Graveland - Immortal Pride


Review: With more open phrases supporting the motion of vocals and rhythm over predetermined shape of song structure, Immortal Pride uses longer songs and layered repetition and deconstruction of melody to produce a thematic sense that is far beyond rock, yet lacks much of the passion of the original Graveland releases and focuses more on building a solid foundation of understanding and association with ancient heathen melody. While this is achieved, earlier works are a better vision of the artistic soul of this groundbreaking band.


1. Intro (Day of fury) (3:21)
2. Songs of fire and steel/Outro (Servants of war) (23:39)
3. Sacrifice for honour (16:24)
4. Outro (To die in glory) (7:00)

Length: 50:25

Graveland - Immortal Pride: Black Metal 1999 Graveland

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