Ildjarn - Det Frysende Nordariket

Production: The most blackmetal sound from this band.

Review: As if capturing pure motion from the majestic presence of wind, Ildjarn crest the wave of trance black metal with something so essential and unprocessed through social filters that it exceeds the limits of emotional directness for most individuals. Its selfless motion through natural patterns enforces a mathematics of reason in which the partial visions of life shown in the digital instructions of riff and battering mechanical percussion construe a force arising from its own absence to idealize existential transition alone.

Thematically coherent rows of riff variations move the listener between sloping landscapes of rising or falling sound, changing in structure without measurably altering the motion of the piece to a different dynamic, synergizing slowly into motions which like life itself burst forth in connections across space and time to begin the process of existence. Screaming like a dying bird guitar is the motion of seasons toward closure like a narrowing of awareness, insurgent and returning in the generation of a new whirling projectile of self-shaping sound.


1. Mørklagt Sti (3:44)
2. Svarte Hjerter (2:25)
3. Nattens Ledestjerne (2:53)
4. Natt og Tåke (3:19)
5. Innferd - Kronet (4:39)
6. Sola Skjultes (3:57)
7. Ild (2:39)
8. Fjerde Dag (5:13)
9. Et Glimt (3:43)
10. Støv og Aske (3:48)
11. Øde (4:11)
12. Utsyn 1 (3:03)
13. Utsyn 2 (3:02)
14. Utsyn 3 (2:23)
15. Utsyn 4 (1:55)
16. Utsyn 5 (2:12)
17. Demring (3:19)
18. Minnesjord 1 (1:55)
19. Minnesjord 2 (:53)
20. Minnesjord 3 (1:51)
21. Minnesjord 4 (2:55)
22. Minnesjord 5 (1:44)
23. Minnesjord 6 (2:39)
24. Myrk Var (2:06)
25. Dalens Ånd (Avslutning) (:48)

Length: 71:24

Ildjarn - Det Frysende Nordariket: Black Metal 1995 Ildjarn

Copyright © 1995 Norse League

Energy transfers gently or abruptly, as many songs end, interrupted; storms of seeded destruction and creation anew wash through the album as conceptual unification to the disparate riffs and their insistent, human, bloodline pumping rhythm. Liquid in harmony tones emerge from the one, divide and fuse or shatter, returning to the singular through a journey of abstract subconscious narrative in motions represented through rhythm and sequence of change in shape of riff.

Where human perception represents the necessarily artificial, Ildjarn explores the unitive in a natural sense where destruction and creation are the same hand and individual judgment is suspended for an organic will arising from the ecosystem as a whole. In this case the ecosystem is music that resembles the motion through a forest of a human without agenda but in the crush of mortal time. Where the physical meets the metaphysical, this raw and unrepentant sound expresses the lost art of passion like no other musical nihilism.