Hypocrisy - Inferior Devoties

Production: Rough and obscure, which works obliquely for this recording.

Review: Of the five songs on this EP four are Hypocrisy originals and the last is a much-celebrated Slayer cover, which, although admirably represented, is not reinvented in any substantial way.


1. Inferior Devoties (4:46)
2. Symbol of Baphomet (2:59)
3. Mental Emotions (3:16)
4. God is a Lie (3:00)
5. Black Magic (3:23) (Slayer cover)

Length: 17:26

Hypocrisy - Inferior Devoties: Death Metal 1993 Hypocrisy

Copyright © 1993 Nuclear Blast

The highlight of this album is the original "God is A Lie" which fades into parts of "Penetralia," enhancing the angry and rejective tone of the song with an aura of dark mystery and purpose hidden in human perception, underscoring the rationality of alienation. Each other song, much in the style of previous EPs from this band, is a raw and simplified version of its source work from the first or second album, undoing layers of refinement and exact placing of rhythm for a revealed and blatant assault on sonic convenience. While this would seem to be repeat material, for many these versions are more worthy for their lack of polish and aesthetic subterfuge.