Ildjarn - Forest Poetry re-release


Review: A desire to set the marginal and dissident career of Ildjarn to rest, this noisier re-release features extra session tracks and alternate takes from an earlier album. While these are great to hear for the Ildjarn historian, their value on a daily listening basis is questionable, as their inclusion lengthens an abrasive listen already composed of 27 micro-songs, all poetic but some in an almost binary capacity, and forces the listener into a drone endurance test.

Ildjarn's power has always been its ability to distill the best of Discharge-style hardcore and Burzum/Darkthrone minimalist black metal into short glimpses of a sensation in riff; it is closer to pure id than black metal, and through a desire to articulate less and construe more through the specific atmosphere of no-production-values songs, the songs of Ildjarn create the sensation of looking over sequential memories of different days on a deathbed.


1. Whispering Breeze
2. Blackened Might
3. Clashing of Swords
4. No Gleaming Light
5. Blazing Eye
6. Sinking Deep
7. Chill of the Night (Returning)
8. The Blade Flares in Red Light
9. Deepening in Grey
10. Midnight Interval
11. Descending
12. Away with the Dawn
13. Before my Eyes Forever
14. Reflecting Mountains
15. Brother of the Forest
16. Dead Years
17. Dark December
18. Untitled 1
19. Cold And Waste
20. Visions of the Earth (2nd Returning)
21. Risen Seeds of Time
22. Untitled II
23. Untitled III
24. Winter Embrace
25. Untitled IV
26. No Place Nowhere
27. Entering/Descending
28. Deepening in Grey
29. Away With The Dawn
30. Brother Of The Forest
31. Der Moerkner (Darkening)
32. Atter En Gang (Once Again)
33. Skogssvinet (Beast Of The Woods)
34. Taakeheim (Home Of Mist)/ Leaving

Length: 78:02

Ildjarn - Forest Poetry re-release: Black Metal 2004 Ildjarn

Copyright © 2004 Northern Heritage

It is this stillness through unquiet that makes "Forest Poetry" memorable, and while this re-release may go on too long to keep audience suspension of disbelief, it remains a memorable epic of budget riffs and artistry that resembles insights written on fragments of paper scattered through a busy life. The new colored cover and album booklet are welcome additions, although the dragon imagery of the back panel will have many giggling at the absurdity of classic Tolkien-metal aesthetics on such an outsider work of art.