Ildjarn - Nocturnal Visions


Review: This short EP provides alternate, less rigidly aesthetically confrontational versions of selected songs from previous works, and an introduction which shows the influence of early Godflesh in the use of hypnotic jarring offbeat rhythm in concert with slowly building dissonant harmony, shaping a melodic effect from the pace of introduction of notes in a sequence leading away from a tonal center toward its absorption in null ambience.


1. Nocturnal Massacre
2. Nocturnal Gathering
3. Death Dynamics
4. Strength and Anger V (Winter Recital Version)
5. Nattens Skyggesider
6. Strength and Anger VII (Hammer Torture Version)
7. Ending :
8. Solitary / Nocturnal Visions Rev. / Closing Recital

Length: 21:56

Ildjarn - Nocturnal Visions: Black Metal 2004 Ildjarn

Copyright © 2004 Northern Heritage

It produces a profoundly lonely effect on most listeners, but also gives an offhand sense of power, reducing the world to senseless jumble by counterpointing it with a barely organized schematic of sound, thus in contrast showing a chaotic appearance rising from the disordered data of reality. The other songs have a savagery to them that is not muted, but is internalized, as their general persona becomes less obvious and more insidiously derived, contemplatively, from its own assumptions. For those who collect Ildjarn flotsam, this is a good completist tideover.