Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity

Production: Bold with loud vocals.

Review: To develop their progressive music further but in the style of bands such as Deicide make it correspondingly aggressive and feral in application of sound through riff texture and percussive emphasis, Gorguts sought a larger application and used their trademark division of melody to render thunderous death metal through doubled introduction of themes in layers corresponding to a motif emerging for development and deconstruction in the poetic contraposition of internal differences in resonance of thematic structure in union. Surging, sometimes gently pausing, often exploding into blasts or sudden changes in rhythm, and constantly cycling like a pattern of death returning to recombination, in the lead guitar work and rushing power chord tirades of Gorguts a balance of violence and sense is found.

Inclined more toward pure structure than denser harmonies of their previous album, this work evokes the most intense instrumentation and dynamic presence yet seen from Gorguts, with rumbling low-end blasts etching a sensibility alongside line art of lead riffing in music that expands along motif eruption to differing textures of overall piece dynamic entirely, aggregating into a delivery of theme accented by acoustic and piano interludes that are melodically coherent with the pieces following and often accompany detailed and percussive death metal riffwork throughout songs. Hoarse and rigid vocals urge forward the twisting devolution of pattern into origins for re-creation in new form, a curving recursive insurgency that echoes evolutionary process in natural environments through its organic assembly of structures and through narrative, their mutations and fusions. Division is present in themes and their ressurrected shadows appearing throughout these delicately inflected pieces rendered in pounding aggression of luminous heaviness eroding all sense from reality to replace it with a more coherent logic.


1. With Their Flesh, He'll Create (4:03) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
2. Condemned To Obscurity (4:51)
3. The Erosion of Sanity (4:53)
4. Orphans Of Sickness (5:21)
5. Hideous Infirmity (4:05) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
6. A Path Beyond Premonition (4:57)
7. Odors Of Existence (3:47) Heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, doom metal, grindcore or thrash mp3 sample
8. Dormant Misery (4:53)

Length: 36:47

Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity: Death Metal 1993 Gorguts

Copyright © 1993 Roadrunner

Lead guitars echo major themes and aim for an obscurist view of tone and rhythm to self-reduce in melodic phrasing in the style of the doom metal contributing a founding influence to much of the aesthetic here in use. Brilliantly precise musicianship and alacritous endurance of hardship to evoke complexity in form and awkward, unlikely, unwieldy structures brought to life through a will toward melodic coherence through the piece anchor essential motifs. Drums understate themes while emphasizing an internal crossover in the style of early work from Darkthrone, in a thunderous death metal context, while songwriting is reminiscent of classical works transported to a postmodern future of apocalyptic machinery at war. If savage, it is at an underlying level peaceful in its study of intention as expressed through design in patterning as contexted in structure reflecting an emotional response to a logically perceived world enjoyed both in existential resonance and a hope for incarnate vision of the creative.

While death metal slumbered, this band invented and rolled forward to create a vast and forward-thinking ideology of music as expressed in work of grandeur in conception and execution, with a gentleness to its innovation that belies the explosive and tempestuous nature which crafts these subtly building gestures flowering in multiple motions within the same evolution of action, becoming in their dissent and dissonance to reality a portion of the darkness that in removing the nonfunctional, primes the resurgent will toward life.