Ildjarn - 1992-1995


Review: Artists whose works are hard to locate in physical form are well-served by putting out compilations. This CD of selected past Ildjarn tracks picks some of the most definitive works from predominantly the earlier style of Ildjarn, and thus makes a great black metal album, but for an introduction to this band the "Ildjarn-Nidhogg" CD or "Forest Poetry" is a better all-around experience, as in selecting tracks alone the band has lost the gestalt of atmosphere created by the cumulative exposure to many small fragments of an esoteric view of reality.


1. Intro
2. Dark December
3. Kronet
4. Strength and Anger 1
5. Himmelen Svartner
6. Der det Skjulte Lever
7. Whispering Breeze
8. Inanimate
9. Mørket Slynger seg
10. Skogrommet
11. Blackened Might
12. Strength and Anger 2
13. Dead Years
14. Taakeheim
15. Chill Of The Night (returning)
16. Strength and Anger 4
17. Skogssvinet
18. Visions of The Earth - Returning (Part 2)
19. The Blade Flares in Red Light
20. Utsyn 3
21. Svarte Fjell
22. Away With The Dawn
23. Utsyn 6
24. Clashing of Swords
25. Et Glimt
26. Cold and Waste
27. Tildekket og kald
28. Krigere

Length: 72:10

Ildjarn - 1992-1995: Black Metal 2002 Ildjarn

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