Ildjarn - Hardangervidda Part 2


Review: An an overflow of the previous Hardangervidda release from Ildjarn-Nidhogg, the second part of the set has the advantage of a more relaxed content framework, allowing more playful change in the gridwork of formulas by which song arrangements are contained, but also, lacking that same solitary impetus, wanders more and at times, approximates the more socially-acceptable ambient music with which most are familiar.


1. Overture (part 1)
2. Overture (part 2)
3. Highlands (part 1)
4. Highlands (part 2)
5. Spring
6. The Troll Dome
7. Nature's Church (part 2)

Length: 21:06

Ildjarn - Hardangervidda Part 2: Black Metal 2002 Ildjarn

Copyright © 2002 Norse League

Percussion and conventional song structure prefab pieces are more in evidence and, while some fully mature and strikingly evocative melody writing occurs, the hastiness of the first Hardangervidda is replaced by a kind of literalness, as if the techniques used on the first reached a plateau and a breather is being taken before the next step. While it recoils from mediocrity, it is also undecided at its very nature, and thus is, like "Landscapes," secondary to all of Ildjarn's other works and collaborations.