Graveland - In The Glare of Burning Churches

Production: These demo tapes have been collected on compact disc format and show all of the cheapness and inexperience of that form of medium as well as the deliberate enjoyment of savage distortion and noisy, organic, deconstructed sound.

Review: Underneath the carefully-styled melodic aspirations and chantlike cadences of this music unfurls the hybrid of epic metal and aggressive atonal hardcore that forms the internal pressure in the gently unfolding sound of Graveland. Their unification of simple black metal themes with classical structural principles have enabled this band to hold ground with their long and wandering compositions, dreamlike in their simple melody and poetic recombination.


1. Intro/In The Glare of Burning Churches (5:12)
2. The Night of Fullmoon (5:03)
3. The dark dusk Abyss (2:19)
4. Through the Occult Veil (4:03)
5. For pagan and heretic's blood (2:44)
6. Instrumental (3:34)
7. Hordes of Empire (4:15)
8. The Gates to the Kingdom of Darkness/Outro (6:17)

Length: 33:32

Graveland - In The Glare of Burning Churches: Black Metal 1992 Graveland

Copyright © 1992 No Colours

Raw blasts of sound and stamping rows of chords connect a sequence of moments where the tremelo melody of fast-strummed chords distorted to rampant liquid sound hits its accentuations and leaves floating melody over a sometimes-confused but rhythmically dead-on angry base, giving a haunting nature of uncertainty to the beauty of soaring melodies in power chords harmonized with an open-throated growl of primal pleasure. Hedonistic and retributive, these songs encompass both the free spirit and destructive anger of the feral human soul.