Graveland - Creed of Iron


Review: The most polished and instrumentally precise Graveland album ever, this work takes the more listener-friendly open phrasing of Immortal Pride and adapts it to long and easily tolerated songs combining fluid basic guitar with keyboards and voice repeating melodies in the style shown on Lord Wind and innumerable intros: layers, themes, conflicts, breakdowns, repetitions, introductions, transitions and then rising chorus of four or six notes rocketing tonal expectancy through the scale with the dynamic yet even motion of punk rock based on the scalar formation of power chords on guitar. The "epic" nature of themes is still here but is less believable; this is Graveland at their most accessible yet with their most granular focus, breaking down some of the larger atmosphere once manipulated by this band. Ear-friendly and even reasonably consonant this release will go far but is distant from the core of this band.


1. Blood and Ash (2:34)
2. Tyrants of Cruelty (10:19)
3. No mercy in my Heart (9:29)
4. Ancient Blood (11:18)
5. White Beasts of Wotan (10:44)

Length: 44:27

Graveland - Creed of Iron: Black Metal 2000 Graveland

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