Ildjarn - Son of the Northstar


Review: Ildjarn confines the rampaging spontaneity of previous works into a release that resembles greatest success to date, Forest Poetry, in that these songs are almost deliberate sounding in refinements to musicianship, even in the art of making noise.


1. Kronet
2. Fjerde Dag
3. Minnesjord
4. Mot Kveld
5. Hafsval

Length: 14:39

Ildjarn - Son of the Northstar: Black Metal 2002 Ildjarn

Copyright © 2002 Full Moon

Ferocity untamed but more shaped by the hands of time and repetition, this music slices sound into miniscule gasps between flaring noise, putting together punkish rhythm and random but of grand phrasing black metal riffwriting to make short songs of derangement of the senses. Despite their dynamic nature, songs each carry a poetic mechanism within that decodes quickly allowing an exit in raw noise or silence. The energy and perceptiveness of this work give strength to an alienated blast of noise that communicates beyond the realm of more visibly musical pieces.