a final nihilism matching the aesthetic of drums and open chording rigorously paired against roaring power chord ripping riff tirades.

Within the organic and gently-moving framework of passages unfolding to reveal possibilities within each other leading to a fundamental gap causing space and time to be presented in music, Gorguts weave an intricacy of delicate but essential harmony creating a presence of depth in the music foreshadowing and augmentating the presentation of many views of theme. Impressively precise in lead guitar stitching a pattern over changing power chord fluidity in texture illustrating mood or in the low-end formulations of indulgently lush harmony and thematic conclusion in dissonance, this music decodes its motif structures in appropriately abrupt shifts in architecture to reveal affinity for resolution in perplexing but spiritedly exact phrase unified in modal and structural conclusion to introduction of fundamental ideals in overture to motif explication. Vast in its sense of overall dynamic to each piece in the placement of variation in sonic or tonal intensity, this music expresses a heaviness sensu Black Sabbath in which the relentlessness of motion in sound toward a central point of destruction, in unity with rhythmic breakdown of structure in method of rendering phrase, levels each piece to where it began from which the dark motion must again originate.


1. ...And Then Comes Lividity (:43)
2. Stiff and Cold (4:26)
3. Disincarnated (4:29) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
4. Considered Dead (3:33)
5. Rottenatomy (4:47)
6. Bodily Corrupted (3:41) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
7. Waste of Mortality (4:39)
8. Drifting Remains (3:44)
9. Hematological Allergy (4:10)
10. Innoculated Life (3:53) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample

Length: 38:01

Gorguts - Considered Dead: Death Metal 1991 Gorguts

Copyright © 1991 Roadrunner

Powerful in command of emotion through mood and sensibility of velocity in a space defined between tones of a fundamental phrase, and exploited through the properties of each phrase as it harmonizes or alienates resonance through its development, riffs and passages influence through shape of tonal motion a relevance to initial definitions within the piece, bringing a sense of harmony in structure of unified form as wrought from resonance and rhythmic articulation expressed through thematic narrative in songwriting defining the poetic contents of each work. These are morbid death metal themes in the sense of existential alienation meeting the willpower to self-create, as expressed in metaphorical verbiage of the decomposition of body and soul in entropic inevitability.

Highly influential though also highly hated by the mainstream crowd (Cannibal Corpse, Pantera) this brave crew of creative minds from Canada mastered the arts of basic underground metal and expanded it to a sense of neoclassical composition as rendered through the shorter song format and more explosive instrumentation of death metal. For this reason it is revered and hailed by many creators within metal and other genres who wish to push limits and attention spans to the point of epic awareness.